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Transcript of Product Portfolio - Guides, Specification Sheets ... skyscrapers, bridges, television studios, ......

  • Product PortfolioLED Lighting Innovations

    Spring 2009

  • Products in Action

    iColor Flex SLX creates the largest video wall in Europe at Stadion Center in Vienna, Austria.

    Philadelphias Avenue of the Arts brought to life using ColorGraze Powercore and ColorReach Powercore.

    ColorBlast Powercore and iColor MR g2 combine to create a Welcome Wall at Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

    On the Cover: The Domes of the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Due to continuous improvements and innovations, all specif ications are subject to change without notice. For complete and up-to-date product information, including Installation Instructions, Product Guides, Specif ication Sheets, wiring diagrams, IES files, new product announcements, and more, visit the LED Lighting Systems section at

  • whole new lightIllumination in a

    LEDs are transforming the way we think about and use light. Once relegated to humble

    indicator signals in electronic devices, LEDs have advanced at a rapid pace to enable an entirely

    new source of illumination. The market for LEDs is growing at approximately 30% each year,

    and is expected to reach $30 billion by 2025. In fact, LEDs are projected to save Americans

    $280 billion in energy costs over the next 20 years. No other lighting technology offers as

    much potential to enhance the quality of our living, working, and entertainment environments.

    LED based-illumination, the first breakthrough in lighting in more than a century, is delivering

    real benefits in a variety of applications today illuminating major international landmarks,

    skyscrapers, bridges, television studios, hotels and casinos, and even our homes. LED sources

    offer a host of advantages over conventional light fixtures: they are highly efficient, easy to

    maintain, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and simple to control. LED lighting makes it

    possible to light any space, even where it was previously impossible or cost-prohibitive.

    LED sources are also an ideal green alternative to traditional lighting sources. Already five

    times more efficient than incandescent and halogen sources, LED fixtures are now on par with

    the efficiency of most fluorescent sources. LED sources generally have a longer lifetime than

    conventional sources, which translates to less replacement and less waste. Unlike fluorescents,

    LEDs are free of harmful mercury. And LED fixtures are designed to focus light output,

    directing light exactly where its needed minimizing both wasted light and light pollution.

    As the global lighting leader, Philips is committed to delivering innovative, energy-efficient LED

    lighting technologies and solutions. The companys LED lighting systems have been installed

    in thousands of locations around the world, from Broadway sets and television studios to

    renowned architectural structures and personal residences. Philips offers an expanding

    portfolio of LED-based fixtures for white, solid color, and color-changing light, as well as a

    host of control options.

    Look insideArranged by fixture type, and including our controllers and power / data supplies, this guide

    presents essential information about the complete line of products from Philips Color Kinetics.

    From accent lighting to wall washing to general illumination, Philips Color Kinetics offers

    an array of LED solutions to create, dazzle, and inspire.

    eW Cove Powercore efficiently and warmly illuminates Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Philips Color Kinetics Product Portfolio Spring 20094

    Video System Manager Pro

    Theatrical / Touring

    Accent / Effect


    Wall Washing



    Direct View

    General Lighting


    Key to Symbols

    This Product Portfolio uses

    symbols to identify key features of

    our LED lighting fixtures:

    RGB Full-color, intelligent LED fixtures

    for dynamic color-changing applications, intricate light shows, or large-scale video displays.

    iW Intelligent white light LED fixtures

    offering a variable range of color temperatures, from warm to cool.

    eW Single-color LED fixtures available in warm

    or cool color temperatures or

    solid colors.

    Powercore Patented power-processing

    technology delivers line voltage directly to fixtures for superior energy efficiency and cost-effective installation and operation.

    Low Voltage Unique fixtures for a broad range

    of special applications and cost-effective lighting.

    DIMand Patented DIMand technology enables smooth

    dimming capabilities with standard ELV-type dimmers.

    Optibin Advanced, proprietary binning

    optimization process that ensures optimal color consistency in Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures.

    Green Flagship

    Our Green Flagship fixtures offer significantly improved environmental performance in two or more of the following Green Focal Areas: weight, energy consumption, hazardous substances, packaging, recycling, disposal, and lifetime reliability.


