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Why public speaking is awesome and not gruesome. Also, why is it necessary to get up and say something. Things learned during the first year start-upping DataMaid (

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  • Presentations rule(s) Ket, CEO of DataMaid
  • Ket Katarina Popovi @Ketvit
  • Our world is in the content blizzard.
  • Thank God for public speaking
  • 1. Please no one 2. Go overboard with inspiration 3. Remember cabbage 4. Practice fabulous 5. German terrier
  • 1. I'm not cool enough
  • The most important is WHY are you on stage
  • Change loves uncomfortable.
  • 2. Inspiration is contagious
  • Inspiration = selfesteem courage madness.
  • These are from Datamaid official pitch
  • Inspiration starts a conversation.
  • 3. OMG what are people gonna think? *is a wrong question, btw.
  • What are they going to hear is the right one.
  • They all came to hear you - it's an honor.
  • Always remember cabbage. Or something else that makes you smile.
  • When you are in a good mood you seem confident on stage.
  • 4. You weren't born fabulous, but you can practice
  • Find fabulous friends and learn. Actors, dancers, public speakers, comedians...
  • Stand tall Open energy to the audience Costume not obligatory
  • Learn your words Repeat for days Become it
  • Free Media - don't blame me if they come after you :)
  • 5. Endurance is a measure of success.
  • German terier is know for Persistence Courage Task completition Badger claws don't matter
  • To take away
  • 1. Please no one - remember WHY you are on stage 2. Inspiration is contagious 3. Remember cabbage 4. Practice fabulous 5. German terrier is you
  • Links that help [ mostly local ] Social Change Hackaton Benjamin Zander [TED] + watch as many pitches as you can from Ycombinator And alike
  • Let's talk @Ketvit