PRODUCT LOCATOR PresentedBy Richard Raehl November 13, 2001.

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Transcript of PRODUCT LOCATOR PresentedBy Richard Raehl November 13, 2001.


    Richard Raehl

    November 13, 2001

  • Staff MembersDennis Ray DirectorAli Miamee Project ManagerSadina Little ResearchDavid Zhai Documents/SpecificationsRichard Raehl Presentations / Public RelationsAndrew Ungvarsky Web Development / Technical Specs

  • Problem Description

    Physical size of storesIncreased variety of products availableCustomers can not find products in a timely mannerStore associates are using a disproportionate amount of their time helping customers

  • Problem Solution

    Kiosk with a computer terminal placed near departments of the store or near the front of the store. The terminal will allow customers to access product location location and a brief description of the product.

  • Objectives

    Make it easier for customers to find productsProvide relevant information about the productReduce the time store associates spend helping customersIncrease productivity of the store associates

  • Scope

    Provide a working, scaleable prototype for any large store such as a Wal-Mart, Sams Club, or Home Depot

  • MilestonesFIRST SEMESTERPresentation II, Feasibility 10/16/01Presentation III, Rough draft of specifications completed 11/13/01Presentation IV, Group Approval 12/11/01Functional specifications & web page delivered 12/06/01

  • MilestonesSECOND SEMESTERDatabase chosen, in proper format, fields selected, and ready for use.Search accessible and working. Returns correct hits based on search field.Software Component completed. Preliminary and final results pages displayed correctly.Hardware selected for all aspects of the project.Testing complete, prototype is ready for delivery.

  • MilestonesOUT YEARS: Summer 2002+Product FundedFirst Customer ContractHardware purchased, full-scale components available for testingFinal product fully tested and ready for use

  • Milestones Gantt Chart

  • Tasks and Deliverables

    Research & DesignFunctional SpecificationsDatabaseSoftware componentHardware component

  • Tasks and Deliverables - Continued

    Prototype simulation testing Prototype delivery, detailed product specifications Funding / Project Acceptance Production / field testing Production Distribution & Delivery

  • Evaluation Methodology / PlanResearch and Gathering info/data 10%Website 5%Database 20%Software Component 20%Hardware 5%Demo, run tests 10%Integration 10%Marketing 20%

  • Corporate Management PlanProduct Locator Corp. will provide training during system setup.Hardware ManagementSoftware ManagementDatabase Management

  • Test PlanRun the Product Locator system software on the central CPUEnsure all initializations have occurredUpload test database to serverTest data transfers from the database to the central CPUTest a series of queries and compare output of the central CPU with the expected results

  • MarketingTargeted businessesTargeted customersUsage surveysEndorsement by larger company

  • Potential Problems DatabaseSoftware componentInsufficient resourcesSocietal aspects

  • RiskNot acquiring a real world database to work withAcquired database may not have the required fieldsCoupon, location and description information may become outdatedDatabase crashesCustomers unfamiliar with the systemLack of required financial backing and support

  • Budget

    Development Cost

    Quarterly Maintenance Cost

    Annual Cost Breakdown

  • Budget BreakdownEquipment & Software $59,200Quarterly Development Cost $330,000Personnel $1.1 million

  • Budget Personnel1 Project Manager, Funding & Proposal Writer2 Software Engineers4 Client Applications Programmers1 Field Associate2 Testers1 Network Administrator1 Webmaster/Database Administrator1 Competitive/Technical/Societal Researcher2 Marketing Experts1 Accountant1 Administrative Assistant

  • Resource Requirements


  • HardwareDell Precision Workstation 220Web Server/Backup Domain Server Compaq DL 320Mail/DB DL380Router Cisco 4700-M

  • SoftwareMicrosoft Visual StudioMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Windows 2000

  • Other Resources

    UtilitiesOffice suppliesUse of Printers and Fax MachinesOffice

  • ConclusionIdentified societal problemSolution: Product LocatorIdentified Milestones and TasksEvaluated Risks and Addressed a Management PlanIdentified Preliminary BudgetIdentified Available/Necessary Resources

  • Contact InformationWeb site Ungvarsky pxpx@mindspring.comAli Miamee alimiamee@hotmail.comSadina Little mowtcoofr@aol.comDavid Zhai dzhai@cs.odu.eduRichard Raehl