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  • Epoka University

    Department of Architecture

    3D Modeling

    Prof. Anna Yunitsyana


    Public Toilets Render

    Student: Bora Aliaj

    Id:02020909 30/01/2012

  • 1.Location Public toilets are positioned

    along Lana River, near Rinia and Frasheris Brodher Park. It is surrounded by two very important bridges. But during site analysis, was decided that the best position would be near the bridge that link Blloku Street with Myslym Shyri Street.

  • 2.Introduction

    My idea was to link together the two bus station positioned in my site, because they are the most crowded places and the position is easy accisable by both sides.

    First ideas were to create a ecological toilet, using natural ventilation and rain water for flushing and irrigation. I chose to use glass facade and alubond material.

  • Top View

  • Site plan

  • Plan of Public Toilets

  • Facades

  • Facades

  • Facades

  • Section

  • Section

  • 3D Process

  • 3D Process

  • Renders in Max

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