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Business Solution for Transafe

Wipro Confidential


Our Understanding of Transafe and its requirements My SAP ERP Business Solution for Transafe How does My SAP ERP address critical requirements Project Management Capability Wipro SAP Capability The Road Map for Transafe

Wipro Confidential


Our Understanding of Transafe and its requirements My SAP ERP Business Solution for Transafe How does My SAP ERP address critical requirements Project Management Capability Wipro SAP Capability The Road Map for Transafe

Wipro Confidential

About Transafe Ownership

29% Balmer Lawrie, 71% ICICI Group Leasing (primarily Operating Lease) Manufacturing Transportation Services (Future) Indian Container Leasing Glacio Cold Chain Creative Containers Indo Trailer Container Freight Station ( Future Plan) Inland Container Depot (Future Plan) 2005-06: Rs.250 Million 2006-07: Rs.450 Million (Expected) Huge Future GrowthWipro Confidential

Business Portfolio

Strategic Business Units


Business Units Indian Container Leasing Involved in Container Leasing activities Products include 18, 20,22 and 24 feet Containers ( May change in future) Customers include Corporates as well as Transporters Containers are Assets and tracked by Serial Numbers

Glacio Cold Chain Involved in leasing of Refrigerated Containers Processes similar to Indian Container Leasing Few cases of Financial lease to customers

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Business Units Creative Container Involved in the manufacturing of Containers Manufacturing locations in Coimbatore, Mumbai and Kolkatta Container are primarily developed and manufactured for large accounts, however they are also used for internal consumption and sold to other SBUs

Indo Trailer Involved in providing point to point Transportation services to customers Prime Mover are taken from service providers and payment is based on KM

Wipro Confidential

Understanding of Process

Overall Leasing ProcessEnquiry from Customer Submission of Quotation Receipt of Customer Contract Dispatch of Container

Closure of Contract

Return of Container and Damage Assessment

End of Contract Process

Rental Collections

Container rental value is based on size and period. Refrigerated containers also have another factor of temperature (positive or negative) Lease Periods range from 1 month to 36 months Tracking of container based on serial numbers Customer Credit Appraisal Advance Payments, Deposits, Bank Guarantees Container location information based on multiple types of Container Movements Procurement of Refer Unit after Order Confirmation (In Case of Refrigerated Containers) Tracking of Repairs and Wipro Confidential

Understanding of Process

Container ManufacturingEnquiry from Customer Design of Container Quotation Order Confirmation

Delivery and Collection

Finished Goods

Sub Contracting

Planning and Production

Engineer to Order as well as Make to Order production processes In every case the design of the container is created before submitting quotation. The design is done in a design tool Manufacturing takes place in 3 locations. Interplant goods transfer have implication on revenue sharing for the plant and its impact in plant profitability

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Understanding of Process

Logistics ServicesEnquiry from Customer Submission of Quotation Quotation Receipt of Contract


Billing based on consignment

Delivery and confirmation by Consignee

Collection of Material at Customer location

Managing and tracking Consignment documents and PODs Trucks (Prime Movers) are rented from service providers and payment is based on Kilometers (planned and Unplanned Cost) Tracking of Kilometers required Adjustments against advance payments etc At time the trailer with container is rented out to other transporter

Wipro Confidential

Generic Requirements Sales Inquiry, Quotation, Contracts, Delivery and Invoicing, Collections Inventory Inventory Management, Procurement, Goods Inwards, Inspections, Invoice Verifications, Payment Production MRP, Production Order, In Process Inspections,Production Confirmations, Subcontracting Quality Incoming, In Process and Out going Asset & Equipment Maintenance Financial Accounting and Controlling

Wipro Confidential

Major Functional Requirements Inventory Visibility across multiple dimensions Managing Receivables and Payables Managing Leasing Activities Managing SBUs as Profit Centers Customer performance Monitoring Managing multiple payment scenarios Asset Management with location Tracking Managing payments of Contractual employees & Service Providers Asset profitability

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Our Understanding of Transafe and its requirements My SAP ERP Business Solution for Transafe How does My SAP ERP address critical requirements Project Management Capability Wipro SAP Capability The Road Map for Transafe

Wipro Confidential

Business Solution My SAP ERP

Wipro Confidential

Finance and Controlling

Wipro Confidential

Sales & DistributionPre - sales S A L E S I N F O S Y Y S T E M Sales Order Order ProcessingInvent .. sourcing sourcing

Inquiry Inquiry Quotation Quotation Scheduling Scheduling agreement agreement

Order Order

M A T E R I A L S M G M T .



