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Profesionalna brošura implantati

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  • TePe We Care for Healthy SmilesTePe is a Swedish company manufacturing and marketing high quality oral hygiene products since 1965.

    All design, development and production are undertaken at the state of the art facility in Malm, Sweden.

    Continuous product development in close cooperation with dental expertise has made TePe a leading brand

    when it comes to preventive dental care products. Today our interdental brushes, toothbrushes and dental

    sticks are available in 50 countries worldwide.

    For more information visit









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    TePe Munhygienprodukter AB Bronsldersgatan 5, SE-213 76 Malm, SwedenTel +46 (0)40-670 11 00 Fax +46 (0)40-670 11

    Made in Sweden, used worldwide.

    Implant Care

  • NEW

    TePe Interdental BrushesInterdental brushes provide efficient cleaning of the implant surfaces where a toothbrush cannot reach. The TePe range of interdental brushes is available with a choice of filament texture and includes several sizes to fit different spaces. All sizes have plastic coated wire for safe implant cleaning.

    With and without artificial gum tissue.

    Below the connecting bar for overdenture.

    TePe InterspaceThe angled brush with a pointed tuft facilitates cleaning in the area where gums and implant abutment meet. Interspace is also suitable for cleaning around attachments for overdenture.

    TePe Compact TuftAn angled brush with a compact, dome-shaped tuft, which is ideal for cleaning around attachments for overdenture.

    Among patients who have had dental implants for 914 years, 16% had advanced infection and bone loss around their implants.

    Roos-Jansker A-M et al. Long time follow up of implant therapy and treatment of periimplantitis. Swed Dent J Suppl 2007;188:766.

    The Softer ChoiceThe ultra soft TePe Special Care is recom-mended after oral surgery and for patients with advanced mucositis and periimplantitis. TePe Gentle Care is a somewhat firmer brush with xx-soft filaments.

    TePe Dental TapeTePes easy-glide dental tape is ideal for cleaning single implants where the interdental space is very narrow.

    TePe Implant CareThis innovative brush with a unique angle provides easy access to the lingual and palatal surfaces of the implant abutments. It is specially designed to facilitate cleaning even in very narrow areas.

    TePe Implant BrushThe extra narrow brush head easily reaches the buccal surfaces of the implant abutments.

    Long term success for implants

    depends on how well they are taken

    care of. With proper home care and

    professional maintenance, dental

    implants can last for life. Special

    cleaning devices are often needed

    and TePe offers a variety of brushes

    to make daily oral hygiene easy.

    With and without artificial gum tissue.

    TePe Plastic Interdental Stick The extra slim, pliable plastic stick is suitable for cleaning implant abutments placed close together.

    More than two million implants are installed every year worldwide.

    Caring for Implants

    Available in two brush head sizes.

    TePe Denture Brush The denture brush has extra long, strong filaments to ensure good accessibility and efficient cleaning of the overdenture.

    For improved grip, angle the neck of the brush backwards by heating it in hot water.