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PREFACEI have a great pleasure in submitting herewith Project Report for practical training done by me at Supreme Autoshell India Pvt.Ltd, Satpur Nasik. This is a part of practical study for our 2nd year of Masters Degree of Personnel Management from the University Of Pune for the academic year 2007-2008. I got better understanding of various aspects of working of the Recruitment & Promotion function & the responsibilities of the Personnel Manager in the industry, through this Project Work Report.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI am very glad to present this Fieldwork Report to the University of Pune. Firstly I am thankful to the IMRT Nasik for giving me an opportunity & good chance, so was able to work on my Fieldwork Report. I express my gratitude to our Director B.B.Rayate & Prof. D.D.Walke who has given me good opportunity to prepare this Fieldwork Report along with necessary guidance from time to time. I express my gratitude to the HR Manager of Supreme Autoshell India Pvt Ltd Mr.S.G.Wagh for his co-operation & guidance. I am grateful to the officers of the organization for their helpful co-operation.

DECLARATIONI hereby declare that the all information gathered during the fieldwork, which is to be completed as per the rules of university of Pune for the first year of Master of Personnel Management course I am pursuing in NDMVP Samajs Institute of Management Research & Technology. I honestly express that the information is collected with any commercial intention & motivation. The sole motive is to learn the real business practices & prepare fieldwork on it. Thus the sole object of collecting information is of a academic purpose & I assure that collected information shall be only for the Fieldwork Report & nothing else. Sachin Bhosale

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INDEXCh. No01.

ContentIntroduction 1.1 Object of the Project 1.2 Selection of the Topic 1.3 Objective of the study 1.4 Research Methodology 1.5 Scope and Limitation 1.6 Rational of the study Profile of the Organization 2.1 History of the Organization 2.2 Organizational Chart 2.3 Nature of the Production & Products 2.4 Manpower Strength 2.5 Relationship in Organization Data Analyses & Interpretation of Data 3.1 Recruitment 3.2 The Recruitment Process 3.3 Promotion 3.4 Promotion in Indian Tools 3.5 Performance Highlights Conclusion Recommendation & Suggestion Bibliography

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In the study of the Project Report on Recruitment & Promotion in the organization the objects important obviously are as follows. 1. The main object of the project is to get information about Recruitment & Promotion of the company & observe the working process of Recruitment & Promotion. 2. For the study about personnel job and responsibilities of the management work and the difficulties incurred. 3. This project is an important part for the practical study of master degree of personal management.

4. To know the functions of Recruitment & Promotion with reference to recruitment and selection procedure of the company. 5. To have an overview of the manpower planning exercises. 6. To suggest measures to reduce the cost of recruitment and selection of the organization.



The main features to select the topic are as follows. 1. The main purpose to select the topic is, the Recruitment & Promotion is always most important part of the master degree of personnel management. 2. The selection of this topic is to have an overview about the management process of the Recruitment & Promotion. 3. The Recruitment & Promotion taking main role in the level of management. 4. To set the goals and objectives of an organization, the Recruitment & Promotions participations must needed. 5. The process of manpower planning, recruitment and selection are always depending on Recruitment & Promotion.

1.3 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY1. To be familiar with general personnel practices and procedure of the organization. 2. Study of various process, which obviously fulfill by Recruitment & Promotion. 3. To identified requirements of management at different levels with skills sets for all functional department, based on current expected and role of the Recruitment & Promotion 4. To study the different welfare amenities provided to employee in an organization.



In order to completely my Project Report, I collected the data which related to it, for that purpose which related to it, for that purpose which of research I used following method. A) Interview and discussion based on important questions, with the under mentioned persons. 1) HRD Manager / Personal Manager 2) HR Officer 3) Labour and Administrative Department staff. B) Questions were prepared in advance with the help of information from the following reference in addition to oral information. 1) Company records 2) Annual Report of company

3) Post documents 4) Information about company in Annual Achievements Book. C) Other data collected from the 1) Filling the format of Information. 2) Other data from other staff and workers. 3) Collected the information from the website of the company 4) Get the suggested from HRD Manager and HR Officer of the Supreme Autoshell India Pvt Ltd.

1.5 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDYAt the collected of data for the Project Report some difficulties as limitations I have suffered were as follows. 1. To complete the Project Reports on Personal Department of organization at that time, an appointment of the Personnel Manager was very important and which was not got easily. It means the Time is the limitation of the study. 2. Basically this report based on the Recruitment & Promotion and the persons of this department are related to the top management of company therefore, it is difficult to get the information from them.

1.6 RATIONAL OF THE STUDYA Project Reports on the Recruitment & Promotion is a very vast and important topic to be studied. It is also important for each & the every organization to develop the Recruitment & Promotion. If we see the topic from the future point of view it is being an Important part & parcel of the Master Degree of personnel Management or HR manager the responsibilities & working processes want to face therefore study of this topic will be very useful in future One get the job in any organisation the main utility of the study is to develop the Recruitment & Promotion with providing responsibilities & maintaining good relations with the each person of the organisation.


2.1 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND.Supreme Auto shell India Pvt.Ltd has established back in 2005. Since its inception company has progressed by leaps and bounds. It has got many years of Pioneering Research and rich Practical experience that has result in advanced sophisticated modern technology. Innovation and cost effective production has been the keep to successful existence of the company. The company purely an Indian Origin Industries and now with the economic liberalization of Industrial sector. Company might go for modernization in latest production technique. The company is located at Satpur industrial area (MIDC) of Nasik And spread over in 36 acres of land With sufficient space available for the future expansion. This plant is fully automated and further enhanced the production of Sheet metal components & welded assemblies. The company is marketing its technical tools. These proudcts are manufacture from the best quality of contains available in India and enjoy premium image not only within the country but abroad also.

The companys Personnel Manager Mr. S.G.Wagh along with company management is presently busy in Development & achievement of companys goals, might undergo some changes in its organization, product and technology. The present organization of the company is at the following page.

2.2 NATURE OF THE PRODUCTIONSince its inceptions the company has been offering comprehensive range of Sheet metal stamped components & welded assemblies. Industry for various applications intensive research and development work has been integral part of Supreme Autoshell India Pvt.Ltd. for the total operations on a continues basis. It undertakes the production of Sheet metal stamped components & welded assemblies in various grades of quality. Company produce sheet metal & technical tools to exact standard and Technical Ruthless policy assurance. Due to resumption of work in Nasik unit and concerted effort put in by all the personal in the organization Supreme Autoshell India Pvt.Ltd.had once again achieved the break-even point in March 2006. Now it is producing on an average of Rs.110 lacks worth of items per month and is a step a head to regain its Golden Days in near future. Supreme Autoshell India Pvt.Ltd.Satpur, Nasik plant is comparatively equipped with much latest technology. This plant is responsible for the following product line

2.3 PRODUCTIONSr. No 01. Product Sheet metal

02. 03.

Stamp Components Welded Assemblies

Besides above the Supreme Autoshell India Pvt.Ltd. also produce as per the specific requirement of the consumer particularly with regards to profile geometry, dimensions etc. drawings and details are studied before indicating such of