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    Preserving Christian Publications, Inc.TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC BOOKS

    Specializing in Used and Out-of-Print TitlesCatalog 170 Lent 2015

    PCP, Inc. is a tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation devoted to the preservation of our Catholic heritage. Allcharitable contributions toward the used-book and publishing activities of PCP

    (not including payments for book purchases) are tax-deductible.

    ORDERING INFORMATIONEach book is identified by name, author, year published, number of

    pages (p) and price. "IL" stands for illustrated and "pb" for paperbackwhere applicable. Condition of each book is identified as follows: (E)Excellent, (VG) Very Good, (G) Good, (F) Fair, (P) Poor. "Bi" and"Pg" refer to binding and pages respectively.

    Because we specialize in used and out-of-print books, we frequentlyhave only one or two copies of many of our titles. Refunds are madefor books that are no longer available. Books reserved by telephone areheld for our customers, and then are mailed as soon as possible afterreceipt of payment. Books for which payment has not been receivedafter fifteen days are made available for sale to other customers.

    Books in Print: In addition to our used books we also offer a

    selection of new books, primarily reprints of formerly out-of-printworks. New books are listed in our section "Books in Print." Discountson quantity orders (applies only to books in print, not to used and out-of-print books) are available: 10% on orders of three or more copies,20% for ten or more. Larger discounts are available to bookstores.

    Printed Catalog & Web Site: Our printed catalog offers many ofour newly acquired titles, while our web site contains much of thecataloged inventory that does not appear in the most recent printedcatalog. We invite you to examine each of these inventory lists theprinted catalog because it offers the most recent acquisitions, and theweb site because of its more extensive listing of approximately 5,000titles.

    Visit the PCP, Inc. Internet web site at for our inventory of approximately 5,000 titles.

    Postage and Handling Charges:For orders within the USA:

    $5 on orders under $20$8 on orders from $20 to $49$11 on orders from $50 to $99$15 on orders of $100 to $299$20 on orders of $300 or more

    For orders outside the USA:Please contact us for rates.

    To Order or Reserve Books from this Catalog:(315) 942-6617 / Toll-Free: (866) 241-2762Mon. Sat. 9 AM 9 PM EST (Closed Sundays & Holy Days)


    VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express accepted.When reserving titles for purchase by check or money order,

    please do not reserve books if not intending to purchasethem within 15 days.

    Special Requests by Mail:Preserving Christian Publications, Inc.

    P.O. Box 221Boonville, NY 13309-0221

    by Phone:(315) 942-6338

    Mon. Sat. 9 AM 9 PM (EST)


    Send Check / Money Order Payments to: Preserving Christian Publications, Inc. P.O. Box 221 Boonville, NY 13309-0221Orders shipped by US mail. Allow an average of one to three weeks for delivery.

    Table of Contents

    Our Lord p. 2Our Lady p. 2Saints & Blessed p. 3Catholic Biography p. 4Church History & Christian

    Civilization p. 5Sacred Scripture p. 6Philosophy p. 6Apologetics & Converts p. 7Dogmatic Theology p. 7Moral & Pastoral Theology p. 8Marriage & Family p. 8

    Interior LifeAscetical & MysticismTheology p. 8

    Prayer, Meditation, Prayer Books,Retreats pp. 10-12

    Sermons & Conferences p. 10Sacred Liturgy/Liturgical Music pp.

    13-15Papal Teaching p. 15Canon Law p. 15The Priesthood p. 15The Religious Life p. 15Religious Orders & Congregations

    Lay Confraternities p. 16Fathers & Doctors of the Church p.


    Childrens Literature pp. 17-18Catholic Literature p. 18LatinForeign Languages pp. 19-20Special Authors pp. 20-22Miscellaneous p. 24

    Books in Print pp. 22-23

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    OUR LORD / Life of Our Lord / SacredHeart

    Christ Our Brother [7 meditations on the life& work of Christ, history & dogma explored inthe interests of the spiritual life the sacredhumanity of Christ is the underlying theme] -Adam, Karl / Dom Justin McCann, OSB, tr.1932 [trans of 1930 German ed] 210p somepencil marks (F) $20 #67433

    Men & Manners in the Days of Christ:Studies & Character Sketches of the FirstCentury [17 studies: date of Christ's death, 2ndComing of Christ, types of Christ: Abel,Abraham, Melchisedek, Christ & the Apostles inJosephus, human appearance of Christ, Jewsoutside Palestine, Tarsus, etc] - Arendzen, Fr J.P. 1928 296p Bi(F/P)Pg(G) $16 #2942, (F) $16#84304

    What Think You of Christ? [describes &studies those who came into contact with Christ:disciples as well as enemies exemplifiesthrough them to modern man the terrible tragedyof the rejection of Christ & the happiness ofthose who accept Him] - Bonniwell, Fr. WilliamR., OP 1958 199p (G/F) $14 #85228,Bi(F)Pg(G) $12 #84729

    Jesus Christ [follows original 1937-'39 English3-vol ed., centers on personality of Christ &general effect of His life] - de Grandmaison,Leonce, SJ [1868-1927] / Dom Basil Whelan,OSB, Ada Lane, & Douglas Carter, trs. / prefaceby Jean Danielou, SJ 1961 266p (G) $14#74822, Bi(F)Pg(G) $12 #78548

