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Transcript of Proposal Construction/Granite Springs - Chey · PDF file Contractor: Oakwood Construction...

  • encompass v2 llc 1535 liberty lane suite 110b missoula mt office 406.540.4437

    Proposal Request

    Project: Granite Springs Apartments Date of Issuance: 04.05.18

    Owner: Granite Springs Apartments LP Project No.: 17.107

    Contractor: Oakwood Construction Proposal Request #: 4

    Contract For: Granite Springs Apartments LP Contract Date: TBD This is a request for a proposal for work described herein. Submit proposal within (10) ten days, or notify the Owner in writing of the date on which you anticipate submitting your proposal. Note: when submitting the costs associated with any changes, please be sure to identify the change on the drawings, identify the detailed price change with description and labor costs. The costs should reflect the base bid credit and / or the new cost so the owner understands the reduced or the additional costs associated. The owner and lender must have a full accounting of the cost change to approve the changes. If any issue relates to a requested change in contract days, this change must be accompanied by a construction schedule identifying the change showing how this will modify the contract date. Description: Make the following changes per below and provide credit.

    • Condensing units: Provide Goodman GSX13 series, 13 SEER condensing units as scheduled on drawings. Do not provide 16 SEER model submitted on. This is a no cost change.

    • Evaporator coils: Provide Goodman CAPF1824B6 evaporator coil instead of the Goodman CAPF3636B6 scheduled. This is a credit to the project.

    Attachments: Granite Springs_Submittal Review 033 Issued By: VIA EMAIL Hope Capon, encompass v2

  • Fussell Engineering SUBMITTAL REVIEW 2435 Dixon, Missoula MT 59801 SHEET 406-721-6996 / 406-214-2702

      PROJECT:     Granite Springs Apartments        DATE:   February 14, 2018            Cheyenne, Wyoming          Revised: March 12, 2018    ITEMS:      Condensing Units (Submittal 033)    REVIEWED BY:  Julie Aldegarie 

      Review is for general compliance with the design concept of the contract documents only. No review is  made of detailed dimensions or quantities, and their conformance with the contract documents remains  the contractor’s responsibility.    Items marked NO EXCEPTIONS TAKEN or VERIFY CORRECTIONS NOTED do not require resubmittal. 

        The following actions are taken on the items resubmitted for review:    1. Condensing Units CU‐1 and CU‐2 – AMEND AND RESUBMIT – Provide scheduled GSX13 series 

    condensing units.