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Transcript of Proceedings - · PDF fileProceedings WPP 246 IVEC 2005 "Sixth International Vacuum...

  • Proceedings WPP 246

    IVEC 2005

    "Sixth International Vacuum Electronics Conference IVEC 2005 I I

    20-22 April 2005 Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

    TIB/UB Hannover 126 164 86X


  • Table of Contents Page

    Plenary Session

    The European X-ray Free Electron Laser XFEL 15 Schwarz, A; DESY, GERMANY

    Inductive Output Tubes For Particle Accelerators 17 Wheelhouse, A; Aitken, S; Guy, S; Kerr, J; O 'Sullivan, N; Wilcox, D; e2v technologies, UNITED KINGDOM

    Development of a 2-MW, CW Coaxial Gyrotron at 170 GHz for Electron-Cyclotron- Resonance-Heating in ITER 21 Lievin, C'; Bariou, S'; Benin, P '; Giguet, E'; Tran, M2; Fasel, D2; GoodmanJ2; Hogge.J2; Henderson,M2: Yovchev ,I2; Arnold, A 3; Piosczyk,B3; Jin,J3; Thumm.M3; Bonicelli, T4; Mondino, P"; Dumbrajs, O5; Alberti, S2; Heidinger, R3; Illy, S3; Rzesnicki, T3; Porte, L 2

    'Thales Electron Devices, FRANCE;2Centre de Recherche en Physique des Plasmas-EPFL, SWITZERLAND; 3Forschungszentrum Karlruhe, GERMANY; 4European Fusion Development Agreement, GERMANY; department of Engineering Physics and Mathematics, TEKES, FINLAND

    Power Combining Considerations for Project Prometheus TWTAs 25 Komm, D'; Smith, S,'; Menninger, W, 2; 'Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, UNITED STATES; 2Boeing Electron Dynamic Devices, Inc., UNITED STATES

    Session 1.1: Space 1

    Long-Term Performance of the Radar TWTA for Sea Winds on QuikSCAT 29 Harvey, W1; Hague, I2; Komm, D1; Tibbs, P2; Poulsen, W1 ; 'Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CalTech, UNITED STATES; 2Boeing Electron Dynamics Devices, Inc., UNITED STATES

    On-Orbit Reliability Assessment of New Generation Space TWTs 33 Kaliski,M; Space Systems/Loral, UNITED STATES

    TWTA versus SSPA; An Updated Comparison of On-Orbit Reliability Data 37 Weekley, JM; Mangus, B J; Nicol, E F; Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc., UNITED STATES

    New Generation Travelling Wave Tubes for Satellite Application: High Efficient, Low Mass Ku- and C-Band TWTs 41 Bosch, E; Jaeger, A; Monsees, T; Rupp, H; Seidel, H; Seppelfeld, E; Wegener, J; Wuensche, T; TEDG, GERMANY

    180W Ku Band TWT for Space Applications 43 Andre, F; Thaler, Y; Thales Electron Devices, FRANCE

    180 Watt Ka- Band Space Travelling Wave Tube 45 Menninger, W.L.; Robbins, N. R.; Dibb, D. R.; Boeing Electron.Dynamic Devices, UNITED STATES

    High power Ka - band traveling waves tubes for satellite communications 47 Beillevaire, F; Andre, F; Thales Electron Devices, FRANCE

    V-Band Solid-State TWTA Driver Amplifier 49 Khilla, M'; Schieber, K1; Scharlewsky, D1; Niederbaumer, J1; Solbach, K2; 'Tesat Spacecom GmbH, GERMANY;2 University Duisburg, GERMANY

  • Session 1.2: Magnetrons, Crossed-Filed Devices and Electronics

    Cathode-Priming for Rapid-Startup and Mode-Control of High Power Magnetrons 53 Gilgenbach, R1; Jones, '; Neculaes,'; Lau, '; White, '; Luginsland, 2; Jordan, '; Hoff, '; Hidaka, '; Spencer,l • 'University of Michigan, UNITED STATES; 2NumerEX, UNITED STATES; sAir Force Research Lab, UNITED STATES

    Electron pre-bunching in microwave magnetron by electric priming using anode shape modification 55 Kim, JI1; Won, JHl; Park, GS1; Ha, HJ2; Shon, JC2; 'Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA;2Samsung Electronics, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

