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Apple iPhone 4sSMARTPHONE PRESENTATIONThe BookiesKathleen does introduction1iPhone 4s: The Specs

Kathleen does specs2Spread your spreadsheets around

Brianna speaks3QuickBooks App on the iPhone 4s

Brianna speaks4SiriVoice-enabled search application

Can save business time and money

Up to $800 million daily!

Kathleen speaks5iCloudLinks all the information saved on any one of your devices so you can view it later on any other device.

Kathleen speaks6Google Business Apps

Kathleen speaks7Compare with:Nokia Lumia 900 Samsung Focus 2 LTE

Itzel speaks8Similarities between Lumia 900 and iPhone 4sBoth work with 3G and 4G networkBoth work with three of the most important carriers; AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.Both have Bluetooth and WiFiTouch Screen keypadSame storage: 16,384 MB

Itzel speaks9DifferencesNokia Lumia 900iPhone 4sSmart rating: 90 pointsSmart rating: 91 pointsWindows 7.5iOS 5 operating systemFaster with 4G LTEa little faster that 3G3.5 inch screen 4.3 inch screen960 x 640 pixels 800 x 480 pixels200 hrs. battery life350 hrs. battery life14 hrs. Talk Time7 hrs. Talk TimePrice: $99 w/2 yrs.Price: $99 w/2 yrs.16 GB storage16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB Itzel speaks10Samsung Focus 2 DrawbacksLack of storage and memory capabilityBattery life is shorterWindow phones app selection is limitedGlossy finish is slippery to holdScreen brightness is dullButton placement is sensitive

Matt speaks. Focus 2 has 8 GB of storage whereas iPhone has up to 64 GB.11ConclusionHundreds of thousands of apps availablePopularityHigh screen qualityLonger battery lifeBigger memory its just cool!

Matt speaks12