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  • 8/11/2019 Prislop Impressions


    To the Spirituality of Romania:

    Monastery Prislop, Places of Arsenie Boca and Master Jesus in the Carpats

    (Intimate impressions of Prislop - only for internal and tender using)

    I have been asked by paticipants of a visit in the Prislop Monasteria on Thursday after the ending ofthe 3rd International Anthroposophical Schooling Symposion in Simeria, if i would tell, what weobserved in Prislop. Here it is with some additions fitting to this theme.

    The Observers have been Marius Gabor, Peer Dahlstroem, Agnes Hardorp, Thomas Mayer, ManfredSchleyer, Raphael Kleimann and Dirk Kruse. The following describtions are an uncorrected summaryof impressions, not a cleared research! They are not authorizised by the others and only that what iheard from them and observed by myself is written down here.

    This observations are not for satisfying any curiousity, but for meditative recognizing and dignifyingthe holyness and gifts we get from Christ, Father Arsenie Boca and the Romanian Spirit in our time.

    The Monastery

    Kilometers before Prislop is increasing a spiritual harmony in the landscape.

    The nature directly in the monastery and around at the reflecting hillsides has refined and christicetherforces, so that a harmonical moralic etherplace is created; we find also on the meadows behindthe water place and left from the way up to Arsenie Bocas place seldom pearly-clear chemical ether.Partly it is not anymore this harmonic like 8 years ago, because of non-interest and rushing (non-peaceand non-interest on the nature) of so much visting-people and specially because the vanishedflowergardens beside the way to the church and at Arsenie Bocas most loved gardenplace (at the rightside from the way 20m in front of the church).

    In general we have here many little and some bigger wonderful pure christic Elementarybeing.

    The ChurchThere seems to be a radieastetic strong thin goldline going through the chrurch from the entrancethrough the middle of he altar-room and a thin silverline from left- right through the altar-room, so itseems they are crossing at the altar.

    The blessed Springwater

    The blessed springwater you can take near the church is extraordinary pure and lightful, the highestchristwater i have ever experienced.

  • 8/11/2019 Prislop Impressions


    The Grave of Parintele Arsenie Boca

    In and over the line of people waiting to come to Arsenie Bocas grave is a very pure astrality of innerdevotion, blessing and bliss; in difference to big prossesiones in bucarest where it seems only extremeheartful and dense believers-astrality without much clear spirit, here it is a clear spiritual light over theheads oft he believers - radiating.

    At the grave of Arsenie Boca is beside dense devotion-astrality of many people a very high andpure astrality streaming down from very high above, it carrys, like it,s most inner line, a very highgodly spirituality and takes very fine etherstreams with it.

    The downstreaming seems like a holy cloak flowing down from intim cosmic heights, full ofsacrificial holy heartsubstance including a stream of soundether-, lightether and warmthetherbeingswith a fully purified astral consciousness.

    The spiritual highness in it is so high, that we need something like a seeing through weeping ainversion through seeing how far we are still away from the godlyness and in the same time howstrong and direct personal the love of Arsenie Boca and Christ is which can brings us to face Christat last.

    This is a high form of perception, where Imagination (cloak-picture) and Inspiration (pure innerness)inverses into a direct Intuition (being in th middle oft he huge grace of the godly love to us).

    The downstreaming ray of godly light in the middle of that pure downstreaming astrality - isunbelieveable pure; its personal but cosmic in the same time.

    The godly ray or stream is coming from beyond the highest area of the spiritual world (higherdevachan / intention-world) out of the world of the worldword in front of the Trinity its thelightform we can find also into the so called Land Shamballa (the Christland of holy light, streamingand lifelyness iin which the Masters regenerate in being in Christs lovestreams).

    The strongest impressions are getable from the first bench behind the grave.

    The Eremits Cave

    In the eremits cave throughwards the deep silent peace is preceiveable first the sacred zodiacmood ofeternal directedness allaround and then behind it the holy light of an unification of earthmotherPersephonea (an Aspect of Maria-Sophia) - and so the whole earthorganism including the humanculture with Christ.

    So the cave leads directly into an Intuition of the grace of Christ in transforming time and space ofthe earthplanet eternally.

    In front of the icons is experienceable a holy soft and bright golden astral-etheric streamin in thedirection from the door oft he cave into the wall right from the icons.

