Procter Road


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Procter Road . My old street In Whangarei . Were is Procter Road?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Procter Road

Procter Road

My old street In Whangarei

Were is Procter Road?Procter Road is in WHANGAREI down North were I used to live when I was seven then I moved down here. I had lived there since I was two. The street name was Procter Road we had great times there we owned about 3 Acers of land and an orchid a pool a barn a pig pen and a paddock. CHICKENSWe had a chicken pen and when I was little/3-6 I used to pick up the chickens an say to my mum look I got a chicken she used to take a photo and tell me to put it back. When we had to get the chickens it was always me because I was the only one who could catch them!

We used to have pigs two to be exact (Poppy&Sweety) they were very friendly probley the most friendliest pigs you have ever met. I used to go into the pig pen and see them but they had flea's and I came running in the house screaming saying I have flea's I have fleas my mum sent me to the shower and the water got all the fleas offPIGS



HOME SWEET HOMEAs you can see we had some great times at Procter Road unfortunately there was bottling plant going up my street so we had to move

THANKYOU FOR WATCHING!Hope you liked it and learnt a little bit more about: PROCTER ROADBy Rebecca Richards