PRIVA BUILDING MAINTENANCE SERVICES With the Priva Building Maintenance Services packages you can...

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Transcript of PRIVA BUILDING MAINTENANCE SERVICES With the Priva Building Maintenance Services packages you can...

  • With the Priva Building Maintenance Services packages you can manage your building in a remote and safe manner. Our services allow you to analyze performance, manage and react to building alarms and notify the right people when necessary. On top of that, the Priva BMS packages enable you to visualize historical data. Via the Historical Data API, data becomes available anywhere, anytime – so you get the most out of your data. This not only simplifies the process of addressing certain problems but also saves you time and money and improves the quality of your building.

    From experience, we know that each customer is unique. For that reason, we make it a priority to serve everybody’s needs with our solutions. When developing the Priva BMS packages we therefore decided to develop three different packages:

    > The Essential package > The Plus package > The Premium package

    The API is an available option on all packages.

    PRIVA BUILDING MAINTENANCE SERVICES Building maintenance tailored to your needs




    > Easily maintain your building > Available anywhere and anytime > Always up to date and securely

    connected > Three different packages – select

    what fits your needs > Optional API to get the most out of

    your data


    ACCESS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Access your building and its historical data remotely. The system continuously and automatically updates itself, notifying you whenever an alarm is triggered, regardless of your location.

    FULLY INTEGRATED Cloud history enables you to visualize the stored data in TC Engineer, TC Manager and TC Operator. Moreover, it will be possi- ble to visualize and use that same data in future Priva services.

    CONNECT WITH EXTERNAL SOFTWARE Our Historical Data API allows you to save your historical data externally or use it in third party software. The API is a cloud- based interface hosted by Priva that enables external software to access data stored in Priva Cloud History. Data never travels without your permission, of course.

    EASY MANAGEMENT All Priva Services are automatically updated and require no local infrastructure other than the Priva Cloud Connector. This makes the set up and management of these services easy and cost-effective.

    INSIGHT INTO INSTALLATION PERFORMANCE The easy-to-read KPI’s provided by BI Metrics, offer insight into the performance of your installations and help you to identify problem areas. Areas in need of improvement are easily targeted – keeping your buildings’ operation optimal at all times.

    SECURE AND SAFE CONNECTION The Priva Cloud Connector ensures a secure connection to Priva services, using Microsoft Azure. There is no open connection or VPN tunnel that can create a data leak, assuring a secure and safe connection.

    MORE ABOUT SECURITY OF THE CLOUD The security of our services is of great importance to us. Therefore, we put a lot of work into securing our cloud solutions. Would you like to know more about how Priva Services are secured? Feel free to contact us. We’ll happily provide you with relevant documentation and the answer to all of your questions.

    See for contact information of a Priva office or partner for your region.

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    Priva (headquarter) Zijlweg 3 2678 LC De Lier The Netherlands

    What’s included?

    Essential Plus Premium

    Manage Troubleshoot Analyze

    Remote Management

    Cloud History 3 months 26 months 26 months

    Priva Alarms

    Bi Metrics

    APIs £ £ £