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    CENTRE NO: 11049


  • My name is: Janet Lunkuse

    Candidate No:2360

  • Preliminary Project Research & PlanningBearing in mind that my magazine is for SFX, I took into account that my target audience must be students from the age of 16-19.My awareness of the audience had an impact upon my visual design and choice of language. This is because I was able to use colloquial language, in which they are familiar with and use brighter fonts to attract them.In Adobe Photoshop I learnt how to airbrush images. I done this my using the blur tool in which it softened hard edges and reduced the detail in my images. Using grids and frames in InDesign was very useful in helping construct my artefact. This is because it helped me place the text and images correctly when making my contents page.

  • Preliminary ProjectCollege coverCollege contents

  • Reflections & FeedbackIf I could change one thing about the way I made my magazine, I would have studied my target audience in more depth. I would have also made the quality of the magazine better. This is because I believe that if I focused more on my construction, I would of had a much more successful outcome. Furthermore, whilst making my magazine I didnt take advantage of using the grids. This showed a lot in the outcome of my magazine. Next time I would focus more using grids to make my magazine cover more presentable.I need to improve on many aspects of Adobe Photoshop & InDesign for me to have a successful magazine. Even though I've used Adobe Photoshop, I'm not 100% confident in using all the tools. InDesign on the other hand is a completely new software for me and I need a lot of practice with using it.

  • The music genre of my music magazine is:The chosen title for my magazine is KABOOM.This because it sound young, urban and hip. It also seems like a colloquial term therefore the target audience can relate to it.Grime. It is a genre of music that emerged from East London which has been developing in London's underground since 2002. This type of music is usually targeted for young people.

  • So I researched this genre of music publication and studied:Model 1-RWD magazineModel 2-XXL magazine

  • What I learned from this was..Cover DesignFrom the cover design, I learned about the placements of each element for the front page. For example, I understood the importance of placing the cover lines around the main image and the importance of making the masthead visible. From the cover design, I learnt that it is more attractive and professional to keep to one colour scheme than to use a variety of different colours. Furthermore, I learned that having the angle of gaze is important on the main image. For example, if the angle of gaze is directed at the lens of the camera it will attract a customer. Cover LinesI learned that the size of cover lines are important and significant. The main cover line should generally be of a larger font size than the other cover lines. Moreover, the cover lines should act as a teaser to the target readership. It should entice them into buying the product and making them want to read more. Furthermore, I learnt that it isn't attractive to use more than one font for each cover line. It is best to keep to one or two fonts on the cover page to avoid making the product looking tacky.

  • For my music magazine.Target Audience: My target audience is young teenagers from the ages 15 +. They should preferably be from an urban area and in a working class family or they should understand the urban lifestyle. Frequency: The frequency of my magazine should be weekly, this is because it is common to have new artists in the grime genre which should be recognised in the magazine.Cover price: I want the price of magazine to be 1.50. This is because it is an affordable price for the audience. Publisher: I want Bauer media to publish my magazine. This is because it is a successful distributing company and their company has huge international success. Unique Selling Point: The unique selling point of my magazine will be its realism. The magazine wont look commercialised, it would focus mainly on he music and not the artists.

  • This is the face of the magazineFront coverThis is how it worksI ensured that the colour scheme replicated the colours of the London streets. These colours included black ,yellow and red. I placed all the cover lines around the main image in order for it too be visible.I included a competition on the front page to entice the target readership and I used large fonts to make it easier for them to read.

  • Here are the 4 original photographs I shot for the project

  • I modified each photograph; here is the original next to the final version: Here is how I changed the photograph and why:I used the sharpen effect from the filter column in Adobe Photoshop. This made the image look more high quality and defined. I modified it because I wanted the image to look realistic and magazine worthy. This image looks more sharpened.

  • And the second one: Final 2Here is how I changed the photograph and why:On Adobe InDesign, I didnt airbrush the image or anything, I just right clicked the image and changed its display performance to high quality display. I decided not to use airbrush because I didnt want the image to give a false portrayal of the people in the image. The high quality display performance made the image look professional and better.

  • And the third one: Raw 3Final 3Here is how I changed the photograph and whyI changed the colour of the image into black and white. I used this by using the stylize tool on AdobePhotoShop

  • And the last one: Raw 4Final 4I took out the background of the photograph so I could combine it with a different image. I used the lasso, polygonal lasso and magnetic lasso tool to help me remove the background neatly without affecting the image.

  • Here are a couple of research models for my contents page

  • This is my contents pageThese are key featuresI have included two columns in my contents page. One was used for images and the other is for text. The column featuring the images where unique because the shape of the images was a original design by me. Furthermore, Ive featured numbers on each image to signify what page number the rest of the story could be found on. The column including the text was separated into miniature subheadings. This made it easier for the reader to find the article they want to read first. Moreover, I added a little description along with the article title. This was to give a bit more information about the article about to be read. Another key feature I included on my contents page was my subscription box. This allows the reader to subscribe to my magazine and find out more about the magazine .

  • How does the contents page link back to the cover page?The contents page links back to the front cover successfully because of the colour scheme .I decided to use the same colour scheme from the front cover in order for the reader to recognise that its a contents page. Furthermore, Ive included the logo of the magazine on the top left of the contents page to emphasise again that it is a content page. .

  • Key points of contents page To make my reader want to read on, Ive added a little bit of subscription along with the contents list. This is because it adds a bit more detail to what the article is going to include. Furthermore Ive included items such as the Twitter and Facebook icon which implies that the magazine is in with the current popular social network sites.There is no distinctive link between the images and words on the contents page. However the images on the page are accompanied with numbers which indicate what page number the article is on.The images on the contents page determine the dominant stories of the magazine. This is because the images are the main focus point on the page because of its distinctive design. Ive gone about ordering the information on the page in a basic design. The text is on the right column of the page and the images are on the left.

  • How does the contents page flag up your double page spread?The contents page has featured an image of the star which links to the double page spread in the column of important articles. Its one of the first images and it is placed at the top of the page which implies that it is a major article .My contents page flags up my double page spread because it has giving it a number indicating what page it is on. This is an example of how my contents page has flagged up my double page spread

  • Heres an example of an inspiring double page spread

  • This is why I think that double spread worksThat double page spread works because it is unique and different. The majority of double page spreads consists of more than one image and they have smaller headlines. This on the other hand, only has one enlarged image of the celebrity and a large pull out quote which acts as the title. The image and the title take up the majority of the page. This makes it successful because this double page spread could be used as a poster. The actual article isn't the main feature point of the double page spread. Yet again this makes it successful because it makes the page more fun to look at. The article is separated into small short paragraphs which make it easier for the reader.

  • This is my double-page spread

  • This is how my double page spread worksI featured the headline on the top left of the double page. This is because there was plenty of extra space here. Putting the headline here made it easier for me to adjust the size of it without affe