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We wish to introduce our selves we Grace Healthcare (Pvt) Limited. is a company of Grace Group of companies which has been established in 2001, GHC is a market leader in supplying quality foot care products for pain relief and comfort. We’re not just a mail order company. We work closely with the podiatry profession to ensure they can confidently recommend our products to their patients. If you want to know more about the company Profile please click the below link's or load the attached PDF , If you have any question, please feel free to let me know. Any of your inquiry will be highly appreciated. Thanks A.Rouf Abbasi Grace House, 4,F-9/10, Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan P; 00922136609531 F; 00922136680511 M:00923213788974 E; E; W; skype: roofi740

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  • 1. A Company of Grace International. Company Product Portfolio. Prosthetics Limbs
  • 2. Bosun Foot (Carbom Fiber)(Body Weight up to50/70/90Kgs) Sizes 22 to 27 CM
  • 3. Bosun Foot (Carbom Fiber)(Body Weight up to50/70/90Kgs) SIZE 22-27
  • 4. Syme Adapter for Busun Foot Sizes S.L
  • 5. Multiflex Foot Size 22-27
  • 6. Pyramid multiflex ankle Multiflex Pylon Ankle (30mm) Tube Clamp Multiflex Ankle Multiflex Ankle with Carbon Fiber Pylon (L=230mm) Multiflex Ankle with Carbon Fiber Tube(L=430mm)
  • 7. Foot with Carbon Fiber Plate
  • 8. Quantan Footshell
  • 9. Freedom Footshell
  • 10. Solid Ankle Footin Flesh Color
  • 11. Connection Plate
  • 12. Single Axis Footwith Double Holes
  • 13. Connection Cap
  • 14. Dynamic Foot
  • 15. BK Cosmetic Foam Cover (PE)
  • 16. Ankel Foam for Quantun Foot
  • 17. Cosmetic Stocking for BK Pair
  • 18. PE Foam Platefor BK Inner Socket( 92 Cm in wide)
  • 19. Stump Sock (Pair) 30cm Nylon 30cm Cotton 50cm Nylon 50cm Cotton
  • 20. Sock for Carbon Fiber Spring Large: 26-30cm Small: 22-25cm
  • 21. Thermoformable Cone for BK & AK Liner
  • 22. AK Foam Cover Large:L87cm X D18cm Medium:L78cm xD17.5cm Small:L73cm x D17cm
  • 23. AK Foam Cover Large:17cm x 85cm Medium:16cm x 83cm Small: 15cm x 80cm
  • 24. Nylon Valve HoleDiameter VH01
  • 25. Grace House, 4,F-9/10, Nazmiabad Karachi, Pakistan, Tel: 00922136609531-8, Fax: 00922136680511, Email,,