Primitive Decorating

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  1. 1. Primitive Decorating
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    • Many people think thatPrimitive Decoratingis
    • difficult.It is easier then most people think. Even the most modern home can add a fewprimitive items to soften the look a little. For those who want a taste of the past, primitivedecorating is one of the best and least expensivestyles to consider.
  3. 3. When trying to achieve a completely primitive style without a large budget, it is important to take small steps and purchase items that will provide the largest impact.Also, it is important to realize that few people can redecorate an entire home all at once, therefore, it is suggested that they start in one small corner and work their way out.For instance, adding baskets,primitive candles , and various textiles to an existing table or desk in a corner will change the look from new to old instantly.Primitive decorating is the comfort food of decorating.It brings us back to days gone by and gives us a feeling of relaxation that no other form of decorating can achieve.
  4. 4. Christmas Tree Decoration
  5. 5. Also, it is possible to incorporate primitive decorating into anycurrent style.If the result is to change a look slightly but not entirely, a small piece of primitive decor can be used with existing decorations.The opposite is not as easy to do.A piece of crystal or silver would look out of place in a completely primitive home .