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Here is a group of proverbs about solitude and peace of mind. The joy of solitude is a privilagecomes with no price tag but with a state of mind to accept it. Find more meaningful proverbs at

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Proverbs on Solitude

Tranquility Sayings

A year is a day if life continues.

(African-Hausa proverb)

An intense zeal prevails upon heaven. (Japanese proverb)

If you accommodate others, you will be accommodating yourself. (Chinese proverb)

Action and reaction are equal.

(American proverb)

Innocent actions carry their own warrant with them. (English proverb)

Accomplishment of purpose is better than making a profit.

(African-Hausa proverb)

Never repent a good action. (Danish proverb)

It is not the years that age, but sorrow.

(Russian proverb)

Yesterday and the day before yesterday are not like today.

(African-Swahili proverb)

Yielding stops all war.

(German proverb)

The years are gravediggers of our joys and sorrows.

(Finnish proverb)

The fewer your years, the fewer his tears.

(English proverb)

The adult looks to deeds, the child to love.

(Indian-Hindustani proverb)

Austerity is an ornament, humility is honorable.

(Indian-Tamil proverb)

It is best not to attain than to exceed.

(Japanese proverb)

Associate with the good and you will be one of them.

(Italian proverb)

The year does nothing else but open and shut.

(English proverb)

Who gives teaches a return. (Italian proverb)

Peace makes plenty. (English Proverb)

Good accounts make good friends. (Greek proverb)

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