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Group:IP-7Practicum Date:27 April 2015

Name:Imam MukhriPracticum Day:Monday

Wildan Adiwena Submitted Date:4 May 2015

Class:IPYogyakarta, 27 April 2015

Assistant:P 96

Scoring CriteriaAssistant

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Analyze:(Muhammad Ihsan NST)



1.1 Practicum Goal1. Understand the process of making a product2. Understand the process of assembling a product3. Able to design Bill Of Material of a product4. Able to design Operation Process Chart (OPC) of a product5. Able to design Assembly Chart (AC) of a product6. Understand and comprehend of using machinery in doing Production process.

1.2 Practicum Task1. Make a structure product and Bill OF Material from car prototype (Tamiya) based on information types and sum of component of the whole constituent.2. Make an Assembly Chart based on from result first task above.3. Make an Operation Process Chart for components that have been determined.

1.3 Output1.3.1 Structure of Product

Figure 1. Component of ProductTo make a product we should know what the component of a product first, from know that then we can assembly the component to build a product. That product above is structure of Sport Car (Tamiya), and the components are?1. Upper Body2. Lower Body3. Wheels4. Dynamo5. Bumper6. Dynamo Cover7. Gear Pack8. Roller Pack9. Hook10. Battery Cover11. Gear Cover12. Front Gear CoverIn this case, we would assembly all of parts above to be a Sport Car (Tamiya) with Bill Of Material (BOM) design, Assembly Chart (AC) design and Operation Process Chart (OPC) design. Then the process of assembly this product will be explained in sub chapter below.

1.3.2 Bill Of Material

Figure 2. Bill Of Material of Sport Car

Table 1. Bill Of Material of Sport Car TableNo.ComponentsQuantityMake or Buy

000Sport Car1Make

6171Body Assembly1Make

4122Lower Body Assembly1Make

3043Connecting Rod3Buy


3063Lower Body1Buy


3083Front Gear Cover Assembly1Make

1014Metal Front Battery1Buy

3093Dynamo Cover Assembly1Make

2014Metal Rear Battery1Buy

2034Dynamo Cover1Buy


3113Battery Cover1Buy

4132Upper Body1Buy


6181Bumper Assembly1Make



1.3.3 Assembly Chart

Figure 3. Assembly Chart of Sport Car

1.3.4 Operation Process Chart

Figure 4. OPC of Battery Cover

Figure 5. OPC of Bumper

Figure 6. OPC of Gear

Figure 7. OPC of Upper Body

1.4 Analysis1.4.1 Bill Of Material1. To make a Sport Car (Tamiya) we begin with assembly components first we assembly the body, body sport car are divide into 3 components: lower body, upper body, and hook.2. First we assembly lower body. Lower body have components also, we begin with put connecting rod on front and back lower body, then set the gear on both connecting rod, after that put the dynamo on back side of lower body.3. Then, in lower body there are parts to be assembled again. Front gear is consist of battery metal and front gear cover, after that rear gear is consist of battery metal also and rear gear cover, both of them should put in front and rear lower body.4. After that, assembly no. 2 and no.3 with four wheels and battery cover.5. After lower body is finish, put upper body on lower body and lock it with hook.6. Next step is assembly bumper; we should put four rollers on left side and right side on front bumper and back bumper.7. Last step is assembly that bumper on front side and back side. Finally Sport Car (Tamiya) is ready to use.

