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Transcript of President’s Corner - EAA Chapter 838 · PDF file 1. AirVenture July 24-30 2. August...

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    Welcome to your EAA Chapter 838 monthly newsletter. Send any articles to

    President’s Corner Our next meeting on Thursday July 20, Tom Thomas of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame will talk about

    Wisconsin aviators who serving in World War II. Do not forget to come at 6:00 pm for something to eat.

    On August 17th, we will have our chapter picnic during our normal meeting night. Arrive at 6pm, The chapter

    will provide the meat, buns, refreshments, plates, napkins, etc. We will eat around 6:30 – 7:00. All you need to

    do is bring something to put on the table to eat along with the meat. Last year the food was great. A donation jar

    will be available to offset the cost of the meat and refreshments. Any donation amount will be appreciated.

    The computer and software that handles the door locks on our building was replaced in mid June. It requires a

    new key card. You can throw your old card away. The old system was antiquated and needed to be replaced. If

    you need a card to open the front door, we are asking for $5 to help in the cost of the new cards. Contact me.

    We continue with our Bricks fundraiser –EAA Chapter 838 Eagle Overlook Terrace - Paving the Way for

    Continued Excellence. See the brochure later in this newsletter. This will be a great way for you to help the

    chapter. Please contact me if you want a brick. Check out the pictures later in the newsletter to see some bricks

    being added to the patio. Thanks to all chapter members who helped with the laying of the bricks and for

    cleaning the building inside and outside in preparation for the Health Care Network fundraiser.

    It is time to start thinking about elections for your chapter 838 officers. The following positions will be open at

    the end of the year, president, vice-president, and three board members. There are also 4 board members

    positions that are open due to resignations. This means that terms are ending for Ken Sack, Scott Sherer, Roy

    Stuart, Eddy Huffman and John Grueter. If you have any interest in joining our board, please contact me or

    Dave Finstad, who I have asked to round up a few good people to join our board.

    The Health Care Network of Racine rented the museum last month and raised over $51,000 for their cause. The

    Pictures are located later in this newsletter. If you know of anyone interested in renting our building, please talk

    it up and contact Carl Bumpurs.

    An airplane has been donated to Horlick High School as it starts aviation program. Unified is starting an

    aviation academy at Horlick. Chapter 838 and Young Aviators have been in contact with James Bucholtz, who

    is heading the academy at Horlick. James brought about a dozen students one morning for a session about

    aviation. He also brought about 15 Horlick teachers. Sean Dwyer and others have been instrumental in peaking

    the students and teachers interest in Aviation. Here is the link to the article in the Journal Times.


    Racine EAA Chapter 838

    Monthly Newsletter

    July 2017 Volume XXIX Issue 7

    Meetings Third Thursday’s 7:00 pm

    Dinner at 6:00 pm

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    Here are a few Save the Dates:

    1. AirVenture July 24-30

    2. August 17th: Chapter picnic for all members and their family. More details later.

    3. September 9th and 10th: We will have another Pancake Breakfast. We need you to support it by

    volunteering, attending, inviting your friends, neighbors, and anyone you know. Same time frame, 7am

    until noon on both days, with a Young Eagle rally on Saturday at 9am.

    4. September 19th: AOPA will be renting our museum again for another seminar, called “Fly by Night”

    5. September 30: Special Congressional Gold Medal presentations for CAP pilots

    Ken Sack 262-488-3807

    Next Meetings July 20 – Tom Thomas of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame will talk about Wisconsin aviators who serving

    in World War II

    August 17 – Chapter Picnic

    September 21 – Steve Myers will do a presentation on Racine’s Jack Jerstad, a WWII USAAF Medal of Honor

    winner and B-24 bomber pilot.

    October 19 – Dean Zakos will host a 1950’s aviation movie night complete with period music during the dinner

    hour. The feature presentation will be 1954’s “The High and the Mighty” with John Wayne.

    If you have any suggestions for future speakers, please contact Rick Goebel at

    Rick is always looking for new ideas.

    Note from Dave Finstad

    No new members this month. Do you know someone who might be interested in joining? Bring them to a


    Do not forget that most of us have an expiration date of 12/31/2016 for our membership dues. Please send in

    your renewal to the chapter soon. See the last page of this newsletter for current renewal costs. You can renew

    on the website now. Go to the Members tab.

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    Chapter 838 Young Eagles for 2017

    The dates for 2017 are: March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, Aug 12, Sep 9, Oct 14, and November 11.

    In June, we had 23 Young Eagles flown.

    Tracy Miller EAA #794015

    Young Eagles Coordinator, EAA Chapter 838

    2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Young Eagles program, which has provided more than 2 million young

    people ages 8-17 with an introduction to the world of personal aviation.

    To celebrate, EAA has planned a variety of events and activities throughout the year starting with a special 25th

    anniversary exhibit in the EAA AirVenture Museum.

    AirVenture 2017 attendees are invited to join EAA for a birthday cake celebration and show their pride in the

    Young Eagles program with special 25th anniversary T-shirts and hats that will be available during the

    convention. EAA will also host a Young Eagles volunteer dinner on July 26 to thank those who make the

    Young Eagles possible and successful.

    As a special thank you to pilots who fly Young Eagles during this anniversary year, EAA has created a

    commemorative prop card and a set of decals. In addition, a special 25 for 25 pin will be given to pilots who

    fly at least 25 Young Eagles during 2017, and they will also receive recognition on the Young Eagles


    Aviation Explorer Post 218

    If you know any youth ages 14-21 who might be interested, please contact post advisors at

    Explorers have been assisting with our Young Eagle rally’s. They will again be spending a week at the Explorer

    Base during AirVenture.

    The post participated in the chapter field trip to Waukegan airport to see the Coast Guard helicopter and crew

    in June.

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    Special Weekend Project Picture by Facebook

    A Special prize will be given to the first person who comes with the correct answer to this question:

    Who are these guys?

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    Special Monday Night Project Picture by Bill Curtis

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    What Are Your Favorite Aviation Themed Movies? By Dean Zakos



    By Dean Zakos

    Definition of an “Excellent” pilot – “A pilot who, when confronted with an emergency or

    abnormal situation, knows exactly what to do.” – AOPA Air Safety Foundation

    First Scenario:

    You have been cleared to land and instructed by the control tower to make straight in for the

    runway. You start to configure your aircraft for landing. You select your approach flap setting. The

    flap position indicator fails to move from the “up” position. Buffeting and wind noise associated with

    flap extension do not occur. You visually confirm flap position has not changed.

    Second Scenario:

    You have just entered the airport traffic pattern and have rolled wings level on downwind after

    making your entry “on the forty-five.” You reduce power and select one notch of flaps. The aircraft

    suddenly rolls sharply to the right.

    Flap failures are rare in well maintained aircraft. About a year ago (despite great maintenance!) I

    experienced a failure of the mechanical flap mechanism in my 1979 Piper. Fortunately, it occurred on

    the ground during preflight. When I started to move the flap handle through its range of motion I heard

    a metallic “ping.” Holding the handle, there were no tactile or audible detents and neither flap moved. I

    have a pilot friend who experienced Scenario #2 above in his Cessna 182 several years