Protecting the Family Business Brand in The Digital Age

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Transcript of Protecting the Family Business Brand in The Digital Age

  • Stephen McGill, President & Creative Director | @mcgillbuckley |

    Protecting the Family Brandand reputation in the digital age.

    Conflict, crisis and unscrupulous cads.

  • Your brand is what people say about you when youre not in the room.

    Jeff Bezos,

  • Your brand isnt what you say it is, its what Google says it is.

    Chris Anderson, Wired magazine

  • The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google

    search results!

    SEO Proverb

  • Whos in the room with your brand these days?

    3.2 billion Internet users worldwide 1.7 billion are on Facebook 87% of Canadian households are connected 49% of online time in Canada is on mobile devices

  • Your brand and reputation in the digital world.

  • How your brand can be damaged online

    Something you do1

    Something someone else does to you2

    Something that is out of your control3

  • If you have something that you dont want anyone to know, maybe

    you shouldnt be doing it in the first place.

    Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google (Former)

    And you should never put it online!

  • How your brand is damaged by you1

    What you post online (content) What you say online (forums, comments) How you react to others (reviews) How you respond to others (customer service) How closely your personal brand is connected to

    your business brand (politics, unfortunate photos)

  • How your brand is damaged by someone else2

    Malicious and false reviews Nasty comments on your social media profiles Unfair, incorrect blog posts and comments Brand jacking Spammers, hucksters, fake accounts and hackers Phishing and misrepresentation

  • Your brand is damaged by extraordinary circumstances


    A natural disaster A crime committed on your premises An employee has behaved badly or worse A supplier has abhorrent business practices

  • What you can do to protect your brand online.

  • Guarding your online brand

    Prepare know what to do1

    Monitor keep an eye on things2

    Protect curtail nastiness, handle bad news


  • Preparing your brand for a digital kerfuffle1

    Talk about the what if scenarios Know your digital footprint Store Social Media users, passwords, etc. centrally Register multiple variations of your domain name Develop a Social Media policy Consider a Crisis Communication plan Get outside help if you need it Pinky-swear to remain calm

  • Monitoring your brand in the digital world2

    Set up alerts on your social media platforms Regularly do manual web searches Check your website and blog comments Sign up for Google Alerts, Mention, etc. Keep an eye on your website Analytics

  • Protecting your brand in the digital world3

    Set up a paid brand protection campaign Embrace white hat practices online Respond to negative reviews professionally Enforce any copyrights you own Do not accept hate, intolerance, etc. Report issues to other sites as needed

  • What about handling negative reviews?(Some things to consider)

  • When you come across a negative review

    Remain calm Resist the urge to quickly delete Respond online offer to take the issue offline Try to be seen as reasonable and fair Collect and post genuine and verifiable positive reviews

  • Thank you for your time.@mcgillbuckley | |