    The Effect of Cathode Emission Voltage on the Magnetron Performance 57 Ma, L1; Chen, X2; Lindsay, P A1; Esterson, M3; Burleigh, P3; Saleem, K3; 'Queen Mary College, University of London, UNITED KINGDOM; 2 Queen Mary college, University of London, UNITED KINGDOM; 3e2v Technologies, UNITED KINGDOM

    Development of Phase and Amplitude Controlled Magnetron 61 Shinohara, N; Mitani, T; Matsumoto, H; Kyoto University, JAPAN

    Phase locking magnetrons by use of their pushing characteristic 65 Dexter, A; Tahir, I; Carter, R; Lancaster University, UNITED KINGDOM

    Cold Cathode Advanced Design for the US Navy SPS-48E Second Stage Crossed-Field Amplifier 69 Worthington, MS; MacPhail, GR; Shultz, H; Bemis, T; L-3 communication, UNITED STATES

    Experimental Study on Gigawatts Magnetically Insulated Line Oscillator 71 Kim, D'; Jung,'; Min, '; Yang, '; Wang, '; Park,'; Rhee, 2

    'Seoul National University, REPUBLIC OF KOREA; 2 University of Maryland, UNITEDSTATES

    Magnetrons - Improved Performance with modern electronic systems 75 Richardson, B; Rush, R; Iskander, M; e2v technologies Ltd, UNITED KINGDOM

    Some Line Matching Circuits for High Voltage Semiconductor Switches 79 Drummond, G; Colorado Power Electronics, Inc., UNITED STATES

    Session 1.3: Modelling 1

    Beam Optics Analysis - An Advanced 3D Trajectory Code 81 Ives, R L'; Bui, f; Vogler, W1; Neilson, J1; Read, M1; Shephard, M2; Bauer, A2; Datta, D2; Beall, M3; 'Calabazas Creek Research, Inc., UNITEDSTATES; 2Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, UNITEDSTATES; 3Simmetrix, Inc., UNITEDSTATES

    Automation in Pierce Gun Design 85 Pareek, S* Agarwal, P1; Yadav, V; Choudhury, A R1; Ghosh, TIC; Sharma, TK1; Gupta, R K1; 'Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), 'Banasthali Vidyapith, India, xBirla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS),'E2VTechnologies, UK

    The MICHELLE 2D/3D Electron Gun and Collector Modeling Code: Advances and Applications 89 Petillo, J; Eppley, K; Panagos, D; Nelson, E; Dionne, N; DeFord, J; Held, B; Chernyakova, L; Levush, B;SA1C, UNITEDSTATES

    A Steady-State Analysis of Ion Trajectories in Electron Guns using PIERCE* Code 91 Bansiwal, A; Kumar, L; Microwave TubeR&D Center, INDIA

    3D Self Magnetic Field Calculation in the Finite Element Gun Code MICHELLE 95 Nelson, EM1; Petillo, JJ2; Levush, B3;

    Alamos National Laboratory, UNITED STATES; 2SA ATES; 3NRL UNITED STATES

  • Electron Scattering and Multipactor Discharge 99 Seviour, R.- Lancaster University, UNITED KINGDOM

    Practical multipaction assessment using Monte-Carlo/PIC modelling 103 Eastwood, J; Arter, W; Hook, M; Brealey, N; Culham Elecrtomagnetics and Lightning, UNITED KINGDOM

    A new fitting model for the I-V characteristics of field emission arrays 105 Lin, M; FuJen University, TAIWAN

    Tracing backscatterd electrons with MEBS' SOURCEBS software 109 Katsap, V1; Munro, E2; Zhu, X2; Rouse, J2 ; 'NuFlare Technology, adiv. of Toshiba, UNITEDSTATES; 2MEBS, Ltd., UNITED KINGDOM

    Session 2.1: Gyrotrons

    Development of a 1-MW, CW Gyrotron at 140 GHz for Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance- Heating in Fusion Plasma Devices 113 Dammertz, G; Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, GERMANY

    Recent Results from the 1.5 MW, 110 GHz Gyrotron Experiment at MIT 115 Sirigiri, JR.'; Choi, E M2; Shapiro, MA2; Temkin, R J2; 'Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UNITED STATES; 2MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, UNITEDSTATES

