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Product Launch Ebook.pubOliver Olsen [email protected]
Copyright Notice All rights reserved. It is illegal to take out pieces of this report and represent them as your own ideas. However, feel free to distribute this report in its complete form - without any alterations, via email or download from your website.
Legal Notice While attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contradictory information contained in this document. This document is not intended as legal, investment, or accounting advice. The purchaser or reader of this document assumes all responsibility for the use of these materials and information. Write Marketing Systems Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on behalf of any reader of these materials.
© 2010 Write Marketing Systems Inc.
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
Table of Contents
4 How much money can I make with a product launch?
5 What can I sell with a product launch?
5 Performance Based Marketing
6 The Big Picture on Big Pay Days
8 The Sales Letter is Dead— Long Live the Sales Letter
12 It’s Time to Get Ferocious!
13 The Unstoppable Ass-Kicker
16 What is product launch marketing?
17 Why is a product launch the best way to sell stuff online?
19 What does a product launch manager do?
20 How do I choose a Product Launch Manager?
21 Do I need a product launch manager?
22 What do I need to start product launch marketing?
22 A list of things you’ll need for your launch…
24 What does a product launch cost?
24 How do I make a deal with a product launch manager?
26 What is an Internal launch?
27 Why do we do Internal launches?
27 What is a JV launch?
28 How profitable is a JV relationship?
32 What is a JV sequence?
32 How do I establish JV relationships?
33 What is a perpetual or rolling launch?
34 Some of the hottest online markets…
37 Why should I care deeply about keyword research?
38 What can mess up a product launch?
39 Who is Oliver Olsen and how can he help me?
I hear that cry of frustration a lot from prospective clients. What I'm going tell
you about is the most lucrative way to sell your products and services online
where you can rake in tens of thousands of dollars in just a matter of days.
Even hundreds of thousands. Even a million or more...
How much money can I make with a product launch?
Hardly a month goes by and another million dollar launch gets entered into the
"Would somebody please
MAXIMUM sales of my stuff
online - JUST TELL ME! I'LL
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
books. There are half a dozen six figure launches every week. Five figure
launches are “business as usual” and occur daily.
Product launch marketing is responsible for the biggest online pay days in the
shortest time, with the lowest investment—in any niche.
What can I sell with a product launch?
Here’s an actual list of things that have been sold with product launch
preparation... language lessons… self-help... live seminars… business coaching... health food... raw food... massage therapy... personal
trainers... business systems... pet care... business opportunity... medicinal herbs... board games... Forex trading... copywriting...
horse training... dentistry... chiropractic... weight loss... cosmetics... online video... yoga... consumer electronics... estate sales... soccer coaches...
law of attraction... dog training... retail stores... wooden doll carvings... cow embryos...
Performance Based Marketing
Let’s face it, you can lose a lot of money, waste a lot of time and get nowhere
fast when trying to sell your product or service online. Unfortunately it’s
happening all the time—even to seasoned business owners.
For every Internet marketer there’s yet another “killer strategy” - a wild mix of
The result? A lot of burned and bewildered entrepreneurs.
In my books, if the Internet marketer doesn’t take the lion’s share of his income
from commissions based on the other way. Selling is a war. How
hard do think your soldier is going to fight if he knows he is going to return with
the booty without so much as a scratch?
Avoid this nonsense—work with Internet marketers who get paid for
The Big Picture on Big Pay Days
Internet marketing. What in the heck is Internet marketing? Selling stuff to
people online. Fine. But deeper than that - what is it, really?
What is responsible for those big product launch pay days? Is it great
copywriting? Is it social networking? Is it killer PPC strategies? Is it successful
conversion funnels? Is it SEO?
It's a mix of all these things and more, sure. But this is the small picture, and
unless you have the big picture in mind, you will never cash in BIG online.
There are two things you need to get straight in your mind.
1. What your prospect needs from you in order to buy online.
2. Why your prospect buys.
Do people buy what they need? Hardly ever. Do they buy what they want.
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
Sometimes. But what they really buy like mad are things they feel they cannot
live without.
In order to hit those big pay days, that’s what your product must make them
feel or they simply won’t buy from you. Does this mean we manipulate
prospects into buying something that’s not right for them? No, it does not.
Aside from it being unethical, it’s just a horrible way to do business. You just
end up biting the hand that feeds you because you’ve turned your buyers
against you. Clearly, you want happy buyers who rave about your great
products to the world.
Nevertheless, prospects must be aggressively led to the things that will
improve their lives. This means creating a picture in their mind about what life
will be like once they have your widget. This picture (among other things) will
stir various emotions that motivate them to click the “buy now” button.
If it turns out they realize that your widget is not right for them, you simply give
them a refund. Everyone’s happy —- especially your buyers who’ve found the
very thing that solves their problem or fulfills their desire.
But the question remains, how do you get them there? What does your
prospect need from you in order to buy your product online?
