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Transcript of Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference of the...

  • Proceedings of the

    Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference

    of the Cognitive Science Society

    Kenneth Forbus, Dedre Gentner and Terry Regier Editors August 4-7, 2004 Chicago, Illinois USA


    These proceedings hold the talks, posters, tutorials, and symposia presented at the 26th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. The conference took place in Chicago, Illinois, at the Westin River North Hotel, August 4-7, 2004. Each year, the CogSci conference chairs highlight a particular area of cognitive science we chose to highlight higher-order cognition. This is reflected in our choice of Susan Goldin-Meadow and Doug Medin as our two plenary speakers, and Larry Barsalou and Art Markman for a debate on embodied cognition, as well as in the themes of the invited symposia: language and thought, qualitative reasoning, higher-order cognitive neuroscience, and large-scale representation systems. The rest of the program was determined by the submissions we received, and by the reviewers enthusiasm for them. In total, we received 370 submissions of 6-page papers, publication-based abstracts, and symposia. Of these, 115 were accepted for presentation as a talk or symposium, and 150 were accepted for poster presentation. We also received over 150 member abstract submissions, which by design were only lightly reviewed, and almost all of which were accepted. Chairing a CogSci conference is a lot of work! We couldnt have done it without a lot of help from many people. We would especially like to thank the following:

    The Governing Board, for inviting us to chair the meeting. The Program Committee, for managing the review process. The almost 500 reviewers, for providing professional reviews. Wayne Gray, for helpful advice on all aspects of conference organization. Chris Schunn and Rick Alterman, for their advice as chairs from earlier years. Frank Ritter, for organizing and coordinating the tutorial program. Frank Lee, for coordinating the student volunteers. Deborah Gruber, for her help with local arrangements and the proceedings. Jonathan Cohen and Jennifer Stedillie, for coordinating conference preparation. James Stewart, for heroic responsiveness in operating the reviewing website. The student volunteers at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, especially Fey

    Parrill (UC) and Kate Lockwood (NU). Dan Veksler, for producing a roommate-matching website at very short notice. Ken Nielsen, for designing the poster. Rebecca Asburst, for creating the logo, and Kathleen Braun, for designing the T-shirt. Our sponsors: The Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson Foundation; Northwestern University;

    ONR; DARPA; AFRL; the University of Chicago; CHI Systems; and Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

    The plenary speakers, Susan Goldin-Meadow and Doug Medin. The debaters, Larry Barsalou and Art Markman. And above all, the authors, symposium participants, and attendees.

    Kenneth D. Forbus, Dedre Gentner, and Terry Regier Conference chairs, CogSci 2004

  • Conference Chairs

    Kenneth D. Forbus, Northwestern University Dedre Gentner, Northwestern University

    Terry Regier, University of Chicago

    Conference Program Committee

    Martha Alibali Erik Altmann Bruno Bara Lawrence Barsalou Miriam Bassok William Bechtel Paul Bloom Morten Christiansen Gary Cottrell Gary Dell Judy DeLoache Kevin Dunbar Shimon Edelman Susan Epstein Fernanda Ferreira

    Robert French Adele Goldberg John Goldsmith Rob Goldstone Wayne Gray Jim Greeno James Hampton Stephen Jose Hanson Muhammad Ali Khalidi Boicho Kokinov David Leake Vera Maljkovic Barbara Malt Art Markman Laura Michaelis

    Naomi Miyake Michael Mozer Laura Namy Srini Narayanan Nancy Nersessian Partha Niyogi Ken Paller David Plaut Naomi Quinn Michael Ramscar Paul Reber Frank Ritter Brian Ross Franz Schmalhofer Christian Schunn

    Colleen Seifert Stuart Shapiro Steve Sloman Steven Small Linda Smith Michael Spivey Keith Stenning Josh Tenenbaum Barbara Tversky David Uttal Janet Werker Amanda Woodward

    Local arrangements: Deborah Gruber Tutorials coordinator: Frank Ritter

    Conference software coordinator: Wayne Gray Registration website: Thomas B. Ward Conference website: Kenneth D. Forbus

    Roommate-matching website: Dan Veksler Proceedings: Deborah Gruber

  • Cognitive Science Society Governing Board

    Nancy J. Nersessian (Chair) Program in Cognitive Science, College of Computing Georgia Institute of Technology 2001-2006

    Keith Stenning (Past Chair) Centre for Human Communication & Informatics, Edinburgh University2000-2005

    Wayne D. Gray (Chair-Elect) Department of Cognitive Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2003-2008

    Thomas B. Ward (Executive Officer) Center for Creative Media, University of Alabama, 2003-2005

    Arthur B. Markman (Past Executive Officer) Department of Psychology, University of Texas, 2004

    William Bechtel Department of Philosophy, University of California, San Diego 2002-2007

    Peter Cheng Department of Cognitive Science, University of Sussex 2004-2009

    Dedre Gentner Department of Psychology, Northwestern University 1999-2004

    Robert L. Goldstone (Journal Editor) Department of Psychology, Indiana University 2001-2005