1.4.2 Assembly ChartFirst, we assembly battery metal (1014) and front gear cover (1024) become Sub12 Assembly (S12A1), then we assembly front connecting rod (3043) and front gear (3053) become Sub12 Assembly 2 (S12A2), after that assembly back connecting rod (3043) and back gear (3053) become Sub12 Assembly 3 (S12A3), and then assembly Sub12 Assembly 3 (S12A3) with lower body (3063) become Sub11 Assembly 1 (S11A1).Second, place Sub12 Assembly 2 (S12A2) on Sub11 Assembly 1 (S11A1) become Sub10 Assembly 1 (S10A1), next place Sub12 Assembly 1 (S12A1) on Sub10 Assembly 1 (S10A1) become Sub9 Assembly 1 (S9A1).Third, place dynamo (3073) on Sub9 Assembly 1 then become Sub8 Assembly 1 (S8A1). Next is combine battery metal (2014) with dynamo cover (2034) become Sub12 Assembly 4 (S12A4), then assembly it with Sub8 Assembly 1 (S8A1) and become Sub7 Assembly 1 (S7A1). After that place first wheel (3013) on left front side of Sub7 Assembly 1 (S7A1) become Sub6 Assembly 1 (S6A1), then place second wheel (3013) on right front side of Sub6 Assembly 1 (S6A1) become Sub5 Assembly 1 (S5A1), after that place third wheel (3013) on left back side of Sub5 Assembly 1 (S5A1) become Sub4 Assembly 1 (S4A1), next place last wheel (3013) on right back side of Sub4 Assembly 1 (S4A1) become Sub3 Assembly 1 (S3A1).Fourth, assembly battery cover (3113) on Sub3 Assembly 1 (S3A1) become Sub2 Assembly 1 (S2A1), then place upper body (4132) on Sub2 Assembly 1 (S2A1) and get parts of Sub1 Assembly 1 (S1A1). Next lock upper body and lower body with hook (4142) and become Assembly 1 (A1).Fifth, assembly roller (5162) on front bumper (5152) become Sub2 Assembly 2 (S2A2), then place roller (5162) again on front bumper (5152) become Sub1 Assembly 2 (S1A2). After that place next roller (5162) on back bumper (5152) become Sub2 Assembly 3 (S2A3), then place last roller (5162) on back bumper (5152) and get part Sub1 Assembly 3 (S1A3).Last step is combine Assembly 1 (A1) with Sub1 Assembly 2 (S1A2) become Assembly 2, then assembly again Assembly 2 (A2) with Sub1 Assembly 3 (S1A3) and become Assembly 3 (A3). After that we do inspection of this parts if any section less or another something wrong, and FINALLY after we assembly some part, the sport car (Tamiya) has become final product. 1.4.3 Operation Process Chart1. In Figure 4. OPC battery Cover, is containing about process how to make battery cover. To make battery cover, first we should heat the plastic with heating machine for 10 minutes to make the plastic become soft, and next put it into forming for 2 minutes machine to make form of battery cover, then put this form in quenching machine for 1 minute to freeze that form, after that make the hole as needed with borring machine for 3 minutes, then put it into cutting machine during 10 minutes to make fix form and do inspection analyze if there is something less, and battery cover become final part.2. Bumper, as shown in Figure 5 is made by metal, to make this bumper we begin with cut this metal with cutting machine for 2 minutes to make shape that bumper, then make hole for roller and lower body of sport car with borring machine during 5 minutes, next grind this bumper in grinding machine to make the shape more fine, and also do inspection to analyze if there is something less, finally bumper is ready to use.3. Base material of Gear of sport car (Tamiya) is made from plastic, first step to make this part is cut this plastic to make shape of gear with cutting machine during 15 minutes, then do inspection if there is something less for 5 minutes, and then make hole to this gear for connecting rod with borring machine for a minute, and finally gear is ready assembly with another parts.4. As shown in Figure 7, upper body made by plastic, first step to make it is heat this plastic with heating machine for 10 minutes to make the plastic more soft, then put it into molding machine for 5 minutes to mold so become shape of upper body of sport car (Tamiya), after that do inspection as usual for 5 minutes to analyze if there is something less, then put that mold which contain plastic into heating machine for 5 minutes to get more good shape, then put it into quenching machine for 1 minute to freeze and have fix shape, after that place that upper body shape in painting machine for 15 minutes to paint so can look more interest and wait for 20 minutes to dry that paint, and finally this part is finish and ready to use.