Delivery Delivery

Goods issue Goods issue

Shipment Shipment


Billing doc .. Billing doc

Customer payment / Financial Accounting Finan cial Accounting

Accounts Accounts receivable receivable

Material Stock Material Stock Account Account

Wipro Confidential

Materials Management

Wipro Confidential

Production PlanningCustomer Order Mgmt Procuremen t

SOPForecasting Sales & Operations Planning

Demand Management MPSDemand Management MPS


EXECUTIONManufacturing Execution Order Settlement

Capacity Production Master Data



Reporting and Analysis

Wipro Confidential

Quality Management

Wipro Confidential

Plant Maintenance

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Our Understanding of Transafe and its requirements My SAP ERP Business Solution for Transafe How does My SAP ERP address critical requirements Project Management Capability Wipro SAP Capability The Road Map for Transafe

Wipro Confidential

How does SAP Address your Specific Requirements Inventory Visibility across Multiple Locations All Containers will be identified by a Serial Number All movements of containers from plant to depots to customer will be done through the system. Visibility of containers across multiple locations will be available from the system Material Inventory in terms of value and quantity will be available across different plants, storage locations and vendors Inventory will also be visible in terms of reservations, quality stocks and free to use stocks Monitoring of Slow Moving and Dead Stocks

Wipro Confidential

Wipro Confidential

Wipro Confidential

How does SAP Address your Specific Requirements Managing Receivables and Payables SAP has strong integration between Sales and Finance module for receivables tracking and Procurement and Finance module for Payables tracking. Strong reporting on Ageing and Payables Customer Ageing Analysis ( Link the Customer Ageing Analysis demo that we have) Visibility on advances

Wipro Confidential

Payable Analysis

Wipro Confidential

Managing Leasing ActivitiesThe Leasing process will be addressed in the following method in SAP

SALES PROCESSCreation of Inquiry Creation of Quotation Sales Order Creation at Head office

RENT INVOICINGBilling Executive Picks up Orders with Containers with Customer (Totally or Partially)

CONTAINER RETURNCustomer Returns the Containers (Totally or Partially)

Invoices are Generated and Sent to Customer

Container goes into Quality stock to check for damages In case of any damages it is repaired and cost of repair is debited to customer account

Depot does Out bound Delivery with Container Serial Number

On receipt of Payments it is adjusted against Invoice

Repaired Container moves back into stock for release for other customers

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Managing SBUs as Profit Center This requirement can be addressed through the Profit Center Accounting capability as part of the Controlling module Each SBU is configured as a Profit Centre under the overall company structure Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet can be had at a profit center Level.

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Customer Performance Monitoring This requirement will be handled by the system in the form of providing reports which will provide detailed understanding of the customers as well as Customer Groups performance in terms of specific business transactions Payment history with aging analysis Moving containers as per contracts History of damages

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Multiple Payment Methods Payments from customers are in multiple methods. The requirement is to capture the same and track. At the first stage at a customer master level it is possible to fix the type of payments applicable to the customer. Further at the stage of invoicing, the mode of payment can be fixed. Additional development will handle the payments through PDCs and Bank Guarantees etc.

Wipro Confidential

Payment Methods At Customer Master Level

Wipro Confidential

Payment Terms Invoicing Stage

Wipro Confidential

Asset Management with Location Tracking The requirement is to manage the containers as assets in terms of tracking its current value etc and also its location information The Asset Management module of SAP will manage the asset related details like book value, depreciation etc. ( Link asset register report available ) The Serial Number is used to track the Container and this is referred in all transactions. This will provide the location details of the asset. It is also possible to track the container as to which customer it is available with

Wipro Confidential

Location Details Report with Serial Number and Location ( Internal)

Wipro Confidential

Location Details - Customer

Wipro Confidential

Location Details - Customer

Wipro Confidential

Managing Payments of Contractual Employees Significant Business is conducted through contractual employees and Service Providers The System will enable making payment to the contractual employees along with allocation of the same in the relevant Profit centers The System will help in monitoring performance of the Service providers using Service Entry Sheet The same will be automatically allocate cost to the profit center and help generate the relevant accounting documents Managing TDS with returns Capturing planned and unplanned cost per trailer movement using Service Order and Service entry sheet

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Our Understanding of Transafe and its requirements My SAP ERP Business Solution for Transafe How does My SAP ERP address critical requirements Project Management Capability Wipro SAP Capability The Road Map for Transafe

Wipro Confidential

Project Processes

Wipro Confidential

Wipros Approach Implementation Methodology Quality Processes Use of reusable components Training Project Management Change Management Risk Management

Wipro Confidential

ASAP FOCUS Implementation Methodology Leveraging on the My SAP ERP Best Practices MilestonesProject Readiness Workshop Business Process Workshop