    Edwin Hutchins Department of Cognitive Science, University of California, San Diego 2001-2006

    James L. McClelland Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Carnagie Mellon University Ex-Officio member of board as chair of the Rumelhart Prize Committee

    Douglas L. Medin Department of Psychology, Northwestern University 1999-2004

    Naomi Miyake School of Computer and Cognitive Sciences, Chukyo University 2004-2009

    Johanna Moore Human Communication Research Centre Edinburgh University 2002-2007

    Michael Mozer Computer Science Department, University of Colorado 2000-2005

    Linda B. Smith Department of Psychology, Indiana University 2003-2008

    Barbara Tversky Department of Psychology, Stanford University 2003-2008

    Richard M. Young Psychology Department, University of Hertfordshire 2002-2007

  • CogSci 2004 Sponsors

    The Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson Foundation Northwestern University

    Office of Naval Research, Cognitive, Neural, and Social S&T Division Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Information Processing Technology Office

    Air Force Research Laboratory, Human Effectiveness Directorate University of Chicago

    CHI Systems, Inc. Trends in Cognitive Sciences

    About the Society

    The Society is a non-profit professional organization, and its main activities are sponsoring an annual conference, publishing the journal Cognitive Science, and promoting research interactions across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The Society was incorporated as a non-profit professional organization in Massachusetts in 1979.

    The Cognitive Science Society, Inc. brings together researchers from many fields that hold a common goal: understanding the nature of the human mind. The Society promotes scientific interchange among researchers in disciplines comprising the field of Cognitive Science, including Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Education.

    You may contact the Society at: Cognitive Science Society, Inc. University of Texas at Austin Department of Psychology 1 University Station A8000 Austin, TX 78712 (512) 471-2030

  • CogSci 2004 Reviewers

    Agnar Aamodt Herve Abdi Mark Ackerman Mauro Adenzato Woo Kyoung Ahn Adam Albright Gary Allen Kai Alter Richard Alterman Eric Amsel Hanne Andersen Patric Andersson Sachiko Aoshima Shlomo Argamon Mark Aronoff Kevin Ashley Richard Aslin Janet Astington Harald Baayen William Badecker Collin Baker Benjamin Balas Sasha Barab Elizabeth Baraff Brigid Barron Karen Bartsch Laurie Bauer Eric Baum Cristina Becchio Roman Belavkin Aaron Benjamin Benjamin Bergen Robert Berwick Susan Birch V. Blackwell-Hardie Mark Blair Isabelle Blanchette Volker Blanz Enrico Blanzieri Stephen Blessing Sergey Blok Jean-Francois Bonnefon Lera Boroditsky Nick Braisby Holly Branigan Andrew Brook Barbara Bruschi David Bryant Johno Bryant Joanna Bryson Monica Bucciarelli Raluca Budiu Marc Buehner

    John Bullinaria Judee Burgoon Denis Burnham Bruce Burns Jerome Busemeyer Mike Byrne Ellen Campana Thomas Carr Nicholas Cassimatis Anne Castles Richard Catrambone David Chalmers S. Chandrasekharan Franklin Chang Nancy Chang Nick Chater Xiang Chen Zhe Chen Patricia Cheng Paolo Cherubini Micki Chi Yoonsuck Choe Jessica Choplin Marvin Chun John Clapper John Clement Jonathan Cohen Mark Cohen John Coley Eliana Colunga Louise Connell Anne Cook Rick Cooper Robin Cooper Fintan Costello Anna Cox Richard Cox Matthew Crocker Fred Cummins Suzanne Curtin Florin Cutzu Delphine Dahan Rick Dale Markus Damian David Danks Nicolas Davidenko Janet Davidson Jim Davies Wim De Neys Jean Decety Doug DeGroot Simon Dennis Sharon Derry

    Barry Devereux Mike Dickey Eric Dietrich Kristien Dieussaert Peter-Ford Dominey Leonidas Doumas Yoshimochi Ejima Michelle Ellefson Randi A. Engle Blanzieri Enrico Richard Epstein Michael Erickson Zachary Estes Hany Farid Aidan Feeney Michele Feist Jerome Feldman Lisa Feldman-Barrett David Feldon Christopher Fennell Ron Ferguson Victor Ferreira Leo Ferres Anna Fisher Cynthia Fisher Joan Fisher Alan Fiske Nick Flor Peter Foltz Joao Fonseca Kenneth Forbus Ken Forster Malcolm Forster Craig Fox Michael Frank Nancy Franklin Michael Freed Eric Freedman Daniel Freudenthal Wai-Tat Fu Jonathan Fugelsang Michael G. Dyer Liane Gabora Christina Gagne Susanne Gahl Vittorio Gallese Patricia Ganea Linda Garro Michael Gasser Ronald Giere Art Glenberg Ashok Goel Alvin Goldman

    Louis Gomez Ch