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Transcript of PRODUCT SUMMARY Kofax RPA Licensing 2019-03-15¢  Kofax RPA Licensing PRODUCT SUMMARY...

  • Kofax RPA Licensing

    P R O D U C T S U M M A R Y


    The Kofax RPA license model is by the far the simplest approach

    in the market to right-sizing a robotic process automation (RPA)

    solution, and one that will allow organizations to scale their RPA

    operations easily, while achieving a significant and fast ROI.

    The Kofax RPA software platform licensing centers around a RPA

    Robot license, where the Kofax RPA Robot license controls how

    many robots can execute on a Kofax RPA RoboServer at one

    time concurrently. For example, if an organization is licensed for

    five Kofax RPA Robots, then five robots can be executed

    concurrently. You can think of a Kofax RPA Robot license as a

    hired digital worker, and how many of those digital workers you

    need is determined by the type task being automated, how long

    a task takes for a robot to complete, and the amount of work the

    digital worker needs to complete within a given timeframe.

    There is no limit to the number of robots that can be designed

    and deployed into production, and robots can be as simple or

    complex as they need to be. For example, a robot can consist of a

    few or many steps that execute a set of business workflow

    actions, such as inputting and outputting data, transforming

    data, writing data to an Excel worksheet or calling a RESTful

    Service API.

    Kofax RPA licensing is available as a perpetual or annual term

    license. Kofax RPA licensing is independent of the target

    hardware environment and physical CPUs, and a robot license is

    not tied to a physical desktop or virtual machine like some RPA

    vendor licenses, allowing you the flexibility to choose cloud-

    based or on-premise, virtualized or physical CPU environments.


    The Kofax RPA concurrent license model has many benefits,

    including allowing organizations to design and deploy as many

    robots as they would like. The Kofax RPA Robot licensing simply

    controls how many robots can execute concurrently but does

    not restrict robots from running once a license is available. In

    fact, Kofax RPA has many administrative controls that give

    administrators the flexibility of scheduling when robots run,

    assigning robots to run on specific servers where a license(s) is

    designated for those high priority robots.

    While not necessarily tied to the RPA licensing, extra

    infrastructure costs should be a consideration when evaluating

    the entire cost of the project. For many RPA vendor’s products,

    their architecture requires robots to access a desktop, virtual or

    physical, when executing all types of robots. The Kofax RPA

    architecture minimizes its virtual desktop infrastructure footprint

    by providing a centralized server model that allows web and

    mainframe robots to execute without ever connecting to a

    desktop. In the case of enterprise applications like SAP, Kofax

    RPA robots execute on the server and communicate

    bi-directionally with the application on a virtual desktop via an

    automation service that resides on the desktop.


    Our team is dedicated to understanding your business and

    process requirements and helping you with the initial sizing of

    your environment. The Kofax RPA centralized management

    combined with robot and process analytics, Kofax RPA provide

    insight into robot processes and performance giving RPA

    Administrators the tools to manage large-scale robot

    deployments, and maximize the return on your investment.

    Discover more about Kofax RPA licensing at

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