Prime: Our Firm, Your Future - Helping Clients Protect Assets & Build Wealth

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Transcript of Prime: Our Firm, Your Future - Helping Clients Protect Assets & Build Wealth

  1. 1. Our Firm Your Future Helping clients protect assets and build wealth Navigation
  2. 2. The Prime story Prime Financial Group is an ASX Listed Integrated Wealth Management Firm for business owners and family groups. We were founded in 1998 by accountants and today that DNA continues through our working relationship with you in partnership with your accountant. The reason is simple yet highly effective - we believe that you are best served by your accountant being your single place for personalised financial advice - tailored for your needs, goals and aspirations. It all starts by providing and maintaining protection to your current and ongoing wealth. Youve worked hard for what you have and Prime Financial Group and your Accountant will always put preservation of your existing wealth first. We do this by taking a prudent yet forward looking approach to the management of your wealth. By working with accounting firms, we ensure you have the right structure and strategies in place from the very beginning key to meeting your financial goals and objectives to secure your financial future. Navigation
  3. 3. One National team With Prime Financial Group being a national firm, you benefit from a vast team of Advisers with a diverse set of skills across different disciples with hundreds of years of experience. It is this experience that allows us to completely personalise your wealth management advisory service, which while flexible to suit your needs, maximises your outcomes through grounded judgment and advice. Navigation
  4. 4. Prime at a glance Navigation
  5. 5. Wealth Management Advice Accounting Advice Asset Protection Advice You and Your family Accounting Advice Providing the appropriate structure for your financial affairs is the foundation of any good plan and allows outcomes to be optimised for protection and growth. Asset Protection Advice Protecting yourself, your family, and your business from risk is the next most vital step of any wealth management strategy. Wealth Management Advice By identifying your current financial situation, ideal lifestyle priorities and retirement goals you receive the best advice to make the right decisions for your future. Accounting Services Personal & Business Structuring Accounting & Taxation Services Business Advisory Superannuation Succession Planning Asset Protection inc. Legal Services Asset Protection Review Wills & Estate Planning Binding Death Benet Nominations General Security Agreements Loan, Shareholder & Buy/Sell Agreements Life Insurance Income Protection Term Life Insurance Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance Trauma (Critical illness) Cover Business Buy/Sell & Keyman Insurance Superannuation inc. SMSF Retirement Needs Analysis Superannuation Review Superannuation Consolidation Capital Preservation/Growth Analysis Contribution Strategies Financial & Retirement Planning Retirement Needs Analysis Capital Preservation/Growth Analysis Tax Efcient Strategies Transition to Retirement Strategies Pension Establishment Intergenerational Planning Social Security Analysis Investment Advice Tailored Portfolio Review Asset Allocation Advice Portfolio Construction Investment Strategy incl. SMSF Term Deposit & Cash Service Lending & Finance Home Loans Investment Loans SMSF Property Lending Business Cash Flow Lending Business Working Capital Succession & Acquisition Funding How we work Prime Financial Group doesnt take a product- based approach, we are an Advisory Firm that adds value for our clients and partners. We are not tied to the Big 4 banks and as a result we provide personalised advice in partnership with your accountant that is transparent, flexible and is in your best interests. Our integrated 3 dimensional approach ensures you have the right structure and strategies in place to meet your financial objectives, and creates a relationship for quality advice, trust, service and a deep understanding of your situation. As you can see, our Integrated Advice Model brings together you, your Accountant and Prime Financial Group to create a seamless and complete service. Beginning with your accountant, you set the course for enhancing your financial future with tailored wealth management and asset protection advice. When together we have set your structure and strategy, the strength of Prime Financial Group in partnership with your accountant then focuses on implementing and managing that plan and your investments to make your goals a reality. Our Services Navigation
  6. 6. Structure and strategy ThebenefitofpartneringwithyourAccountantandPrime FinancialGrouptocreatethefoundationsofacompleteclient serviceistheabilitytobuildarobust,achievableoutcome throughstructureandstrategy.Paramountinthispartnership isandalwayswillbeprotectingyourexistingwealth. Byreviewingyourcurrentassetposition,identifyingyour goalsandneedsyouareabletosetastrategytoachievethe lifeandlifestyleyouwantforyourselfandyourfamily. Our longevity Having goals is an important consideration, however having an experienced and capable team that can deliver on your goals is essential. That is what we have been doing since 1998 helping a diverse range of clients meet their wealth goals by advising and supporting them to achieve and live the lifestyle they want to live. Integrated and streamlined Having an efficient wealth management advisory process eliminates inconsistency, duplication, and extra cost for you. The end result is a fully integrated advisory process that doesnt run the risk of inconsistency, double-ups, unnecessary expense and a chaotic mix and match approach that can see one part of your plan undermining other parts. Complete solutions Prime Financial Groups integrated and streamlined approach creates a complete offering of unified advice and services. Navigation
  7. 7. A progressive communication platform Totalconnectiontoyouradviceandinvestmentsthatkeepsyouinformedandallowsyou24/7accessisveryimportant.Youareincontrol,sowehave created an extensive, effective and efficient communication network for you to use wherever and whenever you desire. Face to Face Text Message Social Media Phone Email Web Video Skype You & Your family Find out how Prime Financial Group can help you: Phone 1800 064 959 | | Prime Financial Group Ltd Navigation
  8. 8. Prime Financial Group Ltd ACN: 009 487 674 Head Office Level 17, Como Office Tower 644 Chapel Street PO Box 6105 South Yarra VIC 3141 Tel 03 9827 6999 Fax 03 9827 9100 Client Services 1800 064 959 Prime Financial Group Ltd Navigation