    Jesus Christ: His PersonHis MessageHisCredentials [comprehensive life of Christ,adequate in scholarship & intelligible to thethoughtful reader] [in 3 vols] - de Grandmaison,Leonce, SJ [1868-1927] / Dom Basil Whelan,Ada Lane, Douglas Carter, trs. / Jules Lebreton,foreword by 1935 Bi(F)Pg(G) $42 #78407, 1934some underlining & notes Bi(F)Pg(G/F) $36#87109

    Jesus All Good [dispels the gloomy mistdarkening the minds of many regarding theadorable Person of Our Lord, a true picture ofJesus to inspire filial trust in Him & remove themist destroying this confidence] - Gallerani, FrAlexander, SJ / F. Loughnan, tr 1908 254p (F)$16 #67508, Bi(F/P)Pg(F) $14 #65911

    "Ecce Homo"? [written for the man in thestreet, the story of Our Lord is unfolded to showHis Divinity, that is He is God, the mostimportant fact of history] - McCabe, Francis X.,CM 1933 137p Bi(F)Pg(G) $18 #67726

    Christ's Appeal for Love to His HumbleServant Josefa Menendez: 1890-1923 [shortbiography of her as well as Our Lord'srevelations to Sister Josefa: His consumingdesire to attract souls to the merciful love of HisSacred Heart] - Menendez, Josefa / L. Keppel, tr.1947 [reprint of 1942 ed] 176p BI(F)Pg(G) $13#67748, 1942 176p (F) $11 #85387, 1975[reprint of 1951 ed/1942 1st ed] 176p pb (F) $5#75359

    Why Is Thy Apparel Red? [or Glories of thePrecious Blood] [devotion to the Blood of theRedeemer as a source of consolation &encouragement: reparation, consolation for thedying, redemption for the souls in purgatory,nature/practice of this devotion, development,etc] - Walz, Fr Max F., CPPS 1939 177p [2ndrevised ed/1914 1st ed] Bi(F)Pg(G) $30 #67704

    Golden Years, The: A Story of the HolyFamily [reflections on the hidden life of Christgathered from the journal of a woman of richliterary background & personal skill ofexpression enlightened by a deep religious piety& high intellectual appreciation of Christiandogma] - Wife, Mother & Apostle of ChristianCharity, by a, & Fr. Joseph Husslein, SJ /Religion & Culture Series 1945 197pBi(F)Pg(G) $21 #67428

    We Would See Jesus: Contemplations on OurLord's Life / The Things That Matter [1. Fr

    Egan considers 14 aspects of Christ's life frombirth to the Apostles at Pentecost / 2. Fr Roche's22 essays deal with the application of religion tovarious points of daily life] - Egan, Fr M. F., SJ /Fr. Aloysius Roche / Spiritul Book Associates,publ [2 books bound as one] 1940-'41 113p +207p (G) $19 #87352

    Life of Christ, The: A Historical, Critical &Apologetic Exposition [scholarly work yet veryreadable & interesting] [in 3 vols] - Fillion, Fr L.C. / Rev Newton Thompson, tr. 1948-'57 (F) $30#67425

    Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ,The [supplement to his Public Life of Our Lord:devotional work opening with Tuesday of HolyWeek & concluding with the sealing of OurLord's tomb on Good Friday] - Goodier, ArchbpAlban, SJ n.d. (c. 1960's) [1933 1st printing]425p (G/F) $27 #66697, 1962 [9th printing/19331st printing] 425p Bi(F)Pg(G) $26 #79408, n.d.425p rebound (F) $20 #79409, 1944 [1934 1sted] 425p Bi(P)Pg(G/F) should be rebound $14#67525

    Life of Christ, The [a monument of erudition &critical scholarship combined with apostolic zeal& simple fervent piety] [in 3 vols] - Le Camus,Mgr E. [1839-1906] / tr. by Fr W. A. Hickey1945 [3rd printing/1906 1st English printingtrans from 6th French ed] Bi(F)Pg(G) $18#60473, 1907-'45 vol 2 unmatched bindingBi(F)Pg(G) $14 #29820

    Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God inMeditations, The [draws from the Gospel thesolid nutriment of our Lord's teaching, bothmoral & doctrinal, by means of mentalapplication to the subject matter] [in 2 vols] -Meschler, Fr Maurice, SJ [1830-1912] / Sr.Mary Margaret, OSB, tr. 1953 [10thprinting/1909 1st English printing] Bi(F)Pg(G)$22 #67422, 1919-'27 [reprint of 1909 1stEnglish printing] unmatched bindings & edBi(F/P)Pg(G) $17 #67732

    Eternal Shepherd, The [56 meditations on thelife of Christ, 1st appearing in 1952 in serialform in the "Messenger of the Sacred Heart"] -Moore, Thomas H., SJ 1961 329p Bi(F)Pg(G)$14 #61928

    Life of Christ, The [tells the story withunderstanding, sympathy & scholarship, clearlyexpounds the Messianic prophecies inrelationship to C