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
Most business owners are so focused on “push” selling, that they neglect the
most important condition for any sale. And online, this condition is non-
Glossing over this necessary condition is the "big mistake” entrepreneurs make
The Sales Letter is Dead— Long Live the Sales Letter
Before I get into the “big mistake”, we need to get a picture of what is happening online right now.
No doubt, you've seen your share of online sales letters. Sales letters are also
known as the "complete sales presentation."
They contain (if they are good sales letters) every bit of information that a
prospect needs in order to make a buying decision: a unique selling
proposition, proof, credibility, overwhelming benefits, as well as tried and true
buying triggers (reciprocity, scarcity, risklessness, strong calls to action etc.)
Indeed, sales letters are powerful selling tools and I am not here to dissuade
you from using them. But here's what's happening online: people aren’t reading
them. They scan them...get a rough idea of the offer, the price, the guarantee,
and then they make their decision, which 99.9% of the time is “no thanks.”
So what do you do when one of the most successful sales presentation
tools—as sales letters are through the mail—gets routinely ignored online?
Well, to put it plainly—you have to do something else. Online, a sales letter on
it’s own just doesn’t do the job. The band-aid solution has been to capture the
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
prospect’s email address and send them autoresponders. This is a lame
strategy. Think about it, the prospect has already decided the offer is not for
him...and now you are begging him to reconsider. This is the last place you
want to be with your prospect!
Thankfully, there’s a better way: product launch marketing. Interestingly
enough, sales letters are still used in product launch marketing. However,
instead of being the first thing your prospect sees to find out about your
product or service–the sales letter comes at the end of the selling process,
which of course is “launch day” — the first day prospects actually have the
opportunity to buy your widget.
In launch marketing, the sales letter is a backup sales presentation. The real
sales presentation was rolled out during the previous week during pre-launch
via video, teleseminars, reports, and a powerful email sequence (not
autoresponders! —- do yourself a favor, just drop the whole idea of
autoresponders. Instead, send broadcasts!).
The pre-launch process has an enormously positive effect on conversion rates.
People actually pay attention during pre-launch. The information about the
offer comes at them in easy-to-digest bite size pieces vs. being faced with a 20
page sales letter. Sales letters are just too much to chew for click-happy web
Now, what was that big mistake I referred to in the last chapter? It was that
business owners were so busy selling, selling, selling that they neglected the
most powerful sales trigger of all.
One of the biggest reasons people don’t buy stuff online is because they worry
about punching in their credit card details into a form on a website. Their main
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
worry is that the seller will not uphold the risk-free guarantee. The buyer
knows that if the seller closes shop the next day, there’s isn’t much he can do
to get his money back.
In order for the buyer to make a purchase, he must fully trust the seller. Trust
is the non-negotiable condition for an online sale. Obvious but think for a
moment about how you intend to gain your prospect’s trust. With a trust seal
on your site? It’s just not enough. I’m talking about the kind of trust you have
with a friend...that’s the relationship you want—no, NEED—in order to cash in
on those big product launch paydays.
There are many reasons why product launches hit big paydays. But the trust
issue is one of the biggest (the strength of your offer being THE biggest).
A product launch goes further than any other type of selling system to deepen
trust with your prospects. But how? That’s what you need to know, right?
The launch manager solicits your prospect’s input via surveys and blog
comments...and then answers the prospect’s questions during pre-launch
through the free content such as videos, teleseminars, reports, and emails.
Think about it. If you were the prospect and you asked a question...and then
received the answer a day later through some cool content, how would that
make you feel? You would probably appreciate what the seller has done—
answered your question in depth. You would like the seller more than you did
before. And you would trust him more because he takes you seriously and
appears to be looking out for your interests.
With each piece of content, another handful of sales objections are knocked
down. By the end of pre-launch, they are sold. When prospects see the sales
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
letter on launch day, most don’t even read it—they just scroll down and hit the
“buy now.” We know this because it would take them at least 30 minutes to
read the letter...and sales start coming in as soon as the cart opens.
Even better, the trust issue can be addressed before pre-launch. By delivering
useful and valuable content for free to your list, they come to like and trust
you...before you even announce you have something for sale.
Remember, you make friends online the same way you make friends
everywhere else.
Be there for your friends. Help them out. Share good times. Don't be a leech.
Don't be high maintenance. Don't talk about yourself all the time. Listen.
Empathize. Do favors. Be genuine. Never betray their trust in you. Regularly
show them that your relationship with them is valuable to you. Care!
To begin making friends online—truly loyal followers who listen to you, you
must have a means of putting yourself within the stream of high traffic. Notice
how I didn't say "attract traffic" or "drive traffic." It's the wrong way to visualize
what is happening. The traffic is there...and you will get noticed by the traffic
when you put yourself IN IT with something of value.
It’s Time to Get Ferocious!
The traffic is rushing by you at the speed of light. How do you get them to
notice you? For them to notice you, you must have something of high value
that they are already looking for.
I'll say that again: high value that they are already looking for.
