Proving Your Worth: Social Media's ROI

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Proving Your Worth: Social Media's ROI

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2012 Social Media for Nonprofits Conference breakout session featuring Andrew LeVasseur with CreateDigital

Transcript of Proving Your Worth: Social Media's ROI

  • 1. Proving Your Worth: Social Medias ROI

2. Who We AreA team of strategists, user experience experts, creatives and developers 3. Who We Work WithIndustry Leaders in Telecom, Fashion, Home Goods, Utilities, Finance and Philanthropy 4. Make a Difference 5. Listening + Engaging 6. Donate &Volunteer 7. AwarenessAdvocacy ConsiderationCustomerLoyaltyLifecycleSelection Donate & Retention Volunteer 8. AwarenessAdvocacyConsideration ObjectivesLoyalty &Selection Milestones Donate and RetentionVolunteer 9. Donate andAwareness Consideration SelectionRetention Loyalty Advocacy Volunteer CustomerExperience 10. Donate andAwareness ConsiderationSelection Retention Loyalty Advocacy Volunteer SocialADVERTISING SocialSEARCH/SEOSocialSHOPPING Social COMMERCESocial SERVICING Social CRMExampleSocialPR 11. Donate andAwareness ConsiderationSelectionRetention Loyalty AdvocacyVolunteer SocialADVERTISING SocialSEARCH/SEOEvaluationSocialSHOPPING& Social MetricsCOMMERCE SocialSERVICINGSocialCRMSocial PR REACHINTENTIONCONVERSION $ $$ $$$ REFRERRAL 12. Buy or Sell or Hold 13. Fundraiser or Friendraiser 14. Summary Its about $ Its about listening and engaging Its about creating value throughout the customer lifecycle Its about aligning your objectives and milestones based on your ability toserve your customers needs at every step Its about implementing measures and metrics that let you see you aresucceeding It is about correlating success with $: revenue, cost savings and costavoidance Finally, its about accepting that not everything is measurable, like the valueof a great friend 15. Questions&Thank you!