    ColorReach Powercore

    eW Downlight Powercore

    ColorGraze Powercore

    ColorBlast Powercore

    eW Profile Powercore

    Light System Manager

    iColor Cove MX Powercore

    eW Graze Powercore

    iW Cove Powercore

    iColor Flex SLX

    ColorBlast TR

    iColor Flex SL

  • Spring 2009 Philips Color Kinetics Product Portfolio 5

    ColorBlast 6 and 12

    iColor Cove EC

    iColor Accent Powercore

    iPlayer 3

    C-Splash 2

    iColor Cove QLX

    iColor Tile FX 2:2

    iW Blast Powercore

    iColor Module FX

    eW MR

    iW Blast TR

    eW Blast Powercore

    ColorDial Multi Synchronizer Synchronizer

    iW Profile g2

    iColor MR g2

    ColorBurst 6

    eW Cove Powercore

    eW Flex SLX

    eW Cove

  • Philips Color Kinetics Product Portfolio Spring 20096

    Theartrical / Touring A

    ccent / Effect

    ColorBlaze Rugged, full-color linear LED fixture for far-reaching wash lighting and effects

    Two lengths ColorBlaze 48 (4 ft, 1.2 m) and ColorBlaze 72 (6 ft, 1.8 m), each controllable in segments as small as 6 in (152 mm).

    Universal, onboard power supply Onboard, auto-switching power supply accepts power input of 110 240 VAC, eliminating the need for special equipment and enabling consistent use around the world.

    Flexible configuration ColorBlaze fixtures can be configured to work in unison or independently to display dynamic, color-changing effects.

    High-intensity, saturated color output RGB additive color mixing provides 16.7 million colors with variable intensity. Each 6 in (152 mm) segment has an output of over 300 lumens.

    ColorBlaze 48 ColorBlaze 72

    Beam Angle 10

    Lumens 2282 3532

    Lumen Maintenance 50,000+ hours L50 @ 50 C (full output)

    Input Voltage 100 240 VAC, auto-switching, 50 / 60 Hz

    Power Consumption 280 W maximum at full output, steady state420 W maximum at full output, steady state

    Control System Philips full range of controllers, including Light System Manager and iPlayer 3, or third-party DMX controllers

    Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.5 x 45.3 x 6.5 in (191 x 1150 x 165 mm)7.5 x 68.7 x 6.5 in (191 x 1746 x 165 mm)

    Certification UL / cUL, FCC Class A, CE, PSE

    Environment Dry Location, IP20

    With a rugged, extruded aluminum housing, the ColorBlaze fixture is designed to withstand the rigors of the touring and rental market. Onboard power supplies that eliminate the need for special equipment, push-button addressing capabilities, and locking mounting brackets for mounting to pipes or surfaces make ColorBlaze an easy-to-use yet powerful solution.

    iW Blast TR Rugged, intelligent white light LED spotlight for entertainment environments

    Wide range of color temperature and brightness Channels of warm and cool white LEDs produce color temperatures ranging from 2700 K 6500 K. Fixture brightness can be adjusted while varying or maintaining constant color temperature.

    Cost-effective Long-lasting LEDs provide quality white light without the heat and power consumption of conventional light sources.

    Versatile mounting options The pre-assembled mounting base offers a range of options for mounting on the floor or various stage truss clamps. An integral safety bracket lets you easily attach a safety tether.

    Beam Angle 10 / 23

    Lumens 1679 (10 beam angle) 1469 (23 beam angle)

    Lumen Maintenance 70,000 hours L70 @ 25 C (typical application)

    Input Voltage 24 VDC via PDS-750 TR

    Power Consumption 50 W maximum at full output, steady state

    Control System Philips full range of controllers, including Light System Manager and iPlayer 3, or third-party DMX controllers

    Dimensions (H x W x D) 8 x 13.5 x 2.6 in (203 x 343 x 66 mm)

    Certification UL / cUL, FCC Class A, CE, PSE

    Environment Dry Location, IP20

    The iW Blast TR fixture is based on the rugged design of the ColorBlast TR, but can produce tunable, high-quality white light with a temperature range of 2700 K to 6500 K. Designed with live entertainment in mind, iW Blast TR is the ideal intelligent white light LED fixture for demanding temporary and touring environments.

    ColorBlast TR Rugged, full-color LED spotlight for entertainment environments

    Pivoting bezel and exchangeable lenses The pivoting bezel and included 10 clear tempered glass and 23 soft-focus spread lenses let you switch quickly between extended beam projection and soft-edge wash lighting.

    Quick fixture a