Directions Readiness Team, Infrastructure Master Data Preparation Demo of the Best Practices Solution Identification of Gaps First Level Training Process Sign Off Addressing Gaps in Solution Master Data Collection Readiness Change Management Training Data Migration UAT Documentation Support & troubleshoot Monitor & correct processes

Move Identify team as per guidance. Establish project infrastructure Validate and finalize process Data Collection

Gap and readiness

Infrastructure Availability Data Preparation Go Live Date Cut Over Data

Installation, Training And Data Migration

Go-Live & Support

Project Review

Wipro Confidential

Project Plan for TransafeMonth 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6

Readiness Workshop 2 Days

Business Process Workshop

4 Weeks

Gap and Readiness

7 WeeksFinal Preparation

7 WeeksGo Live and Support

22 Wipro Confidential

4 Weeks

Technology Tools for QualityCustomer Extranet


Relationship management Project status Escalation and review

Project management


Knowledge management


Implementation tool for project management Project initiation, planning and execution window Performance tracking and reporting Risk mitigation plan Customer dashboard

Knowledge management portal Reusable components Document repository

Best practicesWeb based quality management system

Best practices


Policies, procedures and guidelines for project management Repository of project data across the organization

Wipro Confidential

Reusable Components Kalpa Viriksha Data and info on Past implementations Document Structure in line with iPAT SAP Best Practices Business Process Procedures Configuration Master BC Sets Test Scripts

Wipro Confidential

Quality Assurance & Knowledge Management Knowledge Management Reusable Components Project Learning Project Documentation Project Charter Detailed Project Plan Business Blue Print Unit & Integration Test Scripts Configuration Document Facilitate User Manual creation

Wipro Confidential

Training Methodology

Senior Management Training

Wipro TeamKey User Training Wipro Team Train the Trainer Approach for Effective Knowledge Transfer

End User Training

Wipro Confidential

Project Management Project Manager Guided by Process ASAP Focus methodology iPAT

Project reviewed by Program Manager, Practice Head, Delivery Manager, Delivery Head Projects reviewed through: WSR PSR Independent Audit

Team Managed by Trained and Experienced Project Manager

Wipro Confidential

Project Governance StructureResponsibilities


Wipro Executive sponsors

TSLs Executive sponsors

Define strategic objectives Ensure management support Act as final issue escalation point Monitor streamlined service delivery Single client interface for account issues Manage and grow the relationship Plan and track project progress against milestones Bring in required technical and functional skills Wipro best practices Communicate issues and escalate when needed Wipro specialists support provided on an as-needed basis


Wipro Program Management Office

TSLs Program Management Office





Project Teams

Project Teams

Clarity of roles and responsibilities at each Wipro Confidential

Quality team

Central staffing

Project OrganizationProject Sponsor Steering Committee

Wipro Team QA Project Manager TSL IT Team Application Consultants Basis Consultants ABAP Consultants

TSL Team

Project Manager

Key Users End Users

Wipro Confidential

Change Management- Reaction to ChangeProductivity Accept the Change

Deny the Change

Resist the Change

Consider the Change

Reject the Change Wipro Confidential

All Technology Enabled Change programmes go through a Business Pain Curve

Change Enablement Go - Live

Minimise Implementation Phase

Transformational Change

Business Performance

Any implementation methodology must seek to optimise this transformation curve

Rapid Transition to Benefits Realisation Baseline Performance

Minimise Business Performance DipWipro Confidential

Change Management- Methodology


Dedicated Change Management Team Communicate Vision and Goals of CMT Acquire Project Team Resources Monitor People / Organizational Issues Establish Change Management Processes / Practices Monitor Change Management Process Communicate Results Review and Revise Processes

Wipro Confidential

Two way Communication Communicate through Standard Forums Use as many media as possible to reach different category of audience Insist on Feedback to improve Communication Quality and Quantity

Wipro Confidential

Approach Weekly meetings between Business and IT / SAP Team Regular meetings within SAP Team Publish all Meeting Minutes in the Intranet Open forum between Management, Business and SAP Team Publish Project Plan Schedules, Tasks, Milestones Change Management Intranet Site Email Distribution Lists Information Repository in the Intranet Team Building Exercise Informal Communication using other Forums

Wipro Confidential

Risk & Issue Management2 Weekly( also aligned to key Programme milestones)

Steering Committee Programme Status Report Milestone Plan Escalated Issues & Risks Acceptance Sign-Off

Risk Register

Action Log


Project Management Meeting Team Leader Report Escalated Issues & Risks Updated Project Plans Knowledge Transfer Progress

