Protect your assets, prepare a defense

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Transcript of Protect your assets, prepare a defense

  1. 1. intentionalinvestingunderstanding how you can, and why youcant because of what is getting inyour way, and fixing that
  2. 2. Two positions in most sports Offense score as many points as you can Defense prevent the other team fromscoring thus protecting your lead
  3. 3. Protect your assetsPrepare a defense!
  4. 4. Lets look at a fewdefensive plays from theMiami Heat during game 7of the playoffs asexamples.
  5. 5. So, what does defense have to dowith stocks? What you want is to protect your assets. Keep the gains that you have made. There are a few things you can do to helpyourself with this. Please keep in mind, that your brokerwont do this for youand most likelywont do it even if you ask them to! So what are they?
  6. 6. Action you can take to protectyour assets: Put stops on your stocks this is setting afloor for your stock where for the mostpart, it will not go below that dollar orpercent amount. Buy reverse etfs which go up when yourstock/the market goes down. Sell covered calls on your stock which isan option. We will discuss this at anothertime.
  7. 7. How stops work
  8. 8. Or, you can hold on if thetrend is with you
  9. 9. What are reverse etfs
  10. 10. Suggestion Set up a fake account, Pick a few of your favorite stocks towatch, Select one or two sector etfs as well, And of course, at least one reverse etf sayon gold or silver as a suggestion as theycontinue to go down! Try it it might not be as bad as you think!
  11. 11. You ARE the Commander in Chief And have the power to write my own scriptand choose my own characters. My characters need to support my goals. I command my mind, my body and my souland will learn to slay the Dragons offear, sabotage and impulse. I will develop the skills to allow myself to bepassionate about myself and the goals I setforth for my new life of productiveness.