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Q4. Who would be the audience for your media product? /Q5. How did you attract/address your audience?

Q4. Who would be the audience for your media product? /Q5. How did you attract/address your audience?By Matthew Hill

Q4 & Q5AudienceMy media product is aimed at ages around 16-25, this is because my magazine uses some sophisticated language, and artist that appeal to this age group such as Jay-Z, Stormzy etc. The type of clothing their wearing also shows that its aimed at the younger generation for example the coat in the bottom image shows a resemblance to the younger generation. Another way is the type of accessories used, the headphones in the bottom image draped around his neck shows that many younger people do this too.

Q4 & Q5AudienceMy article page shows that the target audience for my article page is aimed at young people, this is because by the age of the model himself, the clothes hes wearing and the general feel of the magazine. The grey background shows that the magazine is aimed a younger audience, an audience which is mature because the colour grey is mainly associated with the male audience, hence why I have used a male model, who is mature.In this article itself I have made references to the famous Hip-Hop artist Eminem, and in the next slide I have an image of a person who is wearing an Eminem t-shirt, I used this image because the article is referred to him. Grey Hoodie


Q4 & Q5

Ideal AudienceMy ideal reader would be someone who is interested in the genre, they would listen to Hip-Hop, Indie and house style music, this can be shown by types of clothing their wearing such as someone who likes a famous Hip-Hop artist, would maybe have their name on the shirt whilst wearing the latest fashion. Their playlist would consist of major Hip-Hop, rap style artist, with a touch of indie or house style music. The image to the top right shows who I would consider to read my magazine, I chose him because of the clothes he is wearing, for example the grey hoodie which I have used in my article page, the sunglasses, the watch which my model has also worn in previous media products.The image to the right shows who my ideal reader would be, this can be shown by the type of clothing hes wearing specifically the t-shirt, which has the name Eminem on it, this suggest the passion he has for Hip-Hip or rap style music because Eminem is an all time favourite rap (Hip-Hop) artist. Also he links to indie music by the sort of band hes wearing on his right arm and the jeans hes wearing shows that hes cool and up to date with fashion.