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  • 1. Social Media for Events:Engaging ParticipantsBefore, During and After

2. IntroducingUs!Jessica Levin, CMPPresident,7 Degrees CommunicationsMidori Connolly, Chief AVGirlPulse Staging and Events(and 7D!)Jessica and Midori creating their No FearZone at a recent Social Tech Clinic! 3. Social Media Event TimelineBEFORE DURING AFTER AwarenessServing Listening ListeningListening ServingServingAwarenessAwareness 4. Choose Your Platform Facebook TwitterYou can have TOO Pinterestmany places to connect. BlogSelect your pla6orm and use it well! LinkedIn YouTube Other 5. FacebookWhy are you using Facebook for your Organization or Meeting? 6. Human Behavior 7. Three Ways to ConnectFeature Personal Prole Business Page Group Timeline Yes Yes No Connec8on Friend Like Invite Closed) (Open) (Open or Closed) Events Yes Yes Yes Updates Owner Admin Member Write on Wall Full control Full Control Full Control Apps Games, ac8vity Drive custom No tabs Docs No No Yes Photos Tagging Yes Yes Yes Chat Yes No Yes 8. Storytelling How Can You Tell YOUREvent Story? 9. Visit the history of your organization or event. When were you founded? Celebrating an anniversary?Timeline makes the pastaccessible!Display custom tabs for betterengagement!Pin a post to the top of the pagefor better visibility.Like pages of interest to youraudience. 10. WHATS YOUR STORY?WHATS YOUR COMMUNITY STORY? 11. YOUR Story: Cover Picture 12. YOUR Story: Cover Picture 851 315 pixels Different for Profile Picture Change/Rotate (Before, During and After) No Promotion/Contact Info 13. YOUR STORY 14. COMMUNITY STORY 15. Facebook Events Tip: If you use EventBrite for yourevent, it is integratedto automatically create a Facebookevent! 16. Customization Involver.comExample of Visit Salt Lake City using ShortStack to create a customized contest. 17. Targeted Messaging 18. Facebook Ads Promote Your Page With Facebook Ads 19. Live Stream Even Facebookuses Livestreamto bring theirevent to remote attendees! 20. Social Point TM 21. Coming Soon: Facebook OffersSoon you will be able to givediscounts via Facebook Offers Offer will be sent to email addresses connected to Facebook account. 22. Case Study #1: #SoMeT 23. Case Study #1: #SoMeT 24. Case Study #1: #SoMeTPhoto Tagging = A Great Way to Create Engagement 25. Case Study #1: #SoMeT 26. Case Study #1: #SoMeTVoting poweredby: OfferPop(Freemium service) 27. Case Study #2: Capital Hoedown Cross-promoting similar eventContests 28. Case Study #2: Capital Hoedown 29. Case Study #2: Capital Hoedown Elaborate contest powered by Ourstage app. 30. Case Study #2: Capital HoedownSimple custom page communicates this fun contest! 31. EdgeRank and EngagementHow does News Feed determine whichcontent is most interesting? The News Feed algorithm uses several factors, including:how many friends are commenting on a certain piece ofcontent, who posted the content, and what type ofcontent it is (e.g. photo, video, or status update).If you feel you are missing stories youd like to see orseeing stories in your News Feed that you dont want tosee, use the different News Feed controls to adjust your settings and give us feedback about your preferences. 32. Generating Awareness(while Listening!) Todays Special! 33. Awareness/Listening: Hashtags Reference tag Depicted by # Establish a hashtag for your event or organization. Communicate hashtag on all materials. Backchannel Collect Twitter handles. Handles on badges. 34. Listening: Twitter ListsSegmentpeople so youcan readtweets thatare RELEVANTto you. 35. Listening, then Awareness:Twitter Chats Twitter Chat Schedule 36. Awareness: Promos/Specials Shhhhh: todays secret code = TWITTER! 37. Listening: Reporting Twilert Search Hash TweetDoc 38. Listening: Aggregation 39. Listening/Serving: Crowd Sourcing You (or your clients) could go to the library You (or your clients) could surf the webOr, you can ask 100s of your followers 40. Engagement Tool: Twitter Display TwitterFall Wiffitti Tweet Wall Pro Visible TweetsMake sure you know WHY youre displaying tweets! 41. Engagement Tool: Polling Twtpoll 42. Engagement Tool:Tweetups (or even Live Chat?) Twtvite Tweetvite 43. Awareness: Storify 44. Twitter Mobile ApplicationsiPhoneAndroid Twitter Twitter TweetDeck Seesmic HootSuite Tweetdeck HootSuiteBlackberry UberTwitter iPad Twitter Seesmic Hootsuite Twitter TweetdeckWindows 7 Twitter Seesmic Birdsong 45. Keeping the Flame Lit Deep-dive into content (Tweetchat) Build a Hashtag consistencycommunity, not just a hashtag! Feedback Announcements Content themes 46. Keep Em InvolvedSession leaders and speakers make great moderators! Add it to your contracts! 47. A few ideas.. USE your content! Recognize Awards: Best Tweet, Best Ideas, Best Pictures, Twitterati, etc. Speaker Evaluations Qualitative Honesty and no Anonymity 48. Awareness: Pinterest 49. Awareness: Pinterest 50. Awareness: Pinterest 51. Awareness: Pinterest 52. Awareness: YouTube/Video Video can be a great way to create content to populate mulEple event social networks 53. Listening: Video 54. Awareness/Serving: BlogBlog contributors can be sta, speakers, sponsors, aTendees or industry leaders! 55. Awareness/Serving: BlogLive blogging from an event provides instant updates to remote aTendees and a great content archive! 56. Listening, then Awareness:Social Reporters During awareness phase, ID leaders and empower! 57. The Speakers Who Wont Leave Jessica L. Levin, MBA, CMP, CAE Midori Connolly President and Chief Connector Chief AVGirl Seven Degrees Communica8ons Pulse Staging and Events (AND 7D!) @jessicalevin @AVGirlMidori [email protected] [email protected] 908-912-4418 619-517-5916