But we have to understand what “high value” means. Is something that is
merely free good value? No way! Even if it's free, it's going to eat up a
prospect’s time...time that they will never get back. (You can always get more
money, but you can never get more time).
If you waste your prospect’s time with your freebie - they are going to be upset
with you. You cluttered their hard drive, wasted their time, and now you're
sending them autoresponder emails. Groan. Now they’ll unsubscribe, or
worse—just not open your emails, giving you a false sense of how many
genuine prospects you have.
If you give them a free report and prove that the information is going to net
them at least $500...does that have value? Actually, no. In fact, they are just
breaking even because of the time it took them to read and apply what you
have in your report.
Human beings have an incredibly sharp sense of value. Within seconds they
can judge if something is worth their time. If you’re having to use a lot of words
to show the’re probably not presenting your offer correctly. Value
must be self-evident.
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
The Unstoppable Ass-Kicker
There is actually only one thing you can offer your prospects that will churn
their emotions and place true value on what you have for them.
And that is your passion.
Now, don't glaze over on me. If your competitor has passion and you don't -
you are going to get your ass kicked from here to the moon in your
Every human being has passion for something - it's automatic. But it is a
CHOICE to tap into it.
Unfortunately, many things in our upbringing and culture suppress our
passionate instincts. It's a real shame because it’s the fuel you need to have a
successful business. Show me a business success and I’ll show you someone
who has built a business around their passions.
Here’s the online selling success formula:
Your prospect’s
The Honor Filled Opportunity
But is the traffic actively looking for what you are passionate about? It's simple
online research to find out. Keyword research tells us exactly what people are
looking for many people and how often. Competitor research tells
us what they are buying / not buying.
The data is irrefutable and available to anyone with a computer and an Internet
connection. Take a close look and you will likely see glaring opportunities for
your passions to flourish into riches.
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
If you find that there are lots of competitors in the area of your passions -
THAT'S A VERY GOOD THING. Should you be depressed by the idea that it
will be hard to compete? No! You should be relieved! There are hoards of
people who want what you are passionate about. Good!
If you see a market that has little or no competition - run the other way, unless
you are into experimenting and accept the idea that the odds of making money
in new markets are heavily stacked against you.
Now, let’s say you’ve found your niche and you've put yourself in the traffic
stream. Time to make friends! First, you have to get their attention...but NOT
with something for sale.
Instead, you must produce something that you really absolutely love with all
your heart and then give it away in exchange for the honor-filled opportunity to
be their friend.
(But just to reiterate: you did do your research first, right? There are people
actively looking for what you produce, right? If they're not looking for it, you are
going to fight an uphill battle.)
The freebie you produce could be anything. A blog, a Facebook page, a
mindmap, a wiki, a podcast, a video, a teleseminar, an ebook, doesn't
Whatever it is, it's substantial and really useful to those searching for it. It could
be a one-off or something that's ongoing (blog, podcast series, a mini-course
It solves a problem, or fulfills a need or desire. It has a high perceived value!
Oliver Olsen [email protected]
Whatever the case, the user feels like they are the ones getting the amazing
deal...and they love you for it—this is the start of a beautiful friendship. This is
the start of a lucrative Internet business. It is quite simply the start of the one
and only way to make BIG money online: an ever growing list of rabid fans who
love you.
Even if they give you thousands of dollars down the road when they buy from
you...they will love you all the more—as long as you deliver value—both actual
value and perceived value.
What is product launch marketing?
Perhaps you’re thinking it’s a strategy to sell only new products. New products,
sure. But it doesn’t have to be a new product – you can use product launch
marketing to boost the sales of your current products as well as new products.
Product launch marketing can also build your prospect lists, increase your
traffic, recruit affiliates, and establish life-long JV relationships.
Can product launch marketing really do all this?
Yes! And more…
Product launch marketing is also a proven effective way to position you above
your competitors, create social proof of your product benefits, generate web-
wide buzz, and even create products.
sell stuff online?
No Launch Launch
Your offer hangs in cyberspace forever = zero sales triggered from scarcity
Your offer is available for a limited time, at a limited price, with limited bonuses = scarcity triggers sales.
The sale of your product is simply another offer among the all others out there.
The sale of your product is an EVENT that has a beginning, middle, and end = gets more attention.
Product always available = zero sales due to anticipation of opening / launch day.
Product not yet available: builds anticipation of launch day = more sales.
A free report or piece of software just doesn’t cut it anymore.
Free content during pre-launch makes prospect feel indebted to you: reciprocity triggers sales.
No interaction = minimal trust = money left on the table.
Direct interaction with prospects via surveys, comments, and email during pre-launch builds trust = triggers more sales.
Attention held for just a few minutes when they look at your sales page.
Attention held for weeks by means of various digital content: teleseminars, emails, surveys, a blog, and videos.
Zero feeling of community. Being in the launch loop makes prospects feel part of something; clicking the “Buy” button completes this feeling.
Reason to ACT NOW is weak…product is more or less always available.
Reason to…