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good presentations are not about the tools you use, but about the message.

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  • 1. ..and so does powerpoint..

2. ...keynote.. 3. ...nuclear waste.. 4. ..and everything else that isbrighter than the speaker 5. All through history, peoplesought for tools.. 6. help them to be heard above the crowd. 7. But when time passed.. 8. people also invented tools tohide behind. 9. The bad thing about tools is... 10. ... they are all dead. 11. If you have something important to say... 12. and you want to be heard 13. your presentation should be alive. 14. So stop using dead tools. ;) 15. and begin using a humanbeings most fundamental tools: 16. Your MIND... 17. your BODY... 18. and your VOICE. 19. Remember next time you present... 20. it is not about the tools you use;) 21. but about how badly youwant your ideas to be alive. 22. Arthur 23. Photo-credits4: flickr/Mad House Photography/X-Ray8/21/27: flickr/SOAPBOX/Schuttleworth Foundation9/21/27: flickr/mega phone. Robert Nilsson10/21/27: flickr/microphone sideways/Shutterbug Sheep13/21/27: flickr/Vinnie lectern in Oak finish/doddy99014/21/27: reflections AV/Pelikan QT88029 Quartet OHP trolley15/21/27: logicom Europe/Sanyo PLC XW5717: flickr/Lawrence Murray/Sossusvlei20/28: flickr/Clearly Ambiguous/Cherry Blossom Shadows23: www.istockphoto.com24: flickr/Nolan OBrian/Megan Enthousiastically Jumping25: flickr/Universidad de Navarra/Concierto Universidad de Navarra29: