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its all about a new product development and describes about the 4 p's of marketing . we also done the positioning and launched a fully new product

Transcript of product launch, 4 p's of marketing

  • 1. Beautiful Managable Shiny Tangle free Smooth
  • 2. Are you tired of having to use the Straightner everyday? Has your hair started to look damaged? Do you want straight hair without
  • 3. Clairene En spirale
  • 4. Product New Stylist NewLife New You
  • 5. Straightening Spray Natural waves Instant straightening Chemical free Non allergic
  • 6. Curling Spray Instant curls Shine and bounce 3 choices: Long curls Short curls Medium curls
  • 7. Price
  • 8. Market Penetration Pricing Straightening Spray 250ml - Rs 600 Curling Spray Long curls 250ml - Rs 750 Medium curls 250ml - Rs 800 Short curls 250ml - Rs 900
  • 9. Place
  • 10. We plan to place our products in the following outlets; Shopping Malls Super Markets
  • 11. Speciality Stores Online Retail Sites
  • 12. Promotion
  • 13. We promote our product in following ways: Social Media Newspaper, Magazines and Pamphlets
  • 14. Contests Tie up with branded beauty saloons Low cost outdoor banner Mass media marketing
  • 15. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • 16. Demographic Segmentation Age : Young age mostly youth Gender : Mostly female Occupation : Young working women Income : Middle and upper middle class Segmentation
  • 17. Psychographic Segmentation
  • 18. Innovators: Successful, sophisticated, active, take-charge people with high self esteem. Purchases often reflect cultivated tastes for relatively upscale, niche oriented products and services. Thinkers: Mature, satisfied and reflective people motivated by ideals and who value order, knowledge and responsibility. They seek durability, functionality, and value in products. Experiencers: Young, enthusiastic, impulsive people who seek variety and excitement. They spend a comparatively high proportion of income on fashion, entertainment and socializing. Strivers: Trendy and fun-loving people who are resources constrained. They favour stylish products that emulate the purchases of those with greater material wealth.
  • 19. Behavioural Segmentation Need: Natural looking straight hair Natural looking curly hair Benefits: Less chemicals Shine and bounce Non allergic Decision roles: Users: Non users and potential users Geographical Segmentation Region: Indian Mraket Urban Areas : Class II cities and Metro
  • 20. TARGETING From the data collected, we have built up a consumer profile of women aged 20-35 working community or student.
  • 21. Target Market Aware Not tried Tried
  • 22. Not tried Neutral Favourable opinion: Women who are hesitant about going to parlour, who wants a professional experience,but because of various reasons like cost,time and inconvenience they decide not to. House wives,women with busy work schedule,students who cannot afford such treatments.
  • 23. Tried Repeated Switcher Not yet repeated
  • 24. Tried Women who have already tried straightening or perming products of any form. Not yet repeated Women who used such products but are unwilling to try it again because of the side effects,lack of different choices to try,not satisfied with the result. Women who likes to experiment with their looks : students
  • 25. Repeated Women who are risk takers Women who buys hair care products from shops Hair care professionals Women who makes buying decisions based on clinical evidence Very hair conscious Switchers Women who are not particularly loyal to any brand but prefers versatality and a saloon experience.
  • 26. A typical consumer from this target group: Is probably a student or a professional Fashion hair care professionals Hair conscious women Women who have tried chemical treatments but are not satisfied. Women who are conservative and prefers minimum harmful products on their hair.
  • 27. Positioning Brand - Premium PODs Ease of Use Free of chemicals Non allergic POPs Shine and bounce Stylish Quality New Stylist New Life New You
  • 28. Competitor Analysis Straightening Iron Schwarzkopp Babyliss
  • 29. Curling tong Babyliss Remington
  • 30. Straightening / Perming Cream Loreal Posa Cynos
  • 31. Saloons