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Priva creating a climate for growth. Our view of the world. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Together with local parties we offer our worldwide clients a sustainable platform composed of hardware, software and services that meets the highest requirements that can be placed on technology.Our solutions

Priva is leading in developing and producing technology designed to optimize primary processes in a sustainable and innovative manner by controlling environmental conditions in Horticulture and Living & Working Environments.

Our raison dtre

Horticultureintegration of climate, water & energysustainable part of primary processLiving & Working Environmentsintelligent automation systems which create environments that perfectly fit the core needs of user and party concernedWe stimulate the development of the talents and abilities of employees, believe in the growth potential of our customers and suppliers, and have confidence in their power and dedication. We link parties together, and the knowledge and experience released in the process we use as input and inspiration for our shared development.

Priva puts people first