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Transcript of PT3 TRial bahasa inggeris - english language (12)

  • 1. TERHAD TERHAD Section A [10 marks] Answer all questions in this paper. The text below is about a womans act of kindness. Question 1 Read the text below. The first and last lines are correct. For the remaining lines, there is one grammatical error in each line. Underline the error. Then, write one word to correct the error in the space provided. An example has been given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling error and punctuation in the text. It was a week to her mothers birthday. She stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers to be delivered for her mother whom lived three hundred e.g.who_________ kilometres away. As she got out of her car,she noticed a young boy sit on the curb a___________________ sobbing. She approaches the boy and asked him what was wrong. b___________________ He replied, I wanted to buy a red rose for mine mother. But I only have fifty c___________________ cents and a rose cost two ringgit. d___________________ The woman smiled and said, Come on in with me and Ill buying you a rose. e___________________ She bought the little boy a rose and ordered her own mothers flowers. So they f___________________ were leaving she offered the boy a ride home. The boy said, You can took me to g___________________ my mother. Yes,please! He directed her to the cemetery when he placed the rose h___________________ on a fresh dug grave. i___________________ Touched by the boys show of love, she picked up a bouquet and driving j___________________ the three hundred kilometres to her mothers house. Her mother was ecstatic.

2. TERHAD TERHAD Section B [30 marks] Question 2 Read the following text. Then answer question (a) (j). The Paralympic Games The Paralympic Games is the second largest sporting event in the world today, the first largest being the Olympic Games. In a very short time, the Paralympic Games established itself as a major on the Olympic calendar. The winter event made its debut in 1976 in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden but the concept is much older. It is amazing to think that the Paralympic Games had their humble beginnings less than fifty years ago, in Aylesbury, England. The earliest beginning of athletic games for people with disabilities can be traced back to World War II and the efforts of Dr Ludwig Guttmann. He was a strong advocate of using sports therapy to enhance the quality of life for people who were injured or wounded during World War II. For this, he was known as the Father of Sports for People with Disabilities. Dr Guttmann organised the 1948 International Wheelchair Games, He made sure that it coincided with the 1948 London Olympics. His dream, was of worldwide sports competition for people with disabilities to be held every four years as the equivalent of the Olympic Games. Twelve years later, his dream became a reality. The first Paralympic Games was held in Rome, Italy, in 1960 and involved 400 athletes from 23 countries, Originally only wheelchair athletes were invited to compete. Since that time, the Paralympic Games have grown dramatically. The present day Paralympic Games include six major classifications of athletes. The word Paralympicderives from the Greek preposition para (beside or alongsideand the word lympic. Its meaning is that Paralympics are the parallel Games to the Olympics and illustrates how the two movements exist side-by-side. 3. TERHAD TERHAD Question (a) (j) Using the information from the text, complete the following graphic organiser. Number of athletes and countries involved: (i)____________________________________ (j)____________________________________ 1948 International Wheelchair Games coincided with (e)__________________________________________________ Eligible participants : (f)__________________________________________________ Originator and his dream : (c)___________________________________ (d)___________________________________ Place and year of first Paralympic Games: (g)____________________________________ (h)____________________________________ Place oforigin, sports therapy for : (a)____________________________________ (b)____________________________________ Paralympic Games 4. TERHAD TERHAD Question 3 HOWTO KEEP YOUR MOBILE PHONE BILLS LOW Many teenagers today use mobile phones. Mobile phones are convenient and are especially useful in emergencies. However,the calls from mobile phones can be expensive. Here are some tips to help you keep your bills low, so your parents wont hit the roof and you dont have to spend more than half of your pocket money paying the bills. Try not to make too many calls to landline numbers using your mobile phone. Use the house phone instead. Making calls from a landline is a lot cheaper. Keep your SMS chats to a minimum. SMS might cost only a few cents but they do add up as some text messages can be lengthy. If you are using a smart phone, try using free mobile messaging apps such as Whatsapp or WeChat instead. Make your call during off-peak hours whenever possible. Service providers usually offer cheaper rates after office hours on weekends. Avoid calling 1-800 numbers using your mobile phone. If you use a mobile phone to make these calls, you will have to pay mobile phone charges. Toll-free calls are only free when dialled from a landline. Try to check your voicemail only when you have access to phone with landline connection. Remember,mobile phone charges are not cheap. Learn to use your phone wisely and you will not have to foot unnecessary mobile call charges. Questions (a) (d) : Based on the article, state whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. (a) Mobile phones are convenient and cheap ______________________ [1 mark] (b) Making calls to landline number is cheaper if you use house phone. ______________________ [1 mark] (c) Calls made from mobile phones during off-peak hours are more expensive. ______________________ [1 mark] (d) You will be charged when calling toll-free numbers using you mobile phone. ______________________ [1 mark] Question (e) (i) : Read the article carefully answer the questions below. (e) What is the main aim of this article? [1 mark] (f) What is the cheaper alternative to SMS? [1 mark] (g) Fill in the table with an appropriate phrase the article. Meaning Phrase i) become angry [1 mark] i) a period that is not so busy [1 mark] (h) Why is it better to check your voicemail when you have access to a landline connection? .[1 mark] (i) Do you think it is appropriate for teenagers today to own a mobile phone? Give a reason. 5. TERHAD TERHAD .[1 mark] (j) Your birthday is just around the corner. Your mother, who is working overseas,asks what you would like for a birthday present. In about 50 words,write a postcard to your mother. In your postcard : request for a mobile phone convince your mother on the reasons why you should own a mobile phone add other relevant information to make your writing interesting Dear ________________________, __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ From, . To: .. .. . . . [10 marks] 6. TERHAD TERHAD Section C [20 marks] Question 4 Read the passage about Langkawi Island. Read the passage carefully and answer question (a) (i) (a) What is Langkawi Island well-known for? i. _______________________________________________________________[1 mark] ii._______________________________________________________________[1 mark] (b) Who were the enemies that attacked Langkawi Island? ____________________________________________________________________[1 mark] (c) How did Mahsuri prove her innocence? ____________________________________________________________________[1 mark] Langkawi is a well-known for its natural beauty as well as its folklore. Many people are amazed by the many legends that have been told from one generation to another about this island. One of the most popular legends of this island is about a beautiful maiden named Mahsuri. According to the legend, Mahsuri was married to a handsome young man who was the son of the village chief. When Langkawi Island was attacked by the Siamese, her husband left the island to fight the enemies. While he was away, a young man called Deramang came to the village. He befriended Mahsuri and would sometimes come to visit her. Mahsuris mother-in-law was not happy whenever Deramang visited Mahsuri. She accused Mahsuri of being unfaithful to her husband. The old lady reported the matter to the village chief. Mahsuri was found guilty and sentenced to death. They used a spear to take her life. To everyones astonishment, white blood flowed from the wound. She is innocent. and old villager said aloud. Just before Mahsuri breathed her last breath, she laid a curse on the island, There shall be neither peace nor prosperity on Langkawi Island for a period of seven generation. Thereafter, Langkawi Island became a quiet and deserted fishing village. The curse over Langkawi Island has now ended. Today, it is a popular holiday destination among local and foreign visitors. There are many interesting activities for tourists to spend an enjoyable time there. They can visit the historical tomb of Mahsuri to learn its legend. They can also head to the white sandy beaches where so many choices of water sports and beach activities aw