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  • Enabl ing Process Excel lence.




    Process Excellence in a SAP Environment iGrafx Process for SAP is the most full-featured, easy to use business process modeling and analysis tool available to help organizati ons understand and improve their processes in the context of SAP. iGrafx Process for SAP provides world-class modeling and analysis at an enterprise level and facilitates managing SAP implementati ons from a business process perspecti ve.


    Bi-directi onal integrati on with SAP Soluti on Manager

    Synchronize with SAP Soluti on Manager to maintain up-to-date project documentati on available to IT and business stakeholders, as well as process parti cipants.

    SAP Business Blueprint creati on and editi ng

    Model blueprint projects from within a business-friendly tool in the context of end-to-end business models.

    SAP process alignment with the enterprise process landscape

    Identi fy where business processes are supported by SAP automati on.

    SAP process modeling Visually create context for where and how SAP processes and transacti ons are used within the business. View process maps directly within SAP Soluti on Manager.

    Requirement documentati on for SAP projects

    Provide those responsible for SAP implementati on with visibility to business requirements in SAP Soluti on Manager, bridging the gap between business and IT.

    IT Architecture Modeling Describe how IT systems support processes and analyze resource contenti on.

    Multi ple Scenario Analysis Identi fy opti mal changes through comprehensive what-if analysis.

    SOA Modeling Use messages to simulate process communicati on within a service-oriented architecture.

    PDF Publishing Share your process models as PDF documents as well as HTML and Microsoft Offi ce documents.

    Visio Import Reduce development ti me by leveraging legacy content.

    iGrafx Process for SAP is ideal for: SAP Implementati on Teams SAP Consultants Process Owners Business Analysts Process Analysts Enterprise Architects

    Meet your objecti ves in: SAP Implementati ons and

    upgrades Blueprint Creati on Process Analysis Business Process Improvement Total Quality Management Easily create: SAP Blueprint Projects SAP Project Documentati on BPMN Diagrams Process Maps Swimlane Diagrams Process Hierarchies Technology Relati onships Organizati onal Relati onships Key Performance Indicators

  • 2Enabl ing Process Excel lence.


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    See the Whole Picture iGrafx Process for SAP enables stakeholders to get a full view of the process landscape from the process steps implemented in SAP to their organizati ons comprehensive operati onal processes. iGrafx Process for SAP helps organize SAP supporti ng processes into a larger business view that includes enterprise processes, requirements and goals. This helps organizati ons understand how and where SAP implementati ons and ensuing upgrades can be achieved, and which areas of the business, as well as specifi c resources, are impacted.

    iGrafx Process for SAP presents informati on in terminology appropriate for the SAP environment facilitati ng two-way communicati on of functi onal and operati onal requirements between business and IT. Blueprint Projects can easily be modifi ed directly in iGrafx or in the SAP Soluti on Manager and synchronized, maintaining up-to-date process documentati on across the organizati on.

    iGrafx Process for SAP combines comprehensive process modeling with intuiti ve what-if analysis to sati sfy even the most demanding process analyst while facilitati ng integrati on of SAP implementati on and business requirements.

    These and other features have redefi ned business process modeling for SAP organizati ons and established a new benchmark in usability.

    Accelerati ng Process Excellence Across the Enterprise iGrafx Process for SAP is a powerful tool for enterprise modeling, excelling when integrated with other iGrafx components to form an enterprise-wide approach to process excellence. When coupled with a central repository like iGrafx Process Central or iGrafx Enterprise Central, the iGrafx soluti on will help you bridge the gap between the major organizati on consti tuenciesIT, process initi ati ves and business analyststo ensure a level of process consistency, management, history and control across the enterprise.

    Looking for a jumpstart with iGrafx? Our training and consulti ng services can help you apply the power of iGrafx even faster. For more informati on, please visit

    Leverage experti se for a higher ROI iGrafx tools are used by thousands of organizati ons throughout the world. Learn more at: (503) 404-6050