Profitable Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies

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Transcript of Profitable Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies

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The Elite Ecommerce Marketers Webinar to:Profitable Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies


Event Logistics

Join the Conversation: Submit questions and thoughtsSession Recording Will Be Sent out 12/9/16

Event Moderator

Nick CotterMarketing Operations Coordinator


Founded in 2007Recognized as an Official Google Shopping Partner350+ Active Retail ClientsTop 50 fastest growing company in San Diego 4 years


Retail-focused Paid Search (PPC)Google Shopping ManagementShopping Channel ManagementAmazon Sales AccelerationFacebook Advertising Management

About CPC Strategy

Todays Speakers

Jamie TharpPartnership ManagerJason BellSr. Retail Search Manager


3 Part Event Agenda

Part 1: CPC Strategy- Our Elite Customer Acquisition StrategyPart 2: Bronto- The 4 Easy Steps to an Email Welcome Series Build-OutPart 3: CPC Strategy & Bronto- Live Q&A

Isolating Holiday Shoppers Search Results Through ISO

What is ISO and why is it so important?ISO Strategy [Exact] or Phrase Match Targeting

What is it?Ability to target an exact keyword or phrase within Google Shopping w/o the need of a daily negative keyword addition (ie: SQO Strategy)Shifting focus away from only product-level performance to search query performance

How is it accomplished?Through the use of both the campaign priority settings and negative keyword sculpting

Customer Intent Example

Ability to bid based upon perceived customer intentEnsuring higher placement on terms which show higher customer intent to purchase

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The Green ISO Strategy

The Green ISO Strategy

Use Case Scenarios

Goal To Drive Impression Share Exact/Phrase Match Target High Value KWsQuickly Monitor & React To Aggressive CompetitionControl Product MixEnsure Prime Positioning During Q4 or Other Holiday/Sale PeriodsStimulate Growth Through Aggressive Bidding On Top Performing Terms

Test Drive CAPx Shopping Platform:


The Green ISO Strategy

Results From Green ISO Strategy TestBackground Info

Goal - Increase & Monitor Impression Share on Top Performing QueriesPush For More Offline Engagement (Phone Calls) on These TermsControl Product Mix On Top TermsTested In Waves To Monitor Overall Impact on Business & Lessen RiskUnable to See Impression Share on Terms Prior - Tough To Monitor Performance Increase

LearningsIncreased Ability to Dominate a SERPEasily Monitor Competitor Performance & React AccordinglyRecommended When Looking to Dominate SERP on High Relevant TermsCan Lead to Lower CTR if New Products are Introduced - Thus Leading to Higher CPCs

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The Red ISO Strategy

The Red ISO StrategyImprove ROI on Poor Performing QueriesMain goal is to lower avg. cpc on these termsUnless completely irrelevant, recommend implementing red ISO instead of adding term as negative (unless sculpting)

Can You Implement Both Green & Red Together?Yes! See example setup below

Test Drive CAPx Shopping Platform:


The Red ISO StrategyValue Behind Red ISO

Test this out on some of your poorest performing search terms. Include some of the terms that you have previously added as negatives (unless they are totally irrelevant)Idea is to re-introduce these search queries into a separate campaign with lower bids than the queries had previously. I recommend keeping bid levels around half of what your current average Max CPC bids are (not avg. cpc)

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The Red ISO Strategy

30 Days Before & After ResultsI am only concerned with my main metrics of testing during this test due to the introduction of previous negative keywords which could skew click and overall order totalsOne main difference is that I also allowed ALL products to be available for this campaigns where as in other campaigns I may have bid down or suppressed specific products. - Here, I am focused on the query level and not necessarily the product level.These numbers can still be a bit misleading but performance improvement is clearly visible and we will be continuing to add search queries which are not profitable but still relevant to this campaign to further testing.Cost Down 66%Avg. CPC Down 73%ROAS Up 370%

Test Drive CAPx Shopping Platform:


The DABS ISO Strategy

The DABs ISO Strategy

Test Drive CAPx Shopping Platform:

Brand vs Non-Brand + Desktop vs MobileClean Segmentation of Branded Searches from Non-BrandedOwn more of the SERP on branded searchesAllow for better attributionUse Path Reports


The DABs ISO Strategy* Large Apparel / Brand Manufacturer

4% ROAS improvement across all Shopping campaigns65% Conversion Rate improvement38% lift in branded impression share

Test Drive CAPx Shopping Platform:


The DABs ISO Strategy* Large Athletic Apparel Vertical / Brand Reseller

113% ROAS improvement across all Shopping campaigns26% Conversion Rate improvement46% Decrease in Spend for Non-Branded searches

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