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Entry 1: Confirmation BiasSeptember 20 2015Yesterday, late night, at the early hours of the morning. I was laying down on my bed staring blankly at 36 paper stars on the ceiling. It was a Saturday night and Saturday nights are supposed to be lively. I was scrolling my Instagram and my timeline was flooded with pictures of friends at social gathering, partying and travelling. I was poverty-stricken as it was already the halfway of the month. Feeling as poor as a church mouse, I had no choice but to remain at home. On the spur of the moment, I received a text message from my best friend, Najmi who was going through a monotonous night as well. He told me to put on something comfortable and he was going to pick me up in 15 minutes. I spring out of bed and put on my sweater and jeans. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed to find out what Najmi had in my mind for the night. Once he arrived, I get on the car and Najmi asked Are you ready to meet my friends on the other side? and at that very instant it clicked to my mind that we are going ghost hunting and to be sincere I was slightly daunted to find out about the supernatural even though I have never encountered them before, as mother had always told me to never interfere and mess around with the supernatural, but not under any circumstances would I admit that I am intimidated, especially admitting to Najmi, my narcissism took over and I mask a happy face and said Lets go! Najmi was grinning from ear to ear happy with my riposte. Me and Najmi had always burn in curiosity to find out about the existence of the supernatural so we drove off to a preoccupied house in Shah Alam itself; the house that we went had made a name for itself for being haunted. The house was previously the deceased Mona Fandeys house. Mona Fandey was an occultist back in the 90s, and reportedly using the black arts to help many politicians accomplishing power. She was put to death in 2001 for dismembering and partially skinning the politician Mazlan Idris in 1993 while performing a ritual to grant him with power. During her capital punishment, she declared I will never die, and her house we came to visit supposedly tormented due to the black arts that she carried out there. As we reached the house, Najmi open his car boot and took out an Ouija board in which we bought from EBay a few weeks back. The board was engraved with letters, numbers, hello, goodbye, yes and no. I had always been agnostic about the other-worldly and I am not easily inclined to old folks tale and other peoples ghost experience, not until I eyewitness for myself. So today I braced myself to find out. We climbed up the rusted gates which are chained, clearly we are trespassing and that gave me a kick of thrill, we walked through the unwelcoming garden of the house which offered an eerie glimpse. The garden was covered with junk and long grass. We entered the house and explored the bungalow which was left to rot. The living room was filled with clutter, furniture were wrecked and there are holes on the roof and walls. We settled at the living room, We sat on the floor, with our knees touching and placed the Ouija Board on our knees. We then placed our hands on the planchette, which was the movable indicator. Najmi started of the ritual by summoning any spirit in the house by saying Hello, is there any spirits dwells in this house? There were no reply at first but we did not gave up and Najmi asked again and suddenly the planchette moves slowly to the Yes symbol. Najmi looked at me with horror. He then asked, Are you a good spirit? and the planchette moves very quickly to the No symbol. We were supposed to say goodbye if this were to happen but Najmi continue on playing and asked we need proof and the planchette stops moving. We waited for a while and suddenly Najmi was acting abnormal, he chocked and slammed the Ouija Board and then he started muttering foreign language that I couldnt understand and suddenly he passed out. After two minutes, he became conscious and told me that a spirit had just possessed him. I was worried but at the same time, I know it was an act of exaggeration because a ghost or a spirit did not move the planchette but instead I moved it. What I learned from what happened is when we were to go ghost hunting we have detach ourselves from confirmation bias in order to perform a paranormal activity. Confirmation bias is when you see something because you want to see it, not necessarily because the evidence fits or is concrete. You look for evidence to fit a theory, rather than fitting a theory to the evidence. A prime example of confirmation bias is belief in the supernatural; when you already want to believe in ghosts, it's easy to interpret a negative emotion by acting out like you are possessed, but instead the cause of it all was just a fake moving planchette.

Above is a picture of me and Najmi at the main entrance of the haunted house. This picture shows a poor attempt of me masking a smile.

