Proven Social Media Stats That May Surprise You

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Proven social media stats that show what is popular on social media and what works the best for others.

Transcript of Proven Social Media Stats That May Surprise You

  • 1. Social Media The Facts Are Staggering Did You Know???
  • 2. For Entrepreneurs Who Are Making It Happen Success Mastermind Group By Dawn Abraham Awarding Winning Marketing Expert Top 5 Business Coaches To Follow on Twitter
  • 3. Social Media is a 3+ Billion Dollar Industry
  • 4. 73% of Americans Trust Information & Advice on Twitter
  • 5. Marketers That Use Twitter Average 2x more leads than those who dont
  • 6. Success Mastermind Group 57% of Small Businesses Say Social Media is Beneficial to their Business
  • 7. Marketers with 1000+ Twitter Followers get 6x More Traffic
  • 8. 44% of Marketers Have Acquired at Least One Customer Through Twitter
  • 9. Success Mastermind Group 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions
  • 10. Success Mastermind Group
  • 11. Success Mastermind Group 83% of Twitter Users Expect a Same Day Customer Service Response
  • 12. Find Out How You Can Play A Bigger Game