Product launch plan of Shoe Cleaning Mousse

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a launch plan of shoe cleaning mousse for studying

Transcript of Product launch plan of Shoe Cleaning Mousse

  • 1. WHITE PLUS Launch Plan

2. Executive Summary WHITE sports footwear for casual or leisure purposes e.g. Nike Air Force, Converse. People pursue PURE WHITE of footwear more than before. Problem: NO cleaning product especially for white shoes Solution: WHITE PLUS SHOE CLEANING MOUSSE 3. Table of Contents Executive Summary The Product Target Market Key Benefits Objectives Current Advertising Distribution Channels Competitor Barriers to entry Product Launch Product Launch Timeline Other Promotional ideas Budget Control Key Contact 4. The Product WHITE PLUS Shoe Cleaning Mousse Shoe cleaning and dressing product for white shoes Effectiveness! Easy to use! Economize on water and your time! 5. Target Market Sneaker lovers and collectors Sportsmen Households Aged range:18-55 Household income below HK$1,000,000 Education attainment: upper secondary(form 4 or above) 6. Key Benefits Effective Easy Economize Customer solution Convenience Customer cost Buyers concernsKey benefits 7. Objectives Increase sales by providing superior customer value Improve product awareness Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty Become market share leader of shoe cleaning product 8. Current Advertising Celebrity media recommendation Website and online shop Facebook fanpage TV show Magazine 9. Distribution Channels 10. Competitor 11. Barriers to entry Possible barriers to entry should be considered: strong loyalty of competitors will make it difficult for customers to try new products of other brands. Insufficient demand from target market Insufficient marketing funds may make it difficult to penetrate the market as far and as deeply as desired 12. Product Launch 13. Product Launch Timeline Product Development Launch Product descriptions and portfolio Product fact sheet Targeting and Positioning Usage test Competitor analysis Distribution strategy Pricing Promotion strategy Web design Mobile app design Sample preparation Presentation(PPT) Social media set up E-newsletter design Direct mail design Print design Radio advertising plan Promotion video Manpower allocation of promotion events Press release Sample deliver to channel buyers and target media Sale guide Sale training Promotion and sale kit Product in inventory Launch event/grand opening Speaking engagement Email announcement PR and events Radio commercial Web update Social media update SEO 1 week2 weeks1 month2 months3 months 14. Other Promotional ideas Partner with sports accessories brands Distribute free gifts or coupons to customers Held campaigns on social media Offer for free gifts after customers register on the official website as membership Extend further promotional offers via email Sponsor events that takes place to correspond with the brand and product 15. Budget 16. Control The following can be used as measures to evaluate the success of the White Plus shoe cleaning mousse rollout: Local media coverage Sales summary and analysis Sales survey Number of customers attending promotion events Traffic rate of social media and website Email marketing analysis(delivery rate, click-to-deliver rate, open rate, bounce rate, profitability) Direct mail analysis Customer feedback 17. Key Contact Ritz NG -END-