Entry 2: Motivation.September 27 2015.I woke up before the usual time today, without having the need to hit my alarms snooze button. It was Friday morning and my body, mind and spirit was metaphorically screaming Hooray! I dont have college classes on Friday morning so I am able to join the Yoga class every Friday morning. I stretched and without procrastinating I hit the shower, brushed my teeth and put on my yoga attire. I tied my hair in a bun, had a light breakfast that consisted of mueslis, bananas and strawberries, grabbed my yoga mat and made my way to the yoga class two rows away from home. I was the earliest to reach there. Mr. Dhillip, the yoga guru said Good Morning, early as usual Farah I replied gleefully Good morning, Mr Dhillip. Of course Im here early. I am always exhilarated and pumped up when Im doing yoga. 20 minutes later, our yoga class started. We started of with doing deep breathings and warm ups. We then proceed to do the Surya Namaskar or also know as the Sun Salutation which is a stretching exercise which energize the body as we stretch and strengthen all the major muscles. Later on we perform other yoga asanas. I was obsessed with yoga and how it made me feel. The hour seems fleeting and it goes by much meteoric. Yoga doesn't just scoop up my spirits. It basically perk up my life. It open my eyes to the fundamental quality of who I am or at least someone Id love to be, and therein I find peace. Therein I find happiness. Doing yoga is an intrinsic motivation for me. After the yoga class is over, I walked back home like a cat that has got its cream. I had assignments that needed my attention but knowing that I still have time, I went back to bed and set my alarm clock to wake me up four hours later. At 3p.m the alarm clock rang, I hit the snooze button, and after 10 minutes later the alarm rang again, I dragged my feet to do my assignments. I postponed my prearranged action when the TV was showing Mad Max. After the movie, I realized that I should start doing my assignments. As I was going to start my assignment, I was in a tight corner to pen down my ideas for my English Journal essay that was assigned for our English subject. I then start to doubt myself, Do I really want to finish up my assignment No. Then I question myself again, Do I need to finish up my assignment Yes. Why do I have to finish up my assignment because if I dont my parents will be in towering rage at me for getting low-grade results. I regard with distaste when I have to do my assignments but it is an obligation for me to complete it because if I dont I would fall short of my parents expectations. What motivates me to complete my assignment was thinking about the pain in the brain it would cause me if I do not pass my assignments and having my parents sending flea to my ear. This kind of motivation is called the Extrinsic Motivation, after a few hours later; I managed to finish up my English journal assignment. Motivations lead me to do yoga and to complete my assignment. Motivation is divided into two, which are Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is when I am motivated by internal factors. Intrinsic motivation pushes me to do things just for the fun of it, or because I believe it is a good or right thing to do. An intrinsically motivated person will choose to do an act if they feel that they will enjoy doing the task. In my case, I enjoy doing yoga because it makes me happy thus I do it. Extrinsic motivation refers to behavior that is driven by external rewards such as money, fame, grades, and praise. This type of motivation arises from outside the individual, as opposed to intrinsic motivation, which originates inside of the individual. In my case, the reason I complete my assignments are because of the external factor which are to obtain good grades and avoid punishment from my parents.

Above is a picture of Mr. Dhillip while he is performing the basha breathing.

Entry Three: Self Fulfilling ProphecyOctober 1 2015I am writing this as I a wrapped up a vacation in Penang where I got to spend time with two girls who could not be more contrasting from each other. This made me awake my mind of a recurring concept that I had learned in Social Psychology class. That is the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy. I went to Penang with two of my girlfriends, Sam and Nadine. Both of them are working at the cruise and I only get to see them once every five months. Sam was way much more older than Nadine and me as she turned 30 this year,while Nadines in her early twenties as me. We stayed there for five days and we had a great time there by hanging out at the beach, getting our skin tanned under the sun, we went food hunting, night-market shopping, we went sightseeing and also we went partying. On the last day of our stay in Penang, The three of us spent our day at a party at Randalls house, in which both of them had never met before, Randalls my old friend whom I hav