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2012 Vende GlobeThe Vende Globe brings together the best skippers in solo sailing19 competitors on the start line as of June 12With nineteen competitors on the start line, the 2012-2013 edition of the Vendee Globe reveals its importance and its unique status in the world of offshore racing. With such an entrants list, the participation to this edition is, on average, comparable to the previous six editions. With 3 weeks to go before the end of the pre-registration period, here is the confirmed entrants list: Jrmie BEYOU (France) on Matre CoQ Arnaud BOISSIERES (France) on AKENA Vrandas Louis BURTON (France) on Bureau Valle Samantha DAVIES (Grande-Bretagne) on Savol Bertrand de BROC (France) on Votre Nom Autour du Monde Tanguy de LAMOTTE (France) on Initiatives-cur Kito de PAVANT (France) on Groupe Bel Alessandro di BENEDETTO (Italie-France) on Team Plastique Jean-Pierre DICK (France) on Virbac-Paprec 3 Franois GABART (France) on MACIF Mike GOLDING (Grande-Bretagne) on GAMESA Marc GUILLEMOT (France) on Safran Jean LE CAM (France) on SynerCiel Armel LE CLEACH (France) on Banque Populaire Vincent RIOU (France) on PRB Javier SANSO (Espagne) on Acciona 100% EcoPowered Bernard STAMM (Suisse) on Chemines Poujoulat Alex THOMSON (Grande-Bretagne) on Hugo Boss Dominique WAVRE (Suisse) on Mirabaud


(1) presentation

The new generation comes in forceThe new generation of skippers will be very present in this Vende Globe and willing to compete with the more experienced yachtsmen. Franois Gabart, 29, and Louis Burton, 27, will be the youngest competitors. Most of the young skippers coming from the Figaro Class (Arnaud Boissires, Samantha Davies, Jrmie Beyou, Armel Le Clach) will doubtlessly be among the favourites as well. They are looking forward to sailing ahead of the stars of the previous generation, including 7 skippers with more than 3 round-the-world circumnavigations each, for a total of 37, as detailed below: Dominique Wavre (sailed around the world 9 times) Mike Golding (7 times), Alex Thomson (6 times), Bernard Stamm (4 times) Jean Le Cam (4 times) ou encore Jean-Pierre Dick, vainqueur de la Barcelone World Race et marin de lanne 2011 (4 times) et Marc Guillemot (3 times).

Franois Gabart

Louis Burton

Dominique Wavre Mike Golding

Alex Thomson

Bernard Stamm

Jean Le Cam

Jean-Pierre Dick

Marc Guillemot

A strong international participationThe 2012 entrants list includes 7 skippers who are not French, confirming the Vende Globes international dimension.

Many new sponsorsOne of the specificities of the 2012 Vende Globe is that it is bringing together a new generation of sponsors :

Matre CoQ with Jrmie Byou, Team Plastique with Alessandro di Benedetto, Gamesa with Mike Golding, Synerciel with Jean Le Cam, Acciona with Javier Sanso, Savol with Samantha Davies

MACIF with Franois Gabart, Banque Populaire with Armel Le Clach Initiatives with Tanguy de Lamotte Bureau Valle with Louis Burton EDM with Bertrand de Broc


(1) presentation

A larger village in les Sables dOlonne, a better experience for the public

The Vende Globe is a public asset, made for the public good. The race village expresses this will of maximum availability of the race, the boats and the skippers. Back in 2008, the village had been one of the major elements explaining the publics great interest, with more than 700,000 people coming to see the yachts. It was one of the Vende Globes strengths. The village will spread over more than 10,000 square metres and it will be one third larger than the previous one on order to accommodate more visitors. It will be open every day from 10AM to 8PM between October 20 and November 11.

A village focusing on the Vende Globe and the seaThe landing stages will always be open so the public can see the Vende Globe yachts up close. The race partners and the boats sponsors will have a strong presence in the Economic Area, with various activities organized in a 2,000 square-metre area.

