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Transcript of ProShield Endoscope & TEE Probe Protection System 1

  • ProShield Endoscope & TEE Probe Protection System*

  • ProShield ComponentsTubes to fit each device type

    Various brackets to strategically place devices in the best possible place

    Tubes containing devices quickly snap in and out of the brackets*

  • Device Types AccommodatedTEE Probes

    Optical Endoscopes

    Digital Endoscopes

    Bronchoscopes, Upper GI, ENT, Urology

    Colonoscope version under development*

  • Brackets for all locationsWall Mount in OR, ER, ICU, Reprocessing, or Central Locations

    Cart & Existing Cabinet mounting

    Equipment Booms, OR Tables, IV Poles, Work Benches


  • Multiple BenefitsImproved Patient Care & ExperienceTransport, Handling & Storage ImprovementsCross Contamination Reduced Clean & DirtyEliminate Delayed Reprocessing problemsReduce overall cost of Endoscopy ProceduresImproved Device Inventory Management


  • Improved Patient Care & ExperienceAwake Patients see a clean protected device

    Pre-Procedure devices Protected from Contamination and damage

    Post-Procedure devices are contained & device soaking begins bedside

    No Canceled or Delayed cases due to Broken, Missing or misplaced Endoscopes


  • Transport, Handling & Storage ImprovedMeet JCAHO Guideline No device shanks touching

    Keep devices straight Reduce bending stress damage

    Safely carry both clean & dirty devices - ER, ICU, Bedside

    Visual Inventory Devices & status in plain sight at all times

    Stop inadvertent Damages Pinches, Impact, Falling from cart*

  • Cross Contamination Reduced Improved Staff safety handling dirty devices

    Patient safety improved with clean device protection

    Clean / Dirty Label Clearly indicates device status

    Latent Bio-films reduced by immediate & continued soaking


  • Eliminate Delayed Reprocessing50% of device damage results from aggressive cleaning of hardened bio-mass

    Begin soaking at any bedside, continue soaking until reprocessing procedure starts

    If reprocessing queue is backed up, devices stay in plain sight, clipped on wall & remain soaking*

  • Reduce Overall Endoscopy CostsCleaning times are reduced

    Cleaning & Handling Damages are Minimized

    Reduced Liability of Patient Cross Contamination

    Improved Worker and Staff Safety*

  • Improved Device Inventory Management Clean / Dirty Status is Apparent from a distance

    Devices never fall prey to "Out-of-Sight Out-of-mind

    There is ALWAYS a safe place for the device.

    Damage from over-coiling is eliminated


  • Recognized Value Current Users

    Surgical Products Magazine2012 Product of the YearInfection Control Stanford Univ LP Childrens

    Partners Health Brigham & Womens

    Cleveland Clinic

    Yale New Haven Hospital

    Duke Medical Center

    Harvard Beth Israel Deaconess