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  • Providing Superior Storage Solutions As a business owner, you want a long-lasting, low-maintenance building to invest in. Morton Buildings can construct a dependable building for your business while providing a safe, convenient place for your customers to store their valuables. Whether they are looking for a place to house their collectibles, recreational vehicles or simply items that don’t currently fit into their home, a Morton storage building provides a facility where your customers can be confident renting space.

    Because a variety of people utilize storage units, from students to renters and homeowners to business owners, Morton works with you to create the number of units and size of those units that best fit the needs of your community.

    Your building project is handled by Morton Buildings from the planning stages through the manufacturing of materials, delivery of those materials and construction of your building. We even stand behind our work long after your facility is up and running with the strongest, non-prorated warranty in the industry. And because we have been in business since 1903, you can be confident we will be around to honor your warranty as well as help with future growth.

    Protect Your Investment and Theirs Morton Buildings mini-storage facilities provide the flexibility you need for your business and the reliability your customers expect for their belongings.

    Whether you plan on building a small facility or large complex complete with office, providing a professional setting is important. With Morton buildings, you can create an attractive looking building that is low- maintenance and efficient. We offer a variety of features for your buildings including Hi-Rib™ steel, brick and stone siding, wainscot, overhead doors, cupolas and overhangs.

    While creating an attractive exterior is important, it is what’s inside that counts. The interior of Morton mini-storage facility units can be a variety of sizes and utilize options that best fit your business plan and the needs of your customers. A steel-lined interior gives each unit a clean look and easy-to-maintain finish. Floor to roof steel partitions eliminate the need for a ceiling inside the units which provides more usable square footage space for storage. Clear-span construction provides flexibility in allowing partitions to be moved and/or removed as needed.

    Insulation Options for Your Facility Morton offers several insulation options including Thermax® and our exclusive Energy Performer® insulation package. Available in half-inch and one-inch thicknesses, Thermax is recommended for buildings that see moderate weather. As an economical insulation alternative, Morton Buildings also offers condensation control options. One option is Morton’s Dry-Panel. Dry-Panel protects from dripping condensation in your building and the damage that can result. This option is applied directly to steel panels at Morton’s manufacturing plants, saving time and money on the jobsite. This and other condensation control products minimize condensation in your building and also provide some sound deadening characteristics. These options are best used for basic cold storage or environments with minimal seasonal change.

    “They [Morton] weren’t going to let me make a mistake; they were really good about that as far as answering any question that I had. I’m kind of a stickler for detail and they were just excellent in

    leading me by the hand…We have a lot of people stop just to admire the office building and say, ‘That’s the

    nicest self-storage facility we’ve ever seen’.”

    Richard W., Cambridge Valley Self Storage • Cambridge, NY

    “You have something that’s working and you literally do not

    have to put a maintenance factor on it. You don’t have to do anything to it other than collect your money…I have a

    95% occupancy rate on this unit since the day we built it. And I still say it’s because the way it looks and the way it appears

    and the quality of it.”

    Kenneth W., Carken Self Storage White Hall, IL









    Half-inch Thermax Dry-Panel

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  • Superior Efficiency Morton’s exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system provides superior condensation control and insulation. Wide blankets of insulation are used in the walls of your facility while blow-in insulation is used in the ceiling to provide high thermal ratings. A vapor retarder creates a seal, preventing moisture from getting inside the outside walls while still allowing for adequate ventilation. All windows and doors are also properly sealed to keep air infiltration to a minimum, creating an interior climate that can be properly maintained while remaining cost-effective. The Energy Performer package provides several features including:

    Walls nearly 9 inches thick with 6 inches of insulation. (With the option to add more/thicker insulation.) Wide blankets of insulations vs. only 14½ inches in standard stud wall construction. Polyethylene vapor retarder is carefully installed to keep insulation dry and reduce infiltration and heat loss by creating a seal. HVAC, electricity and plumbing can also be run inside the vapor barrier without cutting holes or breaking the seal. Fully ventilated attic provides condensation control, resulting in dry insulation, which is more effective. 15½-inch truss heels allow full depth, blown-in ceiling insulation with a rating of R-38 or greater (ENERGY STAR® compliant)*, with the option to add more insulation to obtain an overall average rating up to R-60, and air space for attic ventilation. Sidewall fiberglass blanket insulation provides a true R-19. By using thicker walls and more insulation, a greater R-Value can be achieved.

    Energy Performer not only saves you money by reducing your heating and cooling bills, it also gives your building a finished look. Exposed insulation can tear, reducing the value of the insulation and making the interior of a building look worn; with Energy Performer, your insulation is protected.

    *An R-Value rating is a standard measure of thermal resistance. The more difficult it is for heat to pass through the insulation, the greater the R-Value.

    Basic Cold Storage | Climate Controlled Storage | Auto/RV/Boat Storage M I N I - S T O R A G E F A C I L I T I E S

    ©2015 Morton Buildings, Inc. All rights reserved. A listing of GC licenses available at Printed in the U.S.A. Construction details and material specifications shown are subject to change without notice. Colors reproduced in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from actual colors or finishes. Certain features shown are non-stock items and may be purchased through your local Morton Buildings construction center. Options and features shown may not be available on all building types or styles. The statements and opinions about products expressed here are those of specific customers and should not be construed to represent all buildings or products sold, manufactured, distributed or constructed by Morton Buildings. Form #2052/3M/2-15

    Building Across the Nation With company-owned construction centers strategically located throughout the United States, there’s a Morton Buildings sales consultant nearby to serve you. For pricing information and to receive additional detailed information about our buildings, contact Morton Buildings today!

    800-447-7436 •

    Features and Options










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    Wainscot Add style and protection to your building with wainscot. A variety of finishes available.

    Corner Protectors 4" x 4" corner protectors provide a long-lasting defense against impact damage to building corners.

    Hi-Rib Steel Partitions Hi-Rib steel is used to create full height partitions between units, eliminating the need for a ceiling.

    Coil Up Doors Morton Buildings offers coil up doors in a variety of sizes. These doors are easy to use and made to last.

    Overhead Doors Morton Buildings heavy-duty custom doors are easy to use and made to last. Available in widths up to 40'.

    America’s leader in post-frame construction

    Morton Buildings Mini-Storage Facilities

    Strong, Dependable Storage


    Cupolas Make your building stand out with this attractive accent piece. Functional and non-functional cupolas available in a variety of sizes and styles.

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