A village that showcases the maritime world and the environment protectionThe Vende Globe is one of the greatest human adventures taking place on the worlds most beautiful oceans. A 1,200 square-metre area dedicated to offshore racing and the sea will allow the young public to become more familiar with the Vende Globe and the maritime world. The focus will be on the protection of the environment through a discovery of the coral reef. The Aquarium Pavilion, co-operated with the Maud Fontenoy Foundation, will increase the publics awareness of the importance of sea depths preservation through games and fun activities. (1) presentation


The Junior Vende Globe

The Vende Globe is the perfect event to help children find out more about sailing. The Vende General Council wishes to emphasize educational aspects through:

A new website: will be redesigned and running by September 2012. As a collection of educational resources, it will feature many new elements such as: A link to a webcam feed to follow what is happening on the landing stages 3 weeks before the race starts The possibility to download animated videos to be played on interactive white boards available in schools throughout Vende. More than 600 interactive white boards have already been set up in Vende junior high schools. The availability of downloadable content is a French first.

A downloadable educational kitA new educational kit is currently being designed. All the documents it will feature (flashcards, boat posters, help to follow the race, documentaries on sailing, the Vende Globe, the life of a skipper or yachts details on a USB stick) will be available on the following website: Hundreds of requests coming from schools throughout France have already been received. Content will be updated by Vende schools through reports that will allow children to have a clearer perception of the race.


(1) presentation

Vende Globe 2.0The 2012 Vende Globe will be available on many electronic devices so spectators can be part of the event 24/7.

Experience the Vende Globe everywhere with as many people as possibleThe website of the 2012 edition ( will be unveiled in September. Its design will be developed so it can be viewed on all types of device. For the first time in 7 editions, a Vende Globe application will be available for smart phones and tablets (on AppStore and Android Market). Social networks will broaden the horizon of the legendary single-handed race around the world: Through our Facebook community Thanks to our Twitter account By syndicating the Twitter accounts of all the skippers on our website

Virtual Vende Globe: targeting 500,000 The goal is to have the amazing community developed throughout the previous edition reach 500,000 virtual skippers in 2013! A one-week prologue will take place in October, with real skippers at the helm of their own yachts racing against the virtual skippers community! Several new features await the ame addicts: - The possibility to play with a boat that is similar to the actual yachts competing in the race - The addition of the actual ice positioning to the virtual route

An image production system previously unseen on the Vende Globe A serious effort has been made in this 2012 edition in order to improve the daily experience of those following the race. An onboard image production system has been added. Mostyachts will be equipped with a system allowing the shooting of HD images with 3 video cameras 2 fixed and 1 mobile. The race organisation will finance part of the cost of Dfiboat, co-developed with our partner Sodebo and allowing the transmission of live video from the yachts.

A video channel and a TV studio at the race headquartersThe Vende Globe will have its own video channel on the web and will broadcast all the footage sent by the skippers as well as all the content produced by the organization, including: 13-minute weekly highlights Live coverage of the start Live coverage of the winners finish 3-minute daily highlights The race headquarters, located in Paris below the Montparnasse Tower, will be equipped with a real TV studio for the first time and will offer a series of emotional moments: Daily radio talks will be shot and broadcast live from the HQ on the video channel One weekly show will be taped live from the HQ for TV broadcasting All the content broadcast by our channel will be made available to worldwide websites (1) presentation Please note daily talks will take place in the Nautical Show at Porte de Versailles December 8 16, 2012.


The Vende Globe emphasizes the international distribution of its video content.Following its tradition of maximum openness to the world, the Vende Globe is making all of its video content available to TV channels worldwide, free of charge and without any exclusivity. For the first time in the races history, all the content produced by the organization will be available in three languages: French, English and Spanish. By chosing ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation) to take care of its wide video distribution, the Vende Globe is relying on a renowned expert organizer of the Tour de France and the Paris-Dakar to implement its TV coverage strategy in France and worldwide. We can already announce images from the Vende Globe will be seen in more than 100 countries.

The Vende Globe in the spotlightThe Vende Globe is gaining a new dimension as a feature film