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Transcript of PROTECTING - Sdn. Bhd., Sunway Engineering Sdn. Bhd., Sunway Precast Industries Sdn. Bhd. and Sunway


    102 About This Sustainability Statement

    104 Stakeholder Engagement

    110 Identifying Our Material Matters

    114 Our Journey Towards Stronger Sustainability

    116 Sustainability Performance

    122 Targets and Achievements

    123 Strengthening Economic Integrity

    126 Managing Our Environmental Impacts

    140 Ensuring Safe and Quality Construction

    152 Human Capital Development

    164 Building Community Resilience


    It is our responsibility to hold our sustainable practices to the highest standards possible. The wellness of everyone and everything around us will be the greatest footprint we leave behind.

  • Sunway Construction Annual Report 2018


    Sunway Construction Annual Report 2018



    ABOUT THIS REPORT [102-1, 102-5, 102-52, 102-50]

    We adopted a robust approach in strengthening our economic, social and environmental sustainability performance as it is important in securing the confidence and meeting the expectations of our key stakeholder groups. This annual statement demonstrates the best practices, efforts and initiatives that Sunway Construction Group Berhad (“SunCon” or “the Company”) has undertaken or implemented to promote local economic development, protect the environment and support our surrounding communities from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.


    In this report, we have presented the disclosures in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards – Core Option. Relevant GRI standards which are disclosed in

    this sustainability statement are specified with indicator numbers in brackets under the corresponding subtopics. The definition for each indicator number are disclosed at the end of the statement. The narrative and supporting data in this statement also reflects our activities in relation to meeting ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards where applicable. The sustainability reporting requirements of Bursa Malaysia have also been highlighted in this statement, which are pertinent in demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and stakeholder inclusivity.

    SCOPE OF REPORTING [102-2, 102-4, 102-5, 102-6, 102-7]

    The scope of reporting extends to the activities and projects of Sunway Construction Group Berhad and its active subsidiaries; Sunway Construction Sdn. Bhd., Sunway Geotechnics (M) Sdn. Bhd., Sunway Engineering Sdn. Bhd., Sunway Precast Industries Sdn. Bhd. and Sunway Concrete Products (S) Pte. Ltd.

    The projects that have been discussed in SunCon’s Sustainability Statement in 2018 are as listed below:

    Project Name Description Location Parcel F Government Office Buildings at Putrajaya Putrajaya (Klang Valley)

    Emerald Residence (ER) Landed Residence Johor Bahru

    Mass Rapid Transit Line 2 – Package V201

    Elevated rail from Persiaran Dagang to Sungai Buloh

    Klang Valley

    Mass Rapid Transit Line 2 – Package V205

    Elevated rail from Sungai Besi to Serdang Raya (North)

    Klang Valley

    Light Rail Transit Line 3 (LRT3) – Package GS07-08

    Elevated rail from Sri Andalas to Kawasan 17 Klang Valley

    Sunway GEOLake Residences Serviced Residence at Bandar Sunway Klang Valley

    International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)

    Education Facilities Klang Valley

    Big Box Village Retail Park Johor Bahru

    KLCC P1 Basement Carparks Klang Valley

    KLCC P2 Basement Carparks Klang Valley

    Sunway Medical Centre 4 (SMC 4) Medical Centre Klang Valley

    Sunway Velocity Medical Centre (SVMC)

    Medical Centre Klang Valley

    Sunway Serene Serviced Residence at Kelana Jaya Klang Valley

    Gas District Cooling P1 District Cooling Plant Putrajaya (Klang Valley)

    Integrated Construction and Prefabrication Hub (ICPH)

    Highly automated precast factory that uses state-of-the-art technology


    Bukit Bintang City Centre Piling Works Klang Valley

    Some of the associations that we are members of are listed below:

    NAME OF THE ASSOCIATION SUNCON MEMBERSHIP Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM)

    SunCon has been a member since 1988

    Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

    CIDB Grade 7 Contractor

    Singapore Precast Association

    SunCon is affiliated with this association for our operations in Singapore

     Oversees the progress of the Company’s sustainability strategy  Gives final approval for all policies and measures presented by the SSC

     Finalises the material issues identified by the SWC  Monitors and implements the sustainability strategy  Oversees SWC’s role in implementing sustainability initiatives

     Oversees and reviews the sustainability reporting process  Identifies the aspects of sustainability that are being addressed throughout the organisation

     Identifies potential material sustainability matters and determines its importance to the business and the stakeholder  Identifies and proposes relevant sustainability policies and strategies


    Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) Comprises of SunCon’s senior management

    Sustainability Working Committee (SWC) Comprises of departments that are responsible for

    running key aspects of SunCon’s operations


     Identifies the relevant departments and coordinates data collection from respective departments for sustainability reporting


    Human Resources

    Total Quality Management


    Environmental, Safety and


    Contracts and Procurement

    Operations and Projects


    We are pleased to note that our status as a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index was reaffirmed in 2018 and we were categorised under the 82 percentile rank. Our scores within the three pillars of Environment, Social and Governance reflects the effectiveness of our policies and procedures to manage our impact on these three aspects of our business.

    Governance Score

    Risk Management

    Corporate Governance


    Social Score

    Labour Standards

    Health and Safety

    Human Rights and Community

    Environmental Score

    Pollution and Resources

    Water Use

    Climate Change




    Governance and accountability are salient in setting the direction of the Company towards becoming a leader in sustainability business practices, continually improving key areas relating to sustainability, and demonstrating actions in line with our values.

    The diagram below illustrates the governance structure and highlights the main responsibilities of the constituents. As shown in the structure, the SWC is helmed by the General Manager of Operations, who is in turn supported by the Sustainability Coordinator. Key personnel and departments are involved in the process of identifying risks in the context of sustainability, setting targets and developing a robust sustainability strategy. We endeavour to successfully incorporate sustainability into our business strategies and gain competitive advantage as we explore new business opportunities and enter new markets whilst effectively managing our non-financial risks.

  • Sunway Construction Annual Report 2018


    Sunway Construction Annual Report 2018


    Our stakeholders have a vested interest in SunCon’s strategies and development plans, and their involvement is key in achieving our sustainability goals and targets. At the heart of our success is our value creation process, which draws on various inputs and through our business activities, converts them to outputs that create positive value for our stakeholders.

    Stakeholder engagement defines the broader, more inclusive and continuous process between us and our stakeholders, encompassing a range of activities and approaches that spans the entire life of a project. The spectrum of stakeholder

    engagement covers different practices that need to be employed and integrated in order to build strong and meaningful stakeholder relations.

    The concerns and expectations of stakeholder groups are constantly evolving and monitoring them is an ongoing process. The table from pages 104 to 109 captures the key stakeholder groups involved, their expectations, methods of engagement and the manner by which we have addressed their expectations in 2018.

    STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT [102-40, 102-43, 102-44]

    Communication Strategies

    Information Disclosures Consultation Participation

    Negotiation and


    The stakeholders that have been covered in discussing SunCon’s performance in 2018 are as listed below:

    Stakeholder Group

    Expectations Engagement Method

    Frequency of Engagement

    Addressing Their Expectations

    Clients • Proper project management

    • Project completed in compliance with standards, high quality and on time delivery

    • Safety and security of sites

    • Compliance with environmental, safety and health laws and regulations

    Client Satisfaction Survey

    Annually • Client and consultant satisfaction index in 2018: 93.3%

    • Average QLASSIC scor