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Transcript of Prince of Peace - Razor Planet 2 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 8212 Philadelphia Road Rosedale, MD

  • Prince of Peace

    The Vine Newsletter July2015

    Summer Schedule (July 5 – August 30)

    Traditional Worship Service 8:00 AM

    Blended Service 10:00 AM

    All are invited to our breakfast café at 9:00 AM.

    Tamil Service – July 11 @ 6:00 PM.

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    Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 8212 Philadelphia Road

    Rosedale, MD 21237

    Prince of Peace Staff Ministers: The Members of Prince of Peace 410-866-8766 Pastor: Rev. Matthew Fuhrman 443-710-7007 Diaconal Minister: Shari Trotter 770-789-0535 Parish Coordinator: Millie Smith 410-866-8766 Council President: Bob DeJong 410-391-3156 Creative Learning Center: Michele Nitzel, Director 410-866-1585 Deacon: Al Streckfus 410-391-1809 Organist: Alisa Kipnis 443-494-8436

    Regular Worship Schedule

    Traditional Worship 8:00 AM Contemporary Worship 9:30 AM

    Traditional Worship 11:00 AM

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    A Message from Pastor Matt For thus it says in 1 Peter 2, "You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a priestly kingdom." In this way we are all priests, as many of us as are Christians. (Martin Luther, On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church). Part of our heritage as Lutherans is this understanding of “priesthood of all believers.” Against the very professional and exclusive sense of ministry present in the pre- Reformation, Medieval Church, Luther suggested an understanding of the Gospel that was inclusive and encouraged all Christians to take an active role. Part of this found form in encouraging literacy and for all people to become familiar with their scripture. Part of this was in encouraging an understanding of all vocations and service to be pleasing to God. In our worship services, this is reflected in the different roles and ways through which people can serve. The most important, of course, is simply being present to worship, and to give thanks and praise to God. However, some of the more specific “jobs” not only facilitate the flow of worship by having helpers, but more importantly reflect the shared work that we have as children of God. At Prince of Peace, there are sign-up sheets in the narthex (just above, and to the left of the water fountain) where people can sign up for the various service opportunities per service. Members and friends are encouraged to sign up for Sundays when they know they will be present and would like to serve. Deacon Al Streckfus, OSSD will be helping to coordinate some of the sign ups so that each week we have each position accounted for. For those unfamiliar with what some of the duties are, the following lists them:

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    Assistant Minister – for both the Traditional and Contemporary, the Assistant Minister role is the key lay position and does what it describes: “assists.” They help with parts of the liturgy, distribute communion, pray the prayers of the church, read the lessons if needed, and otherwise help to fill in any leadership needs in the service. The most involved of all the positions, it requires some training prior to serving. Please contact Pastor Matt if you would like to serve. Lector – quite simply the lector is the reader, and reads the non-Gospel / sermon text lessons each week. Sometimes proper names and places provide unfamiliar words for lectors to read. Please do not let that stop you! There is a pronunciation guidebook that is provided. Present the Elements – each week we need at least two people to carry the bread and the wine (“the elements”) forward. As a sign of God turning the ordinary to extraordinary, we have the bread and wine brought forward as a gift from us, which God uses to turn into a gift for all. Communion Assistant – in addition to the Assistant Minister, the Communion Assistant “assists in communion.” Most often this involves holding the chalice (cup) of wine and either pouring or allowing communicants to instinct (dip) the bread. Greeters – joining with the ushers, the Greeters job is to be a warm and friendly presence before and during the worship service to ensure that any visitors or newcomers feel comfortable at Prince of Peace. As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, this may be one of the most important responsibilities on a Sunday morning.

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    The sign-up sheet for the month is usually posted towards the end of the month before. For those who regularly serve, thank you for signing up. For those who have not yet served, I encourage you to think about doing so. Together may we give thanks and praise to the God we serve. In His name, Pastor Matt

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    A Message from Deacon Shari

    Happy Summer Prince of Peace, The Count-down has begun! 26 more days until 13 of our youth and 6 adults head to Detroit! We can’t wait to come back and share with you all of the amazing things we have done and what we have learned. I wanted to offer you a little peek into what our schedule will look like while we are there: Wednesday: 4am- arrive at the airport (yikes, prayers for this ) 8am-10am- arrive in Detroit, gather bags and head to the hotel, and check in 10am-4pm- catch bus to Cobo center, community life in Cobo Center/ have lunch At Colors Café (a café that teaches people to work in the food industry and all the proceeds return back into the community) 4pm-9:30pm- main event and opening for the whole week/ speakers, bands, lots And lots of praise and worship! 9:30pm-12am- travel back to hotel and then have community life! 12am- Lights Out!!!!! That is just one day! On Thursday we will proclaim justice, this will be our day of service! On Friday we will proclaim Story, this is the day that we will spend with our synod learning about our own story and how that fits with God’s story. On Saturday we will proclaim Community and will

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    engage in interactive learning that will make us think about our impact on one another and our world!(we also get to zip line this day!!!) Sunday is the last day. We will have our closing and then be to the airport by 4pm we should be back into Baltimore around 8pm, very tired but with full spirits and lots to share! Please be praying for us as we are there and get excited about all we will bring back with us! God’s Peace, Deacon Shari

    A Message from Michele Nitzel, Daycare Director

    As we head into the second month of our summer program our theme is “We are all Happy Campers.” The entranceway has been decorated with a makeshift tent and campfire. We want all of our children to be happy as they spend their days with us. One of the best days this month will be water day. There is no better sound than that of children’s laughter as they run through the sprinkler, play in the water tables and

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    squirt water at each other. It’s a perfect way for them to cool off from the hot summer sun. The staff works hard planning activities that will create lifelong memories for the children. We start July off with Spirit Week. The children are encouraged to dress in their most colorful patriotic outfits and participate in our annual POPCLC 4th of July Parade. They will march around the parking lot and out onto the front lawn to wave at the passing cars. There will be lots of red, white and blue activities to help the children learn about Independence Day. As we continue into the month the children will explore bugs, insects, the nighttime sky and the beauty of nature. The children will “go fishing” as we set up “ponds and lakes” around the center to find different types of fish. They will bait their hooks and practice “catch and release.” There might even be a fishing completion to see who will “hook the largest catch!” Appreciating and respecting the outdoors is a lifelong lesson the children will begin to learn this month.

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    A Message from Bob DeJong Council President

    The great American Dream – to own a house. However, as any house owner knows, sometimes that dream becomes hazy. How is it that the house knows just when you have some extra money? Because that’s when the roof leaks, or the air conditioner goes up on the hottest day of the year, or the chimney becomes clogged and you are told it is out of code, so now it is really expensive to fix. Well, you know that the church is just like your house, and it too has its issues. I was going to start this off with a song from one of my all time favorite movies, Mary Poppins. Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim- in-ey Chim chim cher-ee! Why? Because it was discovered that our chimney was blocked with years and years and years of soot AND it is from the original building and built when building codes, if there were any, were much different. Therefore, we cannot just have the chimney sweep singing and cleaning our chimney, he needs to totally bring it up to code. Not cheap. Plus we are still repairing the organ and just like wh