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RelaxCall is a simple way of making cheap international calls through Mobile and is available from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and U.K. RelaxCall offers 'Free Credits' for testing upon signing up. RelaxCall mobile based service can be accessed from:

Transcript of Product Presentation Relax Call Mobile Based Calling Service

  • 1. Product Presentation
  • 2. Presentation summary
    • Company Profile
    • About RelaxCall
    • Product Features
    • Distributor/ Reseller Opportunities
    • Contact
  • 3. Company Profile - Mitacs
    • A company having possible presence in global telecom market since 2001
    • Provides high-quality lines with world-wide accessibility
    • Variety of services offered in Landline, Mobile Services and VoIP
    • Expanding market through latest technology adoptions
  • 4. Product Basket
    • YOUTALK , a very popular mobile sim card,
    • NIHAO, MITACS, MABUHAY and LONGTALK which are best selling calling cards in Europe.
    • WEBCALL SHOP , an innovative call shop system
    • VOICE CARRIER , wholesale voice solutions.
    • RELAXCALL BUSINESS , a pure business telephony product.
    • RELAXCALL , Prepaid mobile based product.
  • 5. Market opportunities
    • Long distance calls are still costly to many countries - So a product with cheapest call tariffs
    • Most of the services offered by telecom providers are complex So a very simple and easy to use product
    • Market reach: Most of the products are not customized for the regions So a product with region specific facilities
  • 6. RelaxCall
    • Powered by Mitacs
    • A fully developed mobile based product with a years research backing
    • Quality product with best calling tariffs
    • RelaxCall brings an unbeatable proposition by integrating all voice and data communications on a single, secure network
  • 7. Product features at a glance
    • Saves upto 90 % for abroad Calls
    • Get free talk time upon Signing-Up
    • Easy Registration and Calling No Complex Procedures
    • Exact per minute billing
    • No Commitments Needed
    • Online account management and payment methods
    • Safe and Convenient payment options
    • International accessibility
  • 8. Opportunities vs. Product Features
    • Product with cheapest call tariffs RelaxCall offers the best tariffs for international calling compared to many other providers
    • Very simple and easy to use product RelaxCall is very easy to use and can be accessed by following few simple steps
    • Region specific Product RelaxCall will be offering mobile based, global calling services from more than 10 countries
  • 9. RelaxCall: Business Standards
    • RelaxCall follows an ethical business model with certain set of business standards which helps our customers to get the most out of our business
    • Product brings savings upto 90% compared to many other long distance telecom providers
    • Tailor made mobile solution
    • Online account management and payment methods for transparent transactions
  • 10. Distributor and Reseller Opportunities
    • Product from a proven leader in telecommunication products and services
    • Excellent relationship with partners since 2001
    • Comprehensive distributor and partner programmes/ Training
    • State of the art infrastructure. Technical, pre-sales and post-sales support
    • Aggressive referral fees and incentives
  • 11. Partnership Requirements
    • Enthusiasm
    • Follow a long term business relationship
    • Enough knowledge about the product market
    • Regular customer visits
    • Technical understanding and competences
  • 12. Potential Partners
    • Anyone who has an understanding about the market can be partner with us;
    • But the potential partners can be;
    • Telecommunications, VoIP or e-commerce entities
    • People who have possible reach to the communities
    • Shop owners
  • 13. How to Market
    • Banners on your website
    • Distributing flyers
    • Organizing events
    • Through mailings
    • Focusing on existing customers
  • 14. What we Offer
    • Apart from incentives and commissions we offer,
    • State of the art infrastructure, technical, pre sales and post sales support
    • Salient customer service
    • Ensure the customer is getting most out of our services
  • 15. Contact
    • RelaxCall
    • C/o MITACS Telekomservice GmbH
    • Handelskai 388/543
    • A-1020 Vienna
    • Phone : +43 1 279 5648