ProcureCon Europe, Coca Cola CPO Perspectives: Thibaut Eissautier, CPO, Diageo Thierry Bellon, CPO,...

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Transcript of ProcureCon Europe, Coca Cola CPO Perspectives: Thibaut Eissautier, CPO, Diageo Thierry Bellon, CPO,...

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    June 3: Supplier performance management and measuring

    marketing ROI

    June 4-5: Collaborative and innovative marketing procurement

    solutions from Europe’s top marketing spendersVenue: Jumeirah Carlton Tower, London

    ProcureCon M A R K E T I N G

    Benchmark against best-in-class, collaborative practices on strategy, execution, ROI and

    optimisation of marketing and digital spend

    REGISTER NOW: +44 (0) 207 368 9465

    150+ Attendees 50 Top Industry Speakers

    19+ In-depth Case Studies

    13+ Hours of Pure Networking Time

    3 Days Full of Unique Content

    1 Unmissable Learning and Networking Opportunity

    50+ top advertisers include:

    Keynote Speaker:

    Organised by:Media Partner:Premium Partner: Sponsors:

    Marketing Director Perspectives From: Gerry D’Angelo, European Media Director, Kraft Foods

    Martin King, Director Media, Digital & Marketing Operations, EMEA, Kellogg Company

    Ian Gallois, Senior Director - Global Media, Wrigley Company

    Clare McDermott, Head of Marketing, RNLI

    Sophia Battle, European Marketing Procurement Director, Nike

    Renaud Réau, Category Sourcing Director Marketing Spend, Danone

    Michael Pues-Tillkamp, Head of Marketing Procurement, Adidas Group

    Jodie Beers, Global Marketing Procurement Manager, BP

    Vladimir Komanicky, Director, Global Category Leader, Creative Agencies, GSK

    Brenda Hofmann, Procurement Director Europe, Coca Cola

    CPO Perspectives: Thibaut Eissautier, CPO, Diageo

    Thierry Bellon, CPO, Air France

    Keynote Speaker: Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive, WPP

    Keynote Speaker:Keynote Speaker:

  • REGISTER NOW: +44 (0) 207 368 9465

    Dear Collea gue,

    Like you, we value high-

    quality advic e and lesso

    ns-learned w hen it come

    s to leading a team to:

    • Manage cost, harnes

    s innovation and maximi

    se collabora tion across a

    strong agen cy and supp


    base to bala nce value fo

    r service and impact both

    the top and bottom line

    • Measure and steer m

    arketing com munications

    towards tan gible results

    – strategies to realise

    ROI on the m arketing bud


    • Enhance capabilities

    and effi cien cies by deliv

    ering both o n tactical, sh

    ort term proj ects and

    long term st rategic trans

    formation an d globalisati


    • Gain inte rnal buy-in fr

    om our mark eting stakeh

    olders to col laborate and

    create a com petitive edge

    • Find the right talent t

    o ensure ma rketing categ

    ory manage ment succes


    ... which is w hy we recom

    mend you a ttend Procur

    eCon Marke ting this yea


    On offer are 45+ perspe

    ctives from Marketing P

    rocurement leaders rep

    resenting th e world’s

    most succe ssful brands

    , to help you to benchma

    rk against b est-in-class,

    collaborativ e practices

    on strategy, execution,

    ROI and op timisation o

    f marketing and digital s

    pend. Nowh ere else will

    you meet an d learn from

    so many ex perienced m

    arketing pro curement le

    aders doing exactly

    what you do , better than

    anyone els e!

    ProcureCon Marketing i

    s a who’s w ho of cross-

    industry ma rketing proc

    urement exp erts in

    the Europea n communit

    y, take a loo k at the qua

    lity of some of the key s

    peakers this year:

