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  • 1. PRODUCING VOWELS PLACE OF ARTICULATION created by: Lailia Suci Ramadania & Nur Ratnasari

2. WHAT IS VOWELS? Vowels are produced by a continuousairstream and all are voiced. They are classified according to height of thetongue, part of the tongue involved and position of the lips. 3. THE PART OF TONGUE The tongue can be high, mid or law; and the part of the tongue used can be front, central or back. 4. THE VOWELS QUADRILATERAL Tongue Height is a significant factor in the character of vowel sounds. Tongue Fronting is the second significant factor in the production of vowels. 5. TONGUE HEIGHT/ VOWELS HEIGHT High vowels: tongue body is raised [i] [I] [u] [U] beat bit boot put Mid vowels: tongue body is intermediate [eI] [E] [oU] [U ] bait bet boat butt [e] [o] Low vowels: tongue body is lowered [ ] [a] bat bomb 6. TONGUE FRONTING/ VOWELS FRONTING Front vowels: tongue body is pushed forward [i] [I] [e] [] Beet Bit Chaotic Bet Back vowels: tongue body is pulled back [u] [U] [o] [] Pull Book Not Four Central vowels: tongue body is neutral [] [ ] Four Up 7. The four corners of the vowel quadrilateral represent extreme tongue positions: upper left is the farthest forward, highest vowel possible upper right is the farthest back, highest vowel possible lower left is the farthest forward, lowest vowel possible lower right is farthest back, lowest vowel possible 8. SCHWA Schwa is the only unstressed vowel in the central zone, it is rather more free to move than other vowels. The sounds are very like schwa: [], [3] and [] 9. DIPHTHONGS Diphthong is a vowel sound in which the tongue starts in one place in the mouth and moves to another.Example of diphthongs: /a/ as in bout and // as in beer 10. TRIPHTHONGS Other vowels on the list of phonemes that ought to be describe as triphthong. Example for triphthong: /a/ as in tire and /a/ as in tower 11. THANK YOU FOR MRS. RESTU DESSY MAULIDA AND FOR YOUR ATTENTION