  • 8/11/2019 Prislop Impressions


    Receiving the godly spiritual world through longer praying and meditating here can lead us into takingpart oft he godly heights as a permanent creation which in the same time is a permanent peace andeternity.

    The deep Valley at the Cave

    Going with our meditative perception into the peace of the whole valley and the peaceful forest up thehill oposite of the cavehill, we can come to an opening of the timeline. Spiritual moods of ourChildhhood can stay in front of us. The valleymood-surrounding can open then to a sphere behind thatrememberings and the free outwardly Ether-Memorys around in the holy imprinted nature of thatarea, the so called Akasha Chronic, can appear. It seems the we can have an impression specially fromthe way in which Arsenie Boca prayed more independ from the daily order and connected more withthe timespirit. One strong impression was here: he builded a needed spiritual bridge in Europe fromthe 30ties Christnearness over the horrible 40ties and the lost 50ties to the new spirituality of the

    70ties (after the tumultarious opening in the 60ties) and the 21. Century.It seems the peaceful surrounding oft he valley, but also everwhere on the hills which reflect directlyprislop, is gathered much more from the spiritual happenings there.

    The connection to the near Retezat Mountains

    Prislop lays in a strong geographical configuration. One main aspect is that the Retezat with itspereceiveable heavenly stream from above - downstreaming from the Lake Bucura-Area, whereArsenie Boca has been in godnearness and peace every summer for weeks alone with the world and

    the nature, through the valley of Cabin Gentiana and Cabin Pietrele is sending a highteningpuryficating stream directly over the area of Prislop, too.

    Addition I:

    Comparison between the impressions of places of Arsenie Boca Sambata de Sus, Prislop, Lake Bucura-Area/Retezat, Draganescu and Prislop - (by D. Kruse)

    The first Monastery in which Arsenie Boca worked from 1939 1950 was Sambata de Sus on the footoft he Mountains between Sibiu and Brasov. The second was Pislop, where he stayed from 1950 to1959, in the Hillarea at the northern foot oft he Retezat Monutains, south of Hunedoara. From 1968 1989 he painted the pictures of the little Church in Draganescu southwest of Bucarest. In the sametime he lived until his death in the little Monastery at the border of Sinai up near the Bucegi-Mountains between Brasov and Ploesti.

    Every of this places has a deep and touching atmosphere.

    Sambata de Sus a nature-open and peaceful clearness with refreshing and clearing etherforces, astralityand spirit. The vist can lift up and renew in a natural way (specially if we are aware oft he nature-surrounding there too).

  • 8/11/2019 Prislop Impressions


    Prislop through the grave-visiting intention of Arsenie Boca has deep etheric-, astralic- andspiritual imprinting. The visit can help to find inner holy experiences of selfknowledge,Christnnearness and transforming.

    The Retezat (here only the area up from Pietrele, Gentiana to Lke Bucura has been perceived) has

    unusual harmonic an christic ehteratmoshere and a downstreaming spiritual connection to the ethericChrist and to Archais/Timespirits, and specially at Lake Bucura to Arsenie Boca. Here we can findback the spirit in nature, relation to christic elementatry beings, transformative blessings fort he wayand the work on earth responding o our time and the timespirit.

    At and in the Draganescu Chrurch we have a mild but intense atmosphere, like reminding us withstrong soul-spiritual intention onto our tasks in our time. Here we can build a soft receiving soulfieldfort he arriving of Christ and his support in us.

    The monastry in Prislop, in which Arsenie Boca lived his last days, has a serious guidinglight gesturein its atmosphere. Here we can come to more decided inner spiritual directions.


    There are other high personalitys to mention in the spirituality of Romania, also interesting Monchsand Eremits still in the 20th century. The capturing of the spirituality in Romania in history and todayis still a big task.

    Addition II About Arsenie Boca

    Arsenie Boca ( From Wikipedia)

  • 8/11/2019 Prislop Impressions


    Arsenie Boca (29 September 1910 / on Michaelmas ! 28 November 1989) was a RomanianOrthodox monk, theologian and artist. He was persecuted by the Communists and named among the100 greatest Romanians.

    He was born in Vaa de Sus, Hunedoara County, Romania, died at Sinaia Monastery and was buried atPrislop Monastery in Silvau de Sus village.

    Studies and formation

    He was born on 29 September 1910, in Vaa de Sus, in what was then Austria-Hungary