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The presentation gives an idea about how to launch a new product with various marketing strategies, strategies for market positioning, pricing strategies.

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  • 1. Product LaunchS.Y.BMS [A}M.L.Dhanukar College of CommerceBy:Siddhesh Bagwe 06Varun Achrya 01Dhiraj Chorghe 14Kunal Kadam 30Sanchit Kini 40Sanket Mhatre 52

2. PINEAPPLE 3. BrowsingEmailPhotosVideoMusicGamesE-BooksFAR BETTER AT SOME KEYNETBOOKSTHINGSB-PADSLOWLOW QUALITY 4. VISIONOur VISION focuses on innovating, designing and using the latesttechnologies to develop products at affordable prices.MISSIONWe want to be one of the top electronic gadget manufacturingcompanies.GOALS"Increase sales by 30 percent over the next 18 months" 5. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURESMARTPHONESLAPTOPSTABLETS 6. SWOT ANALYSISINTERNALStrengths1.Provide simple functions at much lower costs e.g.- Loud speakers,wireless FM, ultra long lasting battery life.2.Regional languages support, Indian calendars, Torch .3.Most phones are dual SIM/Triple SIM phones .4.Due to android support a lot of basic applications can be run.Weaknesses1.Poor after sales support .2.Many consumers in this group still trust samsung.3.User interface for not so tech-savvy consumers , Unreliable. 7. EXTERNALOpportunities1.Low-end phones market has become very competitive .2. Cut-throat competition has made Dual-SIM phones being available..3.Can be used as simple second phones.Threats1.Threat from low price well known brands.2.Other lower end phones brands. 8. Unique Selling PropositionHigh end functions at lower price 9. MARKET POSITION 10. FUNCTIONAL STRATEGIESFinancial StrategyFinancial aspect of business deals with primary raising. admin, & distributing funds for thepurpose of business operation. This financial process has two major dimensionsa) Determination of total amount of funds that org use.b) Determination of specific asset to be used in an efficient manner 11. MARKETING STRATEGY(ABCD)A Affinity MarketingAlso known as Partnership Marketing, this technique links complementary brands,thereby creating strategic partnerships that benefit both companies. While one adds value toexisting customers by generating more income, the other builds new customer relationships.B-Buzz MarketingIt involves cultivating opinion leaders & getting them to spread info about product orservice to others in the community. It refers to public talking about an event idea, brand, etc.C-Call To Action MarketingCTA is a part of inbound marketing used on websites in the forms of banners text orgraphics. It is meant to promotes a person to click it and to move into the companies website.D-Diversity MarketingDiversity Marketing - The aim of this strategy is to take into account the differentdiversities in a culture in terms of beliefs, expectations, tastes and needs and then create acustomised marketing plan to target those consumers effectively. 12. PRODUCTION STRATEGYOn the product side, Pineapple has a wide range of phones with different features and thusoffering variety to the customers. Pineapple has a lot of interesting and thoughtful products.Pineapple has been able to successfully identify the needs of customers and design productsappropriately.HR STRATEGYA coordinated set of action aimed at integrating an organization's culture, organization people,and system in order to get the business goals....Hr strategy is a vision for theorganization...The whole organization must engage with strategy.... 13. Integration StrategyHorizontal IntegrationsWe are following horizontal integration strategy by tieing up with BSNL for extensivemarketing of our product.DiversificationConcentricAs we are already having our smart phones and laptops into the market, so we are bringingour new product called B-TAB for more reliabilityIntensive StrategyMarket DevelopmentThis strategy involves introducing present products new goegraphically area and therebyincrease revenue by reaching new areas. 14. PRICING STRATEGYIts at the core of pineapple to serve the customers by proving them with lower cost, value formoney products. Thus pineapple will adopt penetration pricing in the urban market becauseplacing our product at a lower cost will serve our purpose and make the customer rethinkbefore buying other competitors product such as Nokia, Samsung, etc which are at a high pricesegment. 15. STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATIONClarify Your StrategyThe first step is to clarify your strategy in a way that people in your organization can rally tosupport its implementation. Done well, this strategy will tie together your goals andobjectives and clearly explain what you intend to do.Communicate Your Strategy:Communication is the second C. Powerfully communicating the essence of your strategy atevery level of the organization using multiple mediums is the key here. In short,communicating the strategy provides the connective tissue throughout the organizationthat helps people understand the big picture.Cascade Your StrategyCascading strategy is the proverbial rubber hitting the road. The bulk of the work inimplementing strategy is done at this stage. It is the team meetings, the one-on-onecoaching, the process improvements, the customer meetings, and the responses to themarket that, in alignment with an organizations strategy, can make a tremendousdifference for an organization. 16. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBLITYIn reality the notion of ecological responsibility and business responsibility are similar. Bothreject waste and profiligacy. So we would want to be stewards in in profits as well as CSR. Thus,we have setup Prostitute rehabilitation centers in our functional areas.