    • Thibaut Eissautier, C

    PO, Diageo , Thierry Bell

    on, CPO, Air France and

    Kevin Parke ,

    Director of In direct Procu

    rement, Coc a Cola will b

    e interviewed on-stage on


    constructive collaboratio

    n as a cataly st for meetin

    g business g oals and how


    procuremen t fi ts into the



    estion Sir Ma rtin Sorrell, G

    roup Chief E xecutive, WP

    P, Paul Fram pton,

    CEO, Havas Media UK

    and Neil Chr istie, Manag

    ing Director, Wieden +

    Kennedy on

    the mindset of an agenc

    y - on how th ey work and

    can work be tter with you

    to create a

    true partners hip

    • Hear a c ase study on

    selling proc urement inte

    rnally with So pan Shah, G

    lobal Leader

    of Advertisin g & Marketin

    g Procureme nt, Nestlé o

    n how to ma rket your suc

    cess to

    internal stak eholders

    With a new Focus Day d

    esigned spe cifi cally arou

    nd Supplier Performanc

    e Managem ent

    and Measur ing Marketin

    g ROI on Ju ne 3rd plus

    new session s on optimis

    ing return fr om BTL hig

    h spend,

    understandi ng new digi

    tal marketin g, asset ma

    nagement a nd digital as

    set manage ment and ta

    ming the

    challenges of marketing

    procureme nt globalisa

    tion, no ston e will be left

    unturned th is year!

    And don’t m iss the stake

    holder input with Marke

    ting Directo rs from Kraf

    t Foods, Ke llogg Comp

    any, RNLI

    and Wrigley Company a

    ddressing th e big questi

    on of what’s the best wa

    y of working with the ma


    function and how procur

    ement can h elp.

    We look forw ard to seein

    g you onsite .

    Yours since rely,

    ProcureCon Marketing A

    dvisory Boa rd

    Sophia Weir, Head of Media & Advertising, Sainsbury’s

    Steve Lightfoot, Global Communications Procurement Manager, World Federation of Advertisers

    Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy and Best Practice, ISBA

    Tina Fegent, Director, Tina Fegent Procurement Consultancy

    Stephanie Harper-Jones, Director Sales and Marketing Sourcing, Nokia

    Michael Connett, Global Strategic Sourcing Manager, Intel

    Nick Manning, President, International, Ebiquity

    ProcureCon Marketing 2014 Advisory Board:

    What You Receive • 8 in-depth sessions with strategies being deployed by your peers – benefi t

    from their lessons learned and develop a robust strategy of your own to move forward with

    • 2 synergy workshops expertly led by world renowned expert Dr. Robert Shaw and Jason Heller, CEO of Agiliti, which will turn theory into practice on ‘best practice in marketing accountability – marketing automation, effi ciency and measurements to maximise opportunities’ and ‘developing effective compensation and agency performance measurements in digital – get top tips on combining hard and soft benchmarks to measure marketing activities in the digital space’

    • Keynote presentations from GSK and P&G’s former Global Director of Marketing and Media Procurement on ‘developing open relationships with creative agencies for a win-win mindset and value creation for both organisations’ and ‘why and how the marketing space truly is unique and the implications for procurement’

    • 1 panel discussions on what’s new in agency compensation - sharing best practice on global agency compensation/remuneration methods and practices

    FOCUS DAY Supplier Performance Management & Measuring Marketing ROI

    June 3: Supplier performance management and measuring marketing ROI

    June 4-5: Collaborative and innovative marketing procurement solutions from Europe’s top marketing spenders

    P.S. Find out how th e Supplier Performa


    Management and M easuring Marketing


    Focus Day will bene fi t your business be


    Why Attend? At a time when advertisers are cutting back on marketing budget, it’s even more imperative to identify where the best return on spend is being seen and maximising these opportunities in a fast moving sector. A good matrix for measuring ROI is not easy to fi nd, especially in mature businesses, which is why many advertisers are still struggling with this.

    This highly interactive Focus Day will consist of case studies on supplier performance management from practitioners and experts who are measuring and steering marketing communications towards tangible results as well as econometricians who can provide best practice in marketing accountability, effi ciency and measurements to maximise opportunities.

    Hear Speakers From:

    ProcureCon M A R K E T I N G

  • REGISTER NOW: +44 (0) 207 368 9465 REGISTER NOW: +44 (0) 207 368 9465

    Hotter topics over 20 hours of content giving you all you need to develop your strategic marketing procurement offering

    16+ countries represented, from throughout Europe and across the world

    13+ hours of structured and unstructured networking spread across icebreaker networking sessions, drinks receptions, matchmaking meetings, conference lunches and dinners

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