Probiotics | Safe Storage and the Benefits

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This gives a wonderful overview of Probiotics. It shares the uses, benefits, and safe storage solutions of Probiotics.

Transcript of Probiotics | Safe Storage and the Benefits

  • Contain bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestines. These are our day to day things that get in the way of the needed healthy balance of good & bad bacteria: POOR NUTRITION CHOICES EMOTIONAL STRESS LACK OF SLEEP ANTIBIOTIC OVERUSE WHEN AN IMBALANCE DOES OCCUR, THESE ARE SOME OF THE PROBLEMS YOU MIGHT EXPERIENCE Diarrhea Urinary Tract Infection Muscle Pain Fatigue PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO HELP SIGNIFICANTLY WITH THESE PROBLEMS AS WELL AS Help balance the sensitive digestive tract Keep the immune system in check Reduce antibiotic side effects Reduce risk of common infections Improve tolerance to lactose Reduce problems with allergies Probiotics are delicate organisms that require appropriate handling for maximum potency. Taking proper care of Probiotics is a necessity. Some strains are more sensitive to heat than others, but most studies show that they lose viability over time when stored at room temperatures. This can create serious issues when it comes to potency and quality, particularly in retail settings where Probiotics are usually sold under-refrigerated. The manufacturer & consumer must pay attention to the conditions of storage that each Probiotic requires. THE SAFE SELLING SOLUTION FOR RETAIL STORES IF THEIR PROBIOTICS REQUIRE REFRIGERATION REFRIGERATED PROBIOTIC DISPLAY CASES THE SAFE STORING SOLUTION FOR CONSUMERS AFTER PURCHASING ONLINE OR IN-STORE When you get your Probiotics home, store in the refrigerator unless instructed to store at room temperature. SOURCES