    High Power Testing of a 110 GHz Gyrotron with a Single-Stage, Depressed Collector 117 Chu, T; Blank,M; Cahalan, P; Cauffman, S; Felch, K; Jory, H; CPI, UNITEDSTATES

    200kW/CW Gyrotrons and Transmission Line Components for Fusion Systems 119 Denisov, G G1; Belousov, VI2; Chirkov, A V2; Litvak, A G2; Malygin, Vf; Shmelyov, M Yu2; Kurbatov, VI3; Kazanskiy, IV3; Solujanova, EA3; Tai, E M3

    'institute of Applied physics, RUSSIAN FEDERATION;2Institute of Applied Physics, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; 3GYCOMLtd., RUSSIAN FEDERATION

    Development of the 300 GHz/4 kW/CW Gyrotron 121 Zapevalov, V1; Lygin, V2; Malygin, O3; Moiseev.M3; Khizhnjak, V3; Karpov, V4; Tai, E4; Idehara, f; Ogawa, f; Mitsudo, S5 ; ' Institute of Applied PhysicsR A S, RUSSIAN FEDERATION;2 Institute of Applied Physics, RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERATION;3Institute of Applied Physics RAS, RUSSIAN FEDERA TION; "GYCOMLtd, RUSSIAN FEDERA TION; 3RCD FIR, FU, JAPAN

    Using MAGY to Model High Power CW Gyrotrons with Coaxial Cavities 123 Vlasov, A N1; Antonsen, TA>T; Chernyavskyi, I A3; Levush, B4; 'Science Applications International Corporation, UNITEDSTATES; 2UMDIREAP, UNITEDSTATES; 3SAIC, UNITEDSTATES; 4NRL, UNITEDSTATES

    Newly Designed Internal Phase-Correcting Mirrors for a Multi-frequency 1 MW Gyrotron at FZK 127 YANG, X1; Arnold, A2; Dammertz, G1; Koppenburg, K1; Piosczyk, B1; Wagner, D3; Thumm, M2; 'IHM, FZK, GERMANY; 2IHM, FZK and University of Karlsruhe, GERMANY; 3IPP_Garching, GERMANY

    Electrically controlled scanning of wave beam produced by gyrotron: option for plasma fusion experiments 131 Petelin, M1; Kasparek, 2 ; 'lAP, RUSSIAN FEDERATION; 2Stuttgart University, GERMANY

    Investigation of "Hyperchaos" in Gyrotron 133 Blokhina, E V; Rozhnev, A G; Saratov State University, Russia

  • Session 2.2: New Devices

    A field-emission based vacuum device for the generation of THz waves 135 Lin, M-C; Huang, K-H; Lu, P-S; Lin, P-Y; Jao, R-F; Fu Jen University, TAIWAN

    Design of a Wide TWT RF-Structure and Powercoupler at 94 GHz 139 Krawczyk, FL1; Carlsten, BE1; Earley, LM1; Potter, JM2 ; 'Los Alamos National Laboratory, UNITED STATES; 2JP Accelerator Works, UNITED STATES

    Wideband RF Structure for Millimeter Wave TWTs 143 Earley, L W1; Carlsten, B, !; Krawczyk, F, '; Russell, S, '; Sigler, F, '; Potter, J, 2; Smirnova, E,3

    'Los Alamos National Laboratory, UNITEDSTATES; 2J P Accelerator Works, UNITEDSTATES; 3MLT, UNITEDSTATES

    Sheet Beam Technology Development for High-Power MM-Wave TWTs 147 Carlsten, B E1; Russell, SJ1; Earley, L M1; Haynes, WE1; Krawczyk, F1; Wang, ZF1; Potter, JM2; Ferguson, P3; Humphries, S4 ; 'Los Alamos National Laboratory, UNITEDSTATES; 2JP Accelerator Works, UNITEDSTATES; 3 MDS Company, UNITED STATES;4Field Precision, UNITEDSTATES

    Experimental Investigation of W-Band Vacuum Devices using Two-Step LIGA 151 Shin, YM1; So, JK1; Han, S f; Jang, KH1; Jeon, S G1; Park, G S1; Kim, JH2