Weekly Risk Review


Workstream MeetingsOverdue Risks Workstream Reports Escalated Issues & Risks Knowledge Transfer Progress

Top 10 Risks Overdue Actions

Team MeetingsWipro Confidential

(Additional meetings will be scheduled during Common Design)


Business Process Forum


Our Understanding of Transafe and its requirements My SAP ERP Business Solution for Transafe How does My SAP ERP address critical requirements Project Management Capability Wipro SAP Capability The Road Map for Transafe

Wipro Confidential

Introducing WiproSustained growth527

42% CAGR in the last 5 years World No. 4 in IT services (market cap)


421 339 150 160 180 272

Global Development Centres

44 40 34 14 22 26 28

Partnering industry leaders

89 Global 500 clients 151 Forbes 2000 clients



19 8 10 13 14


Global footprint Presence in 35 countries 10000 itinerant employees 10 near shore development centres



934 240 384 475 635








Diverse talent pool 30 nationalities 2000 domain consultants Wipro Ltd. - No. 1 provider of integrated business,technology & process solutions. - IDC, MetaGroup, Forrester (2004)Wipro Confidential

Million USD


Introducing Wipro: Defined by quality

33%SEI-CMM Level 5


Six Sigma Worlds First IT Company

parameters to benchmark quality standardsThrough a single-minded emphasis on quality throughout its delivery processes, Wipro has shown impressive improvements in delivery capabilities, client satisfaction, and the ability to

Worlds First Software Company

IEEE Award

PCMM Level 5

Worlds First Company

ISO 9001

continually reduce the cost of services, which it aggressively passes on to its customers.

Wipro Confidential

- Gartner

Introducing Wipro Infotech:Services DiversityConsulting Six Sigma and HR Process, Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, e-Governance, Security Governance,Strategic Cost Reduction Infrastructure Products Networking, Personal, Enterprise, HPC, Storage, Call centre, Software, Enterprise Management and Security

Business Solutions Business Applications, E-Enabling, Third Party Testing, DW/BI, Application Maintenance, Banking, Telecom, Manufacturing and Govt Domain Solutions Professional Services System Integration, Manage IT- Data Centre, End-user, Help Desk, Telecom Management, Application Support

Total Outsourcing IT, Process Strategy formulation and alignment to business

Enterprise Telecom BFSI GovernmentConsult Architect Integrate Manage Sustain

Partner for the complete IT Lifecycle

Wipro Confidential

Establishing Credentials:







Wipro Confidential

Establishing Credentials: Client SpeakWipro has the most experience with global customers, strong management backing to grow and improve service.- AMR Research Low Cost High Quality, Dec.2004

Quality leadership

Reliable partner with proven track record

Wipro has successfully designed and implemented a SAN solution at our premises. We would like to record our appreciation of the skill-sets and experience that Wipro brought to the table and would have no hesitation in recommending Wipro for similar deals. -Vinod Sadarangani, Vice President - IT, Orange

Commitment to go the extra mile

..I am amazed with their desire to complete task on hand and on their motivation levels- CRISIL, in appreciation of Wipro efforts during Mumbai Floods

Tangible, measurable business results

Wipro became the logical choiceextensive experience in handling large technology projects, deep understanding of our business needs, access to appropriate technologies and commitment to see the project through from end-to-end were important in swinging our decision.-Satish Pendse, GM-Systems, Marico

Business and Domain Expertise

While the content management tool that Wipro was offering fitted the bill perfectly, the fact that they could offer an end-to-end solution - the hardware, software, system integration, backend connectivity, hosting services- helped finalize our decision. To cap it all, their domain expertise in the financial segment was a definite clincher.-Mukarram Bhagat, CEO, CRISIL

Wipro Confidential

SAP Relationship

SAP India SAP UK National Implementation Partner National Implementation Partner All in One Partner CPG, Discrete, Chemical

SAP AG, Waldorf SAP USA National Implementation Partner Partner Port member in Waldorf. On track for Global Partnership

SAP Asia Pac

SAP Labs Partner to develop and certify add-on components and complementary products

Malaysia, Australia

Wipro Confidential

Wipro SAP Business

Wipro Business By VerticalOthers 12% Product Engg Services 31%

Wipro SAP Business By VerticalBSFI 2.25% Utilities, O&G 31.84% Discrete & Process Mfg 26.37%

Manufacturin g 10% Energy & Utilities 11%

Telecom Service Providers 6% Retail 9% Finance 21%

TMTS 9.73%

Retail & CPG 29.81%

Wipro Revenue (US $MM)

Wipro SAP Practice Revenue (US $MM)2005-2006*




106 81 49 28 15

1353 943 625 475


2003-2004 2002-2003 2001-2002



Wipro Confidential

SAP Practice OverviewPractice Profile India 2000+ SAP Consultants , 10 fold growth in three years Industry and product competency focus Over 10 Projects on SAP ECC 5.0 Competency across NetWeaver, SCM, SRM, Industry Solutions, mySAP ERP, HR mySAP ECC 5.0 upgrade First HR Implementation in Public sector in India First IS-Reinsurance in APAC region A1 Solution for CGP certified by SAP, More in under development

Selected Customers in India

Wipro Confidential

Some of Our ERP ProjectsClient Nature of Industry Business Solutions Provided

Sigma Aldrich SPIC Henkel

Pharmaceuticals Consumer Products

SAP Implementation and Global Support SAP implementation and roll out based on global template in a FMCG environment Implementation of My SAP Business Suite Implementation of My SAP ERP End to End SAP R/3 Implementation End to End SAP R/3 Implementation SAP IS Oil Roll out End to End SAP R/3 implementation End to End SAP R/3 Implementation

BEL SABIC CIDCO Grasim Chemicals IOCL Wipro Fluid Power Andhra Paper Mills *

Public Sector Petrochemicals Real Estate Chemicals Process Industry Discrete Manufacturing Mill Products

Wipro Confidential

Some of Our ERP Projects


Nature of Industry

Business Solutions Provided

Brakes India BHEL GIC VST Industries

Auto Component Manufacturer Electronic Division Insurance Cigarettes

End to End SAP R/3 Implementation End to End SAP R/3 Implementation First Implementation of SAP Insurance in India End to End SAP R/3 Implementation

Wipro Confidential

Some of Our ERP Projects in the SMB SpaceClient Nature of Industry Business Solutions Provided

IM Gears Yuken India Meher Capacitors Hiten Fasteners * Galaxy Surfactants Bhurukha Gases Genus Overseas Sperry Plast Luxor *

Auto Component Manufacturer Component Manufacturer Component Manufacturer Discrete Manufacturing Chemicals Gas Industry Discrete Manufacturing Plastic Compound Manufacturer Writing Instruments Consumer Products

Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution Pre Configured Solution

Wipro Confidential

Accolades Won

Wipro Confidential

Global EngagementsJapan, Sanyo USA, UK, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia & Taiwan

UK, Germany, Large Retail Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark Co UK, Spain & Turkey BP Japan & China Olympus Digital Imaging Mexico, Brazil, China, USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, ,Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands JapanFinland Belgium Canada UK Sweden Denmark Germany Hungary Turkey UAE Saudi Arabia Mexico Brazil Beijing Tianjin Japan China Suzhou India Shenzhen Taiwan


France Italy Portugal Spain

Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Batam, Indonesia

USA, rtune 200 CPG Co. UK, Germany, Ireland & Spain USA & Canada Large Retail Co. France, Norway, Finland, Denmark & UAE, Carrier Transco UK Large Oil Company in Saudi Arabia Vazir Sultan Saudi Arabia India Tobacco (VST) India Britannia

Wipro Confidential

Key Learning From Past Implementations

Wipro Confidential

Key Success factor- ERP Implementation Involvement of Senior management Appreciation of Business Transformation Buy in From Business users Availability of core team full time during implementation Blueprint for meeting business objectives Right Assumptions by team during blueprint Leveraging the in built best business practices Adequate focus on data cleaning Usage of live test cases during testing Availability of key reports immediately after go live Availability of system testing with all kinds of printers Proper Network load planning Expectation Management

Wipro Confidential

Wipro- Value Proposition We bring experience across the globe of best business practices. Proven methodology to bring in Change & transform organizations Extremely strong knowledge management tools Proven project management tools and methodology Long-term and stable support with deployment of latest technologies

Wipro Confidential


Our Understanding of Transafe and its requirements My SAP ERP Business Solution for Transafe How does My SAP ERP address critical requirements Project Management Capability Wipro SAP Capability The Road Map for Transafe

Wipro Confidential

Roadmap for Transafe

Phase 3 Business Analytics, Balance Scorecard Phase 2 HCM and Payroll/ Workflow Phase 1 Finance, Controlling, Materials, Production, Sales, Quality, Plant Maintenance

Wipro Confidential

HCM Complete Life Cycle

Wipro Confidential

India Specific Payroll

Wipro Confidential

Business Analytics

Wipro Confidential

Wipro Confidential

Wipro Confidential

Wipro Confidential

Wipro Confidential

Wipro Confidential

Spirit of Wipro

Wipro Confidential