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The Princess Golf Handbook is a humorous look at the game of women's golf. New rules, different definitions, entertaining with a great entertainer as a speaker for your event. Bobbi can Mcee your event and laugh until you cry. In Princess golf it is better to look good than to be good, the rules will make an entertaining tournament for your goup or charity. No more mulligans, buy Princess rules. Get a glass of wine and your favorite princess and read the book! The Princess is in the house!

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2. It is better to look good than to be good .
You lie and Ill swear to it!
The Princess Golf Handbook
3. The Princess Golf Handbook

  • If you are disappointed when you score a par

4. If you can get out of a sand trap in one stroke 5. If you play golf because you think its a sport 6. If you break a nail playing golf and it doesnt bother you 7. If your outfit doesnt match and you dont care 8. If it matters more to you where the ball goes than how yourhair looksYOU ARE NOT A PRINCESS
In a best ball tournament, anyone can see,Im the best ball .
How to know if you are not a Princess
9. The Princess Golf Handbook You are a princess if:
If you think golf with a caddie and a golf cart is exercise ;
If you cant play because you cant find your way cool sunglasses ;
If you know it is better to look good than to be good ;
If you say you play in the 80s and you mean weather, not score;
If you think you cant play golf without shopping in the pro shop first ;
If you would even consider playing golf wearing pantyhose;
If you absolutely have to carry your makeup in your golf bag;
If you use your driver on a par three hole;
If all your clubs hit the same distance;
If you can use your driver for your short game;
If you take your purse dog to the golf course;
If you simply cannot play golf without your cell phone; and
If you are reading this book to get golf tips you are a princess
10. The Princess Golf Handbook
Have you ever been playing lights out golf but some boob laid the course out in the wrong place?You are hitting dog leg right and they laid the course out dog leg left?Why is that your fault?You had nothing to do with the layout, some other guy, you dont even know came up with that.That is not your fault!
11. The Princess Golf Handbook
The Princess Golf Handbook contains:
The Core Philosophy of Princess Golf :
It is better to look good than to be good.
Princess Golf Terms
Handicap:When a princess has to play with her husband.
50 Count em 50 new rules for the Princess Golfer.
Check out a couple of rules on the next page
12. The Princess Golf Handbook
Unnecessary Lie Rule.Unlike unplayable lie, you could hit the ball, but why would you want to?The rule is you may move the ball two club lengths, as many club lengths as necessary to obtain a more favorable lie.
Titanic Putt Rule:If this ball had been the Titanic, It never would have sunk.You may putt to where the hole should have been and count only those strokes.
Rules of Princess Golf
13. The Princess Golf Handbook
Who needs Princess Golf?
NobodyNEEDS Princess Golf but, All women who play golf, want the assistance of more flexible rules than the ordinary, standard rules.Custom rules as it were. (not for the women who, for whatever reason, WANT to count EVERY shot, even if they didnt mean to hit the shot they hit and, more than likely dont even care iftheir outfit matches)
Everybodywho knows a princess should get a copy of the book for her as she will have a much better game with the new rules.
Any Man who wants a woman to play with him, golf that is.On the other hand, if the princess is in a better mood.
14. The Princess Golf Company
Who wrote this goofy book?
Bobbi Boldon
Bobbi is a national speaker with over a decade in the speaking and trainingindustry.She speaks in both real estate and financial fields.
With her extraordinary sense of humor, she is a popular convention and training speaker.After writing The Princess Golf Handbook, Bobbi now speaks to womens groups, luncheons and golf outings as a humor speakerand as an emcee.
Bobbi says shed make a great auctioneer for your event too.Not because shes a fast talking auctioneer but because she can make people laugh while they part with their money .
Call Bobbi today 303-618-2000 or 303-400 golf
The Princess Golf Handbook is available on Amazon .com