Protecting your Privacy Online

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Transcript of Protecting your Privacy Online

  • Protecting your privacy online

  • Using your mobilenumber on youronline store

  • Gives everyone (in the world) access to your number.

  • The hackers and spammers are

    getting smarter.

  • And you can neverswitch off from work

  • Virtual numberforwarding?

  • Its a bit old fashioned.

  • It can be expensive

  • And this, again.

  • Cloud-based business phone system

    Instant set-up, online

    No extra hardware required (it works on your existing mobile or computer)

    No contract(cancel at any time, without penalty)

  • 2 simple plans

    Starter Business

  • A completely free 03 number Receive calls Voicemail Set out of hours

    Free Forever!


    Great for onlinesellers.

  • 3 x business phone numbers Make & receive calls Voicemail Add users & numbers Activity feed Set out of hours Calls just 3ppm (to 40 countries)

    10 per month!


  • Protect your privacy

    Appear moreprofessional

    Better controlof your time

    Why CircleLoop?

  • No jargonNo complexityNo extra hardwareNo contractNo commitmentNo pressure

    Just a modern day phone system